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chris anderton

Midastouch Soul List #3

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Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and keeping in the Christmas tradition the January sales start here!!! Most records listed have been reduced from their original price but also buy any 3 records and receive 10% discount on your order. These prices and this offer are valid for the month of January only.

All of the records marked with *** are available on this issues CD, the price for 3x Cds is £5.00 and you`ll receive the CD a day or so before the regular list comes out. The only way to receive the Sales CD now is to subscribe!!.

I always try to grade records accurately although its impossible to play every record, that's why I offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied for any reason.Gradings are as follows; M-Faultless, probably unplayed, E- Very clean and a nice copy. VG - Used but plays through ok with some light noise, great for DJing with.

Please order ALL RECORDS by email, first come, first served, however if you need to call me please do so.(01283 536359) P&P is £1.25 for 1x 45 and £2.40 per LP, obviously cheaper if you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your credit card through, although there will be a 4% charge for this facility. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 7 DAYS or risk losing your reservation.IMPORTANT;WITH EVERY ORDER PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE STATING EXACTLY WHICH RECORD YOU ARE ORDERING,THE RECORD NUMBER AND YOUR ADDRESS, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER .Please make all cheques out to C.Anderton and send to; C.Anderton, 1 Swan Court,Stapenhill Rd,Burton on trent,Staffs,DE15 9AY.

I had the time of my life spinning at the Nurnberg weekender in Germany, thanks so much to the guys over there for your amazing hospitality. The next night at Willington, Derbys is on 2nd Jan and is a mini all-nighter from 9pm til 4am, special guests will be Soul Sam, Terry Davies and Nige Brown, this will be a great night and a real packer at this excellent venue, I`ll be there selling records so come and say Hi if you can make it. I`ll be spinning at the beautifully named "Sunflower lounge" in Central Birmingham on 29th Jan along with John Weston, Jordi and Chic, the night runs from 8 til 2 and us a specialist crossover night, looks like being a really special night. Feel free to email me if you require any more info on any of these nights.

Hope you find something that interests you;


1.Gino Washington-Girl Here I am-Atac M- 300

(wonderful and rare Detroit mid-tempo, brilliant!)

2.Frank Dell-Baby you got it-Valise E+ 30***

(Great dancer, check out the CD)

3.Howard Tate-Your looking good-Utopia E- 200

(So in-demand)

4.Storm-She comes up-PI Kappa E+ 25***

5.Milton wright-Keep it up-Alston WD M- 50

(Nice 2-stepper, modern anthem)

6.Natural four-Try love again-Curtom E+ 8***

7.Innervision-Honey baby be mine-Private stock M 15***

(Under-rated 70s Northern, getting spins)

8.Paul Varisco-Tell me where love goes-Kapp WD E+ 85

(Regularly sells for £120+)

9.Bobby Jones-Talking about Jones-Expo E+ 15***

10.The Apollas-Mr Creator-WB E+ 75

(Absolute classic, nice clean orange issue)

11.The Hesitations-I`m not built that way-Kapp M- 65

12.June Conquest-Whats this I see-Curtom M 15***

13.Liz Damon-You`re falling in love-White wale M- 5***

14.Motherlode-What does it take(to win your love)-Buddah E+ 50

(Probably the best version, so good)

15.Bobby Bland-Getting used to the blues-Duke E+ 8***

16.Jean Shy-We`ve got a good thing going-Fantasy M- 15***

(Love this to bits, so soulful)

17.Otis Clay-Show place-One-derful E+ 10***

18.Jesse James-If you want a love affair- 20th cent E+ 60

19.Aretha Franklin-Daydreaming-Atlantic M- 10***

20.California Rock Choir-Whoever you are-Cyclone M- 70

21.The Royalettes-Only when you`re lonely MGM E+ 12***

(Great version of Holly Maxwell, almost identical but £140 quid cheaper)

22.Azie Mortimer-Telling a lie-Bloomie E 50

(Getting big spins again)

23.The Mandells-Dont turn your back on me-Hourglass M- 15***

(Storming R&B dancer, sells for £20 plus)

24.Johnny Moore-I wanna spend the rest of my life with you-Brunswick WD M- 50

25.Barbara Acklin-I call it trouble-Brunswick M 8***

26.The Jerms-I am a teardrop-Honor Brigade E+ 10***

27.Mary Moultrie-They`re trying to tear us apart-King WD E+ 65

28.Brenda lee-Time and time again-Decca E+ 12

(Still going strong)

29.Bob Brady-Everybodys going to the love in-Chariot- E+ 8

(Classic from when God was a lad, sounds great today)

30.The Shirtails-The Ceiling-Prime M 25

31.Love Devotion and hapiness-Joy sweet joy-PEU Jaden E+ 40

32.The Manhattans-I betcha couldnt love me-Carnival M 12***

33.Dee Dee Warwick-Dont think my baby is coming back Tiger WD E+ 50

(WOW, Wonderful mid-tempo, super-soulful!!)

