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Guest adam leaver

Northern & Modern 45s On Ebay W/soundclips

Guest adam leaver

Was a bit late uploading these ones, but they will all go off on Sunday as per usual. I've included some unknowns, some larger soul, funk & modern items and some weird disco that seems to be getting some good bids of late...

Here's the link:


all records have soundclips - just click the titles

Up there at the moment:

Sunday Williams on Red Balloon - a fantastic soulful version of Denise Chandler's "You've Hurt Me Now" on Lock, which is currently getting plays.

Larry Whittington on Fun City (major demand on this 2step track - £150 in Manships)

Al Johnson no Burt - brilliant crossover that again books at 3 figures

Little Junior Lewis on Zirkon - early 60s R&B/Northern track that sounds right for the Hideawayers out there. Not listed in any price guide I have and seems pretty rare...

Mike & Bill on Moving Up - a rare Northern issue according to the scans in Tim Browns latest price guide

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Guest adam leaver

Last day on these...

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