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Little John - Just Wait And See - Reissue?

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2 hours ago, Chalky said:

What reissue?  Thought they were bootlegs?

Even funnier Karl is that the idiots who listed one of the bootlegs on Discogs have got it as a UK and US reissue combined. Was the copy with The Trent Sisters on the other side made near Selectadisc in Nottingham the home of the River Trent and was the other one Stafford which is near the Trent Canal (the one with the names credited incorrectly)

littel 2.jpeg

Trent 2.jpeg

Little Wrong name.jpeg

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6 hours ago, Blackpoolsoul said:

I had a word with Guy Hennigan and he has admitted it was he and Keb Darge who did the Mafmon one, I guess you already knew though 

It was common knowledge 40 years ago when they appeared ... :rolleyes:

Still have mine from then , Oddfellows for a quid.

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18 hours ago, Blackpoolsoul said:

Good that the young and inexperienced will now know (hopefully) what they are 

ok its time you gave this bootleg detective/policeman act up on here

as imo you are not very good at it, you seem to be lacking the knowledge and experience and also importantly lacking the common sense to decide when, what and how to post the info in a manner that is worthwhile

enough is enough, time for you to give it up, no longer wanted or needed

no more please, thanks





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