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chris anderton

Midas Touch Records New List

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Hi Guys,

Thanks to everyone who ordered from my last list, my busiest ever! I must say the January sale deal was particularly popular with the CD subscribers who managed to pick up some great records at a fantastic price!

All of the records marked with *** are available on this issues CD, the price for 3x Cds is £5.00 and you`ll receive the CD at least day or so before the regular list comes out. As from the next list I will be dramatically reducing the amount of CDs sent out so if you dont subscribe or buy from every list chances are you wont be getting one!

I always try to grade records accurately although its impossible to play every record, that's why I offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied for any reason.Gradings are as follows; M-Faultless, probably unplayed, E- Very clean and a nice copy. VG - Used but plays through ok with some light noise, great for DJing with.

Please order ALL RECORDS by email, first come, first served, however if you need to call me please do so.(01283 536359) P&P is £1.25 for 1x 45 and £2.40 per LP, obviously cheaper if you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your credit card through, although there will be a 4% charge for this facility. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 7 DAYS or risk losing your reservation.IMPORTANT;WITH EVERY ORDER PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE STATING EXACTLY WHICH RECORD YOU ARE ORDERING,THE RECORD NUMBER AND YOUR ADDRESS, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER .Please make all cheques out to C.Anderton and send to; C.Anderton, 1 Swan Court,Stapenhill Rd,Burton on trent,Staffs,DE15 9AY.

I`ll be spinning at the beautifully named "Sunflower lounge" in Central Birmingham on Saturday 29th January along with John Weston, Jordi, Gary Etheridge and Chic, the night runs from 8 til 2 and is a specialist crossover night, looks like being a really special night. The next Willington soul night is on Saturday 19th Feb. Just time to mention another local soul night taking place on FRI 4th FEB, 7.30 till 12.00,at Woodville working mens club, Woodville, south Derbys, this will be Wangs second night at the venue, the first being very well supported. As mentioned last list there is a new modern event starting in Derby at The Engineers club, Osmaston Rd on Friday February 25th, a promise of real soul and no housey garage from an excellent DJ line-up of Andy Whitmore,Brian Goucher and Colin Brown, I`ll be there for sure to support this one! Feel free to email me if you require any more info on any of these nights.

On with the list


1.Little Dooley-If ever I needed you (I need you now)-koko E+ 250***

(Massive northern soul spin, just brilliant)

2.The Steelers-Cant take this pain-Epic WD M- 50***

3.Eddie Kendricks-Date with the rain-Tamla M 60

(So many calls on this last time, be quick!)

4.Billy Storm-Please dont mention her name-HBR E+ 90***

5.Ambelique-Talk like that-Rag town M 75***

(Mega-rare Jamaican original, seen listed at £125)

6.Betty Everett-Please love me-One-derful 30***

(Again, another that flew last time, be quick to get this!)

7.Connie Haines-Whats easy for two etc-Canadian tamla Motown M- 20

8.Jackie Wilson-I lost you-Brunswick E 8

9.Bobby Jones-Talking about Jones-Expo E+ 15

10.Norfolk-Together-Barbara jean M- 80***

(Stunning 70s dancer)

11.Johnny and Jake-I need your help baby-Phillips WD 20***

12.The Casinos-If I told you-Del-val M- 15

13.Don Gardner-Your love is driving me crazy-Mr G M 25 (or E 15)***

14.Bobby Hutton-Watch where you are going/loving you, etc E 70***

(Two awesome crossover sides, very hard on issue)

15.The Occasions-Theres no you-Big Jim E+ 20

(Classic, needs spinning again)

16.Jackie Beavers-Come back my love-Nation E+ 75***

17.Judy Clay-You busted my mind-Scepter VG+ 15

(Plays great, good enough for DJing)

18.Spencer Wiggins-Lonely man-Goldwax VG+ 15

(Same as above)

19.Aretha Franklin-Daydreaming-Atlantic M- 10

(Awesome mid-tempo soul)

20.Johnnie Taylor-You`re the best in the world-Columbia E+ 8

(Great cheapie but now getting big spins, aint gonna go down in price!)

