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Soul Back Home

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Firstly sorry I'm late with this but the sherbert was flowing too freely on Sunday.

Thanks to all who turned out for our first do back in our spiritual homeand even bigger thanks to our first two guest dj's Tony mac and Sid Jones,far too emotional ranting_1.gif to remember what they played but I do know it was a perfect blend of little known quality gems and long forgotten underplayed oldies, and that hits the spot for me.

As for my stuff,well I did have aplan but it went belly up with the ale.

Can't remember all but i do know that these got an airing,

Supremes-- Money (of course)

Buckner Brothers--Bottom of my heart

Yvonne Baker--Mend the torn pieces

Solomon Burke --Cry to me

Baby Washington Hey Lonely

Pat Lewis --Can't shake it loose

Garnet Mimms-- Prove it to me

Barrett Strong --I better run

and lots more beside lost in an alcoholic haze.

So thanks for coming and see you next time 27th Feb.

BTW Sid or Bernie if your looking remind what you played



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