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Derek Pearson

Old Photos From Hull

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At the wilton last Friday I was given a sales CD from a Hull lad I know. Anyway there was a website with it promoting soul nights in Hull, www.hullsoulclub.com I checked it out when I wasnt busy at work (like we all do), under the index there was a photos home page. Always like looking at photos to see if theres anybody I know, well they had an 'All our yesterdays' section. It featured loads of young looking people from the late 70s complete with stony faces and bad fashion hehehe. Hull is about 70 miles east of Bradford and York is (very)roughly in between the 2 cities. So I wasnt suprised to see some York people I knew in the crowd shots. If I'm 47 and I started allnighters in 1977 aged 20 then probably most people in the late 70s pics are late teenagers I guess. At my age I have to look at pictures like these to remind myself I was there at the time. Memory doesnt half fade as time slips by.


One day I will make my own website and post up scores of pics from over the years. Honest I will.....

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