21.Inovations-What now my love/Stay on the case-Hit sound E+ 75***

22.Denise Williams-Cause you love me baby-CBS 10***

(perfect crossover, check out the CD)

23.B.J Thomas and the Triumphs-Keep it up-Joed M- 225

24.Johnny Moore-I wanna spend the rest of my life with you-Brunswick WD M- 50

25.Randy Jackson-How can I be sure-Epic WD E+ 25

26.Brothers by choice-She puts the ease back into easy-Ala WD M- 20***

27.Freddie Waters-Singing a new song-Curtom E+ 20***

(Love this to bits, great crossover soul)

28.Fred Hughes-Baby boy-Brunswick M- 10

29.Bobby Sheen-Something new to do-WB E 40

(Few marks but plays great for DJing)

30.Brooks O`dell-Watch your step-Gold- E+ 10***

31.Love Devotion and hapiness-Joy sweet joy-PEU Jaden E+ 40***

(really great crossover soul)

32.The Manhattans-I betcha couldnt love me-Carnival M 12

33.Lou Rawls-See you when I git there -PIR UK E+ 8

(Awesome Philly 70s, one of the best "feelgood" tunes of all time!)

34.Teddy Pendergrass-The more I get the more I want-PIR M 10

(Same as above!)

35.Reggie Milner-She`s alright-Rons E 40***

36.The Shirelles-Wait til I give the signal-Scepter E- 15

37.Cornelius bros-Too late to turn back now-UA E 5

(Great crossover, everyone should have one)

38.The Tramps-I know that feeling-Golden fleece E+ 8***

(Dont let the price fool you, this is perfect crossover soul)

39.The Turn-arounds-Cant take no more/I need your lovin-Minit E+ 60***

40.Sunny and the Sunliners-If i could see you now-RPR WD E+25

(Got another, this time a loverrrrly demo)

41.Cleveland martin-Dont want to slip away-Single B M 15

42.Patti Drew-He`s the one-Capitol E+ 15

(Great version of the Martha Reeves track)

43.Woman-Thats how it is-Shock E+ 20

44.Linda Jones and Whatnauts-I`m so glad i found you- Stang E+20

45.McKinnley Mitchell-Gypsy-Sandman E+ 25

46.Martha Reeves-One way out-Gordy E+ 8

47.Skip Mahoney-Running away from love-Abet WD E+ 10

(One of me all time fave 70s oldies of all time)

48.Eddie Holman-This could be a night to remember-Salsoul UK E- 5

49.Della Hunphrey-Your love is all I need/Dont let the good girls etc-Arctic E 15***

50.Crystal motion-You`re my main squeeze-Soundgems E 15

51.Attractions-Destination you-Bell M- 20

52.Al Hudson-We must make it happen-Atco E+ 40

53.Jackie Verdell-Come let me love you-Peacock E+ 20***

(great 60s dancer)

54.Barbara Lewis-I remember the feeling-Atlantic E+ 20

55.Melba Moore-Standing right here-Buddah E+ 8

(Old Albrighton classic, pure class)

56.Donny Hathaway-Love love love-Atco E+ 10

(Did I mention class!?)

57.Sonny Charles-Half as much A&M E 20***

(Brilliant 60s up-tempo stormer)

58.Cody Black-Going going gone-Ram-brock M 10

59.Betty Everett-Trouble over the weekend-VeeJay E+ 10

60.Bobby Womack-Tried and convicted-Minit M 15

(Great, but what else would you expect from the man)

61.Bobby Hebb-Love love love-Phillips E+ 8

62.Barbara Lynn-Take your love and run-Atlantic E 8

63.The Marvelletes-Your cheating ways-Tamla E+ 6***

64.Harvey-Any way you wanta-Tri-phi E+ 60

65.Weapons of peace-This lifes about to get me down-Playboy M 20***

66.Tavares-Never had a love like this like this before-Capitol M- 8***

(Fantastic, just a perfect 70s dancer)

66.The odds and ends-Let me try-Today E 10***

67.Syl Johnson-Try me-Twinight M- 10***

(I dont like R&B but I love this)

68.Lamont Dozier-Why cant we be lovers-Invictus M- 8

69.The Rivingtons-I love you always-VG 15

(Ok for DJing with)

70.The Montclairs-Wait for me-Sunburst M 20

71.Pat Clayton-Someone elses turn-Silver tip E+ 75

72.Major Lance-Without a doubt-Okeh VG 20

(Rough but plays great for DJing with, no-one will ever know!)

