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Lenny Harkins Guest On Reflections On Northern Sou

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Our first guest of 2005 on Reflections on Northern Soul is Lenny Harkins resident DJ and long time listener on Saturday afternoons at 2:30pm on www.radiomagnetic.com

Here's his bio from The Caledonia Soul site

"Lenny started collecting Northern Soul in the early 1980s and today has a collection that anyone would be proud of. Lenny was promoting nights in Glasgow as long ago as 1988 but the current partnership goes back to 1990 when Martin promoted Northern Soul nights at The GAP in Hope Street (most recently a 70s theme bar). Lenny was also a regular guest at Goodfoot when it started in 1991.

As the backbone of the Glasgow Northern scene, Big Lenny moves easily between an impossible rarity on Shrine to an unknown R&B track he's picked up for few quid - exactly what Caleysoul is all about. He comes at the audience like a hurricane, it's all systems go and there's never any complaints. Lenny also DJs regularly at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh and other dates across the UK. "

And here's his top five Lenny picked for www.friday-street.co.uk

1. mary saxton - losing control (birchmount)

2. les chansonettes - dont let him hurt you (shrine)

3. curtis lee - is she in your town (mira)

4. the cautions - no other way (shrine)

5. the magnetics - count the days (sable)

His live mixes have been a feature of reflections from the early days but this will be the first opportunity to have a chat about the scene, records and DJ'ing. You can join in the conversation by e mailing studio@radiomagnetic.com during the show.

Lenny will be commenting on the top five highest priced Northern soul shows on E Bay and I'll be reading out the gig guide.

Catch a live set from Lenny in our archives at http://www.radiomagnetic.com/archive/index...?genre=&show=65

And it's his Birthday as well so best wishes to studio@radiomagnetic.com DURING THE SHOW PLEASE.


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