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Middleton - Timings Djs And Full Info And Lookback

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Can't wait for this........been looking forward to it for months now.

Great way to pay tribute to a good friend and great dj........not to mention a terrific champion of the Irish Soul Scene

Thanks for everyting Carl!!!!

John Dunne (with an E!!!!!)

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is Ginger doing this and plinston then?

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Ditto John. Carl's contribution to the Irish soul scene is immeasurable. I'm really looking forward to the night.

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Throughly enjoyed the night, met Shute and Karen from Stafford, there was a good mixture of music played, thanks to Irish Noel for helping me to cool down when I started to overheat and Liz and Graham for the lift home.

And of course to Carl and Maria :D

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just grabbed Shutes plays from the sscdt place

once get a few in, will add to report on nite in news bit

Sam Fletcher - Love slipped through my fingers - Tower

Deon Jackson - Someday the sun will shine - Studio Acetate

Karmello Brooks - Tell me Baby - Milestone

Lost Family - Blow my Mind - International (xover)

Bobby Reed - Time is right for love - Bell (xover)

Joe Douglas - Crazy Things - Powerhouse

Georgina Prophets - Don't you think it's time - Capricorn

Susan Rewis - They say you found a new baby - Columbia

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Thanks to all for a great night. Here's my playlist (might have missed a few)


Bonnie Herman: Hush Don't Cry (Columbia)

Shirley Lawson: One More Chance (Backbeat)

Bev + del Capris: Mama I Think I'm In Love (Columbia)

Natural 4: I Thought You Were Mine (ABC)

Constellations: I Didn't Know How To (Gemini Star)

Wade Flemmons: Jeanette (Ramsel)

Marion James: That's My Man (Excello)

Cookie Jackson: Do You Still Love Me (Progress)

Lonnie Lester: You Can't Go (Nutone)

Channel 3: Sweetest Thing (Dakar)

TJ Williams: Baby, I Need You (Josie)

Delegates Of Soul: I'll Come Running Back (Uplook)

Archie Bell: 1000 Wonders (Atlantic)

Freddie Houston: If I Had Known (Old Town)

6-6.45 (DD'ing with Paulie D)

Falcons: Good Good Feeling (Big Wheel)

Jackie Wilson: Because Of You (Brunswick)

Joe Simon: I Got A Whole Lot Of Loving (SS7)

Adorables: Ooh Boy! (Golden World)

Marvelletes: I'll Keep Holding On (TMG)

Tommy Navarro: I Cried My Life Away (Dejac)

Big Maybelle: I Can't Wait Any Longer (Rojac)

Yvonne Carroll: Please Don't Go (VJ)

I'm sure Paul will add his contribution.

Finally thanks again to Carl and Maria for their hospitality and for all they've done for the Irish scene over the years


Honest John Dunne

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Sounds like everyone had a good time, I know I did. Thanks to Carl and Maria for asking me, it was an honour. Thanks to John Kane for the spot in the modern room and my best bud Honest John for DDing with me on Friday. Anyway, memory's not the best these days so I'll give my playlists my best shot: (Not entirely in order)

Modern Room 12 - 12:45

Luther Vandross-Are You Using Me (EMI)

Cerrone (Feat Jocelyn Brown)-Hooked On You (Purple)

Rasmus Faber-Divided/United (can't remember label)

Stevie Wonder-Another Starr (UK Motown)

Rare Pleasure-Let Me Down Easy (Cheri)

Nicky Newarkers-Woman (Mercury)

Marvin Gaye-Where Are We Going (Unissued Motown)

Razzy-I Hate Hate - (Aquarian)

Marvin Gaye-Come Get To This (Tamla)

Main Room 1 - 1:40

Larry Trider-Carbon Copy (Coral)

Delcos-Arabia (Showcase)

Gillettes-Same Identical Thing (J&M)

Profiles-Take A Giant Step (Goldie)

Richard Berry-Have Love Will Travel (Flip)

Sam Cooke-Sugar Dumpling (RCA Victor)

Dee Clark-That's My Girl (Constellation)

Dorothy Williams-Well's Gone Dry (Goldwax)

Kim Weston-Don't Let Me Down (Unissued Motown)

Little Jewel-I Want To (Tay-Ster)

Syng McGowan-That's What I Want (Hope)

Peppermint Harris-Wait Until It Happens To You (Jewel)

The Parliaments-Heart Trouble (Golden World)

Aretha Franklin-I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face (CBS Portugal)

Main Room 6 - 6:45 (DDing with Honest John)

Anita Humes & The Essex-What Did I Do (Roulette)

Della Reese-A Clock That's Got No Hands (RCA Victor)

Sunliners-All Alone (Golden World)

Cindy Malone-Is It Over Baby (Capitol)

Billy Eckstine-I Wonder Why (Motown)

Margie Joseph-One More Chance (Volt)

Big Joe Turner-Two Loves Have I (French Philips)

Might have missed a few along the way but that's more or less it.

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Finally thanks again to Carl and Maria for their hospitality and for all they've done for the Irish scene over the years


...and for the German Scene.

Thanks very much everybody. It was an honour and great pleasure to dj there.

Here's what i annoyed the punters with:

Playlist - Carl Willingham Tribute Night - Middleton Civic Centre, 14.01.05

03:50ish - 04:30

shirley wahls - why am I crying - king

tracie robbins - what was she doing - decca

sparkels - try love - old town

curtis blandon - mr. imagination - port

miracles - if your mother only knew - tamla

jean brooks - tomorrow never came - g-note

the pets - i say yeah - carnival

geno washington - i`ve been hurt by love - german pye

new yorkers - don`t want to be your fool - tac-ful

cajun hart - got to find a way - wb

tony colton - i stand accused - abc

leon peterson - searchin`- bobbin

clarence williams - no rest for the worried - throne

charles spurling - she cried just a minute - king

donna loren - blowing out the candle - capitol



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