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The Lord Conyers, 18/05/07

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:thumbsup:"YES, FREE LORD CONYERS", NOT THE PERSON BUT THE NIGHT!! As a gesture of thanks to the venues regular & loyal supporters NELL & WOODY threw the door charge out of the window, so to speak, and much appreciated by all it was to. :thumbsup:

Arrived about 9ish with a small contingent of "Yorkies" in tow, only about 20 or so in at this time but it slowly filled as the night progressed until about 60 soulies joined us to indulge their passion just like ourselves. :dance:

The room is a beautiful ornate room with reasonable bar prices, good seating arrangements & a good size dancefloor that thinks it`s a small humpback bridge near the Dj decks, quiet off putting after a few shandies. :lol:

Music tends to be towards oldies but of the underplayed variety, which makes a refreshing change from same top 100 oldies & residents Nell & Woody were ably back up by "Joe & Robin" who I`ve seen about regularly at venues & who did an excellent spot that didn`t get the dancefloor bodies it deserved, this due to the fact that people were still arriving & settling in but I thoroughly enjoyed it & can`t wait for them to do a later spot to be fully appreciated by the punters. :wicked: Top spot of the night fell to Tony Wiggins of Ponds Forge fame who played a wonderful mixed set of old & reasonably new for an hour & anyone who plays "Patrenella Statton" ain`t bad in my book. :thumbsup:

So we had a GREAT night, with TOP company, listening to some sweet music, so come on all you locals get down there & support these two fellas, there really trying hard & deserve our support wether it`s free or not. :P

Take care & be safe, hope to see you at the next one,

Spot. :yes:

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Thanks for the kind words ,it was a pleasure to be in you and your beutifull wifes company as it allways is .from now on every other month at the conyers will be a freebie me and woody aint interested in money all we want is comments like yours mate thats payment enough .Nel

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