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Hip City 26 Jan 05 List

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due to recent probs am now playing catch up on content/emails/life, pass ons like this may be a bit delayed,

hipcity 26 jan 05 list





SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am – 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.


LIST VIA THE NEW GROUP http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HipCityRecords







Here we go - late again. Happy new year.!! Bumper list of

goodies for you. I am definitely introducing a CD this list. - its

gonna be the same price as the tape with 30 or so tracks on.

I haven't bought a CD recorder yet so it could all go wrong !

Right, events coming thick and fast 28th Jan sees the return

of The Dome with a face lift - or at least new DJ's - the bogs

will still smell ! Get yourself down there - opp Tufnell

Park tube. 9pm till 3am for £7 - good night out. DJ's - Tony Parker

who has a great collection, Jodie Daley (the brummie bunny

boiler -nah she's lovely really), Alex Jones & myself, Graham

Driver & Andy Kempster.

Almost Grown (Southend on sea) is usually the 2nd Fri in Feb

but its been moved to 2nd Fri in March - that's the 4th

Not long to Prestatyn weekender now -1st weekend in March

with a great line up of DJ's & live acts. Sold out I think but

look it up on the web to be sure. Maybe the odd space left

out of 3000 !

Looking ahead If anyone fancies it I'm Djing in Gijon in

Spain on 25th/26th March - one of the biggest European events

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (25p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED.

Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER *** Available on a tape or

C.D. for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or

send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 ROY LEE JOHNSON Boogaloo No. 3 (Funky late 60's club

sound) Action EX £20

2 REX GARVIN & MIGHTY CRAVERS I gotta go now (up on the

floor) Great club soul Atlantic M £12

3 LITTLE JERRY WILLIAMS Just what do you plan to do about it

(Dancer -rare on UK) Cameo Parkway VG+ £40

4 CHUBBY CHECKER At the discotheque (All time classic

northern soul) Cameo Parkway M- £40

5 VERDELLE SMITH A piece of the sky (Lovely soulful beat

ballad) Capitol EX £10

6 MONGO SANTAMARIA Cloud nine (Fabulous Latin inst

dancer) CBS M- £10

7 THE SPELLBINDERS Help me (Great northern soul oldie)

CBS VG+ £15

8 DONNIE ELBERT Along came pride (Superb dancer - highly

recommended) CBS EX £12

9 MIKE VICKERS On the brink (Monster northern inst)

Columbia EX £50

10 RICHARD WYLIE Brand new man (Early 60's mid tempo mover)

Columbia EX £25

11 THE ARTISTICS Hope we have (Superb 60's soul double sider)

Coral EX £25

12 RONNIE JONES & NIGHTIMERS I need your loving (Great UK

R'n' cool.gif Decca EX £15

13 THE IMPRESSIONS Too slow (Great soulful slowie) HMV (Demo)

EX £12

14 WYNDER K FROG Jumping Jack flash (Mod club classic organ

inst) Island EX £25

15 JIMMY McCRACKLIN Steppin' up in class (Great R'n'B

dancer) Liberty (Demo) M- £15

16 THE MIRACLES Shop around (Classic early Motown)

London M- £50

17 JERRY PALMER Walking the dog (Good version Rufus Thomas)

London (Demo) M £15

18 LARRY WILLIAMS Shake your body girl (Latin flavoured

dancer - superb) MGM M £15

19 THE CONTOURS Do you love me (Motown classic)sm W.O.L.

Oriole M- £18

20 THE CROWNS *** Jerking the dog (Nice mover -

but isn't this illegal !) Pama M £20

21 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Help me (Brilliant R'n'B dancer)

Pye International VG+ £12

22 THE AFRICAN BEAVERS *** Find my baby (Driving rhythm

& soul mover) RCA M- £20

23 BILLY BUTLER The right track (All time classic northern)

sm W.O.L. Soul city M £15

24 FREDDY KING Hideaway (Great R'n'B inst) Sue VG


25 JOHN ROBERTS Socking 1-2-3-4 (Great club sound) Sue

M- £20

26 IKE & TINA TURNER The argument (Nice club soul dancer)

Sue EX £20

27 LITTLE MILTON Early in the morning (Rare blues number on

label) Sue M £25

28 MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS Nowhere to run (Super rare R & W

demo copy)sm W.O.L. TMG 502 (demo) VG+ £75

29 JUNIOR PARKER These kind of blues (Great R'n'B dancer)

Vocallion VG+ £20

30 TOMMY NEAL Going to a happening (Quality Detroit

thumper) Vocallion EX £35

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

30a JOE ARNOLD No clouds in the sky 2-spot M- £250

31 COOPERETTES *** Trouble (Nice girl group

dancer) ABC M £20

34 JEWELL & THE RUBIES Kidnapper (Early group soul plodder)

ABC M- £12

32 JAY TRAYNOR Up and over (Classic northern oldie - rare

too) W.O.L. ABC (Demo) VG+ £175

33 THE SAPPHIRES Our love is everywhere (Haunting mid tempo

floater) ABC (Demo) EX £12

35 BETTYE SWANN Don't wait too long (Great southern

soul mover) Abet M £10

36 THE PERFECTIONS The right to cry (Nice vers. - lists at £150

not sure why !) AGC EX £75

37 BETTY WRIGHT Sweet lovin' daddy (Driving southern soul

shaker) Alston M £12

38 MIKE STOLLER *** Numero uno (Very rare inst

stomper) Amy (Demo) M- £60

39 ETTA JAMES Pushover (Great R'n'B flavoured dancer)

W.O.L. Argo EX £12

41 TRACES OF BLUE *** I never knew (Blue eyed

thumper) Artist M- £25

40 KEVIN AND GREG *** You're still on my mind

(Unknown uptempo dancer) Associated artists M- £50

42 OTIS REDDING Look at the girl (Great

dancer from the king of soul !) Atco M £10

43 THE DRIFTERS In the land of make believe (Great early

soul dancer) Atlantic EX £15

44 POINTER SISTERS Send him back (All time great 70's northern)

W.O.L. Atlantic (Demo) M- £50

45 JOE HINTON How long can I last (Driving rhythm & soul)

Backbeat M- £20

46 LEE LAMONT I'll take love (Great Stafford oldie)

Backbeat VG+ £12

46a VOICEMASTERS Never gonna leave you (The rare one -

Miracles soundalike) Bamboo M- £100

47 JOHNNY DAVIS *** Boogedy boogedy (Ignore

title - great Chicago 60's soul) Bandit M- £20

48 LESTER YOUNG Barefootin in Chinatown(Good club soul

dancer - T.O.L.) Barry EX £10

49 WILLIAMS & WATSON Cant find no substitute for love

(Not seen this dancer before) Bell (demo) M- £20

50 BURT & THE BACKBEATS Move me on the backbeat (Catchy

early 60's groover) Big top VG+ £10

51 LAVERN BAKER Wrapped tied and tangled (Monster northern

soul dancer) Brunswick EX £80

53 GENE CHANDLER There was a time (Classic late 60's funky

soul) Brunswick M- £