34.Johnson-Hawkins-Tatum and Durr-You`re all I need to make it-Capsoul E 12

35.The Amazers-Without a warning-Thomas M 8

36.Ray Lewis-Too sweet to be ,omely/Sitting at home with my baby-D`OR M- 25***

(One of my fave double-siders of all time)

37.Cornelius bros-Too late to turn back now-UA E 5

38.The Originals-Good night irene-Soul E 8

39.Little Natilie-Teardrops are falling-Roulette E+ 10

40.Lou Rawls-You can bring me all of your heartaches-Capitol M-10***

41.Cleveland martin-Dont want to slip away-Single B M 15***

42.The Wildweeds-Cant you see that I`m lonely-Cadet E 25***

43.Woman-Thats how it is-Shock E+ 20

44.Jackie Wilson and Lavern Baker-Think twice- M- 20

(Great R&B style mover)

45.Doris Duke-Congratulations baby-RRG M- 15***

(Getting played around here)

46.Margie Joseph-Riding high-Atlantic M- 8***

47.Sharon Soul-How can I get to you-Wild duce E- 30

48.Mamie Galore-It aint nessessary-St Lawrence E+ 8

(Mecca classic, every home should have one!)

49.Bobby Womack-How could you break my heart-Arista WD M 12

50.Sebastian Williams-Get your point over-Ovide M- 15***

51.The Vogues-True Lovers-Co&Ce M- 8***

52.Debbie Taylor-I dont want to leave you-Arista WD E+ 10

(Same both sides, great deepie)

53.The Shirelles-Bright shiney colours-Scepter-WD 8

54.Etta James-Seven day fool-Argo E- 25

55.The Capitols-Hello Stranger Atco (Canadian) M- 8

56.Bobby Hebb-Love me-Phillips M 6

57.Ben E King-Forgive this fool-Atco 10***

58.The Artistics-Hope we have/I`m gonna miss you-Brunswick E+ 8

(Again, wonderful classic double-sider)

59.Betty Everett-Trouble over the weekend-VeeJay E+ 10

60.Natures devine-I just cant control myself-Infinity E 6***

61.Arnold Bryant-House in order-Mercury M- 10

62.Barbara mason+ Futures-Make it last-Buddah E+ PS 25

63.The Marvelletes-Your cheating ways-Tamla E+ 6

(Semi-known motown dancer, perfect northern)

64.Richard Anthony-No good-Swan E+ 35

65.The Impressions-You`ve been cheating-ABC M 15

66.Johnny Bristol-Do it to my mind-atlantic M- 6***

(So under-rated, set to cross-over to the Northern scene)

67.Margo Thunder-Soul of a woman/mamma you`re alright with me-Haven M- 20***

68.JR Bailey-After hours-Toy M- 8***

69.Nolan Chance-If he makes you-Constellation E+ 20

70.The Sound 70s-Its for real/I`ll be waiting-Capitol M- 20

71.Pat Clayton-Someone elses turn-Silver tip E+ 85

72.The Spinners-Its a shame-VIP E 6

73.Frankie Saunders-Take another look-Juana E+ 25

(Faultless crossover soul)

74.Etta james &Sugarpie Desanto-Do I make myself clear-Cadet E+ 10***

75.Bud Harper-Let me love you-Peacock E 20

76.Jimmy Robins-I cant please you-Jerhart M 8

(Sounds as good as ever, original dark green issue)

77.Sue ann Jones-I`ll give you my love-TCB M 80

(Premium Detroit Crossover)

78.Jimmy Hughes-It aint what you got-Atlantic E- 20 (also E+ 25)

79.The Chimes-The beginning of my life-Down to earth M 15***

80.The Parliments-Dont be sore at me-revilot M 12

(Forgotten classic, sounds so so good)

81.The Radiants-Aint no big thing-Chess M- 8

82.Lamont Dozier-Fish aint bitin`-ABC E+ 5

83.Joe Matthews-Sorry aint good enough-Thelma E+ 30***

84.Lenny O`Henry-Across the street-Atco WD M 10

85.Emanuel Laskey-Lucky to be loved by you-Wild duce M- 40

86.LaVern Baker-One monkey dont stop no show-Brunswick YD M- 25

87.Little Dooley-Its got to be now or never-North bay M- 10***

88.Willie Hutch-Talk to me-Motown E+ 5

89.Timothy Wilson-Pigtails-Buddah-M- 10***

90.Charles Spurling-She cried just a minute-King M- 40

91.Sam Cooke-Sugar dumpling-RCA E 25

(Still going strong)

92.Arthur Prysock-I wantcha baby-Oldtown 8***

93.Stevie Wonder-Nothings too good for my baby-Tamla E 5

94.The Temptations-Aiming at your heart-Gordy M 15

(Set to cross-over to the Northern scene)

95.Eddie Holland-I`m so glad-Invictus VG+ 10***

96.Barbara Mason-Aint got nobody-Arctic E+ 20***

(Usually sells for double this!)

