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Guest Brett F

The Record Collectors, Record Collector

Guest Brett F

The Record Collectors, record collector.......

I'm never happier when in the company of a kindred spirit, someone who lives and breathes collecting rare soul vinyl records, I care not if the person (him or her) has 10 or 50,000 records in their collection, what I love and adore are people who share my esoteric passion for searching, finding and then (hopefully) acquiring that wonderful elusive treasure. I have many friends who fall into this category people like Paul Havakin (Greatstone, Manchester resident) there has been many a time when I have received a call at some god ugly time, only to here that wonderful mancunian accent ask "have you heard this" proceeded by some glorious faint noise, that has me furiously reaching for a pen and a scrap of paper. All this can happen at any given time of the day/night, sometimes I am in a vinyl frenzy fuelled by cheap alcohol, the floor is covered with my own collection, as I struggle to hear the chosen nights tune via the telephone I notice out of the corner of my eye my two year old daughter with my Doctor Bird copy of Glen Miller held tightly between her teeth as she flees like some Saharan plains Gazelle clean away from my reach! The joy of sitting in the homes of these people is always an experience, whether it be just reading those wonderful sleeve notes on an early 1960's LP.s that may mention such fabulous statements as "Just like electronic brains" (Any Roy Hamilton fans, check those rear sleeve notes, believe me !) There are many other names such as Jamie Hartford, Phil Rains, Rich Buckley, Steve Mannion, Mark Etheridge, Martin Dixon, Joe Dutton, Dave Rimmer, Mark Bicknell, Nick Hackett, Hannah Moore, Ian Burse, Les Hare (on a recent visit to Les Hares shop, I wondered if he was a German national , should I address him...Herr Hare.!) Neil Felton, Richard Evans and his wife Sharon, Steve Cato, all the Greatstone crowd Tony, Mark, Budgie and Stevie Z (this man has rung me, put the phone down after an hour then rung 15 minutes later saying he forgot to play this..) Chris Anderton, Gareth Sweeney and the fantastic Chris Morgan, all have made my passion ever deeper. But my personal record collectors, record collector is Paul Havakin......I fondly remember being picked up at Cleethorpes train station prior to the weekender, I had endured an arduous rail journey surrounded by Ukrainian circus dwarfs, and a battalion of Prussian Uhlans, I had barely gotten into the passenger seat when Paul pressed the play on his car stereo. Then came rushing forth the incredible "107th street stickball team". and all he said through half closed eyes was........."Absolutely Superb".


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HELLO MATE,how many times did we play the flip of GENE ANDERSON on Nu Tone,both sat there gob smacked at the most beautiful heart renched soul coming out of my portable player at 6am,I GUESS 15 TIMES,Hannah said thats enough ey so we played it another 10 times on half volume!! Also round Steve Cato's glorius 6ts soul-den going through our treasured boxes..Do you know this b-side ?..GREAT MEMORIES

Cleggy Weekender Ady Lupton,Joel Maslin,Andy BB and Rowly always go AWOL from partners and arrive at our caravan with a box of tunes or latest buys,sit round the portable player and discuss soul 45s for at least 6-8hours..dirty stop outs!

I used to love going round Martin Harlands house in Watford,Johnny Aldridge,Dave Townsend used to arrive with boxes of 45s,old tapes,cds for our monthly soul school,note pads and pencils at the ready heard and learnt about some fantastic soul.

Lifeline weekender wouldnt be complete without playing and talking soul to Chalky,Karen and Hannah in the early hours.

Now ive finally escaped from London & moved to the West Country ive been told by Hannah about the famous pre-bridgewater meal/record playing at Pete Lyster's house. My hat goes off to Jason Bessant for his love,vast knowledge and commitment to anything and everything by Motown.Nicest gas-man anybody could meet.

My bi monthly trip up north to Manchester/Middleton and lucky enough to be looking through Carl Willingham's box,after the first 'i sat gobsmacked' he passed me the second and said 'heres the really rare box' BRILLIANT!


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