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Seductive Soul Sat 19th

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Dear All,

Just found this reply / comment on Soul Source (nobody here really cares about the modern stuff!).

Thanks for you support over the months, nearly had a venue 1 mile from the "Nags Head" last week but at the last minute the Owner got cold feet (just too many people and cars - over 250 at a Modern Soul night ain't such a bad crowd - espescially with a 3.00 finish!).

We are still Vagrants looking for a new home but as it's nearly summer - no need to rush.

Anybody reading this post who has no idea "What's Goin' On" please check out www.seductivesoul.com to see life outside "The Rare and Northern World" - maybe a bit scary for some on here!!! (you have been warned!).

Once again thanks for the support and hope your nights in North Wales go from strength to strength.

Cheers and Beers

Chris Priestley

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