97.The Magnificent Men-Tired of pushing-Capitol M 15***

98.The Undisputed truth-You got the love I need-Gordy E+8***

(Another motown Gem)

99.The Dells-Show me-Cadet M- 10***

100.Billy Mack-Son of a lover-Betty E+ 20 (VG+ 15)

101.McFadden and Whitehead-I heard it in a love song-TSOP WD M 5***

102.Jean Wells-What have I got to lose-calla M- 20***

(Always sounds like a £100 record to me!)

103.Betty LaVette-Let me down easy-calla E+ 20

104.Little Milton-So blue without you-Checker E+ 8***

105.Billy McGreggor-Mr Shy-Flash 12***

106.Dave Love-Coalined baby-Solid soul M 15***

(Forgotten oldie, great uplifting soul)

107.Creations-I`ve got to find her-Globe M- 15

108.Jackie Wilson-You left the fire burning-Brunswick WD E 8

(Did he make a bad record?)

109.Steve Mancha-You`re still in my heart-Groovesville-M- 10***

110.Fire and rain-Hello stranger-Mercury E+ 10***

(Great version, listed in guide at £40)

111.Bobby Moore-Call me your anything man-Hotline M- 10

112.JNR Walker-Aint that the truth-Soul M- 12

113.Ray Charles-Something inside me-ABC M- 20***

(Big spins for Mr Rimmer)

114.The Star-tels-What more can I ask for-Lamarr-M 15

115.Free Spirit-Love you just as long as I can-Chess WD M 15***

116.Ruby Winters-Just like a yo-yo -Diamond E 10***

117.The Quadraphonics-Betcha if you check it out-Innovation E+ 10

118.The TSU Toronadoes-Got to get through to you-Atlantic M- 15***

119.Jan Bradley-Back in circulation-Adanti E+ 8***

120.No No Starr-Swing your love my way-Midas M 10***

121.Johnny Davis-You got to crawl-Bandit M 10

122.Marvin Sims-Dream a dream-Mercury M 10

123.Soul Cop-Tribute to girls-Norfolk E+ 10***

124.Carol Jones-Dont destroy me-Mutt E 15

125.The Chi-lites-Living in the footsteps of another man-Brunswick M 15***

(Just love this to bits, what a tune!!)

126.Eddie Parker-Crying clown/I need a true love-Triple B M-20***

(Another fantastic Detroit double-sider)

127.Bobby Wilson-Here is where the love is-Chain M 8***

128.Sass-I only wanted to love you-20th cent E+ 15

129.The Drew-vells-Just because/ Tell him-capitol M- 20

130.Etta James-Payback-argo E+ 10***

131.Johnnie Taylor-You`re the best in the world-Columbia E+ 8

132.Bobby Bland-Yum yum tree-Duke 10***

133.All the people-Wish I had a girl like you-Blue candle E+ 15***

134.Joe Simon-I got a whole lot of lovin-Sound stage 7 E+ 15***

(Getting spins at local soul-nights, reactivated oldie, going big again)

135.Stevie Wonder-If you really love me-Tamla E+ 6

136.The Tymes-Street talk-E+ 10***

137.Ruby Winters-I dont want to hurt nobody-Diamond E+ 15

138.Fredrick Knight-I betcha did`nt know that-Truth E+ 10

139.Roy Gains-Make it easy-Bell M- 20

140.The Topics-Try a little love-HD E+ 15***

141.Esther Phillips-Home is where the heart is-Kudu M- 20

142.Jackie Wilson-Because of you-Brunswick M- 75

143.Vernon Harrell& Little Gigi-Baby Dontcha worry-Decca M 20

144.Bobby Caldwell-What you wont do for love-Clouds M- 5

145.The Daydreams-Here and now/Easy baby-Dial WD E+ 20

146.Don & Juan-What I really meant to say-Big top E+ 15

147.Freddie Waters-Singing a new song-Curtom E+ 20

148.The Tribulations-You gave me up for promises-Imperial M- 30

149.Crystal motion-You`re my main squeeze-Soundgems E 15

150.Reggie Milner-She`s alright-Rons E 40

No Lps this list, back next time, got some tasty additions on the way!

Dont forget to send your subscription for future sales CDS.

Have a great new year!!!!!!!


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