73.The Mob-I dog everything about you-Colossus M- 15

74.Baby Washington-It`ll never be over for me-Sue VG+ 10

75.Bud Harper-Let me love you-Peacock E 20***

76.Edwin Starr-Way over there/ If my heart could tell a story-Gordy M- 10

77.Miss Madeline-Lonely girl/Behave yourself/Mar-v-lus M 20***

(Really special record, gonna spin Lonely girl when I get chance)

78.Laura Lee-remember me-Hot wax M 10

79.Joshie Joe Armstead- I got the vibes Gospel Truth M 30

80.The Parliments-Dont be sore at me-revilot M 12

81.Homer Strickland-I`ll get over you-Jadan M- 25***

(Been spinning this lately, great tune)

82.Hector Rivera-At the party-Barry E+ 10

83.Esther Phillips-Home is where the heart is-Kudu M- 20

84.Hazel Martin-Out of my life-Marco M 50***

(Now getting big spins across the globe, amazing soul)

85.The Flirtations-Nothing but a heartache-Dream E+ 10

86.The Dynamic tints-Be my lady-Twinight-M- 40***

87.Little Johnny Taylor-Part time love-galaxy E 15

88.Betty Everett-Getting mighty crowded-VJ DEMO E+ 10

89.The Dells-Its all up to you-Cadet M-15***

90.The Dells-Make sure-Cadet M- 8

91.Calvin Arnold-Satisfy my woman-ix chains M 8***

92.Johnny Moore-You`re love is fading-Mercury E 40***

(One of my all time faves, also check out his grapevine CD)

93.Timi Yuro-I aint gonna cry no more-E+ 15***

94.George Mccrae-Take it all off-UA M 20***

95.Barrett Strong-Is it true-Capitol M- 20***

96.Little Milton-Let me back in-Stax M 20***

(Really hard to find now, nice 70s dancer)

97.Brainstorm-loving is really my game-Tabu M- 8

98.The Manhattans-Give him up-Deluxe E 6

99.Maxine brown-One step at a time-Wand M- 20

100.Marva Whitney-We need more-Excello- M 15***

101.Patti and the lovelites-Love bandit-Cotillion M- 15

102.The Platters-Sweet sweet lovin`-Musicor E 8

103.Mill Evans-Why why Why-King E+ 75

104.Garland Green-Angel baby-Uni VG+ 10

105.Marvin and Tami-California soul-Tamla E 8

106.Tyrone Barclay-Man of value-Midsong E+ 15

107.The Stagemasters-Baby I`m here just to love you-Slide WD E+ 15

108.Jackie Wilson-Just be sincere-Brunswick E 8

109.Bobby Womack-Trust your heart-Columbia VG+ 5

110.The Artistics-The chase is on-Brunswick demo M 20

Back with some nice LPs this month;

111. Sydney Joe Qualls-So sexy-20th Century E+ 70

(Still massive and still sounding great, "I dont do this")

112.The Temptations-Same-Gordy still sealed 15

(Inc;Aiming at your heart)

113.Beau Williams-Same-EMI M 10***

114.Nolan-Same-ABC E+ 25 demo

(Inc.If I could only be sure)

115.Rita Graham-Vibrations-TRC E+ 15***

(Inc.My cups running over)

116.Rhetta Hughes-relight my fire-Polydor (Canadian!) E+ 70***

(Inc.I cry myself to sleep, beautiful Canadian copy)

117.Ernie Watts-Musician-Quest- E+ 12***

(Inc. Phil Perry on vocals, Serling spin)

118.The Tempests-Would you believe-Smash E+ 60

(Great soul LP, inc "Some day")

119.Richard Tate-Safety film-ABC Still sealed 15***

(Inc.Shes got the time to love me, great 70s dancer)

120.Millie Jackson-Free and in love-Spring E+ 10

(The only way to get "House for sale" on original vinyl!)

121.Four Tops-Meeting of the minds-20th cent E 8***

(Inc. Tell me you love me)

122.Smokey Robinson-Where theres smoke-Tamla E 8***

(Inc.The nearness of you)

123.Ronnie McNeir-You`re my lucky number-Motorcity 12" M 15***

124.Dee Dee Warwick-Foolish fool-Mercury E 15***

(Inc. Where is that rainbow, cover is rough but vinyl is great)

115.The Ojays-So full of love-TSOP E+ 8***

(Inc.This time baby)

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Guest Leigh J



84.Hazel Martin-Out of my life-Marco M 50***

(Now getting big spins across the globe, amazing soul)

Is This The Singer From The Tempests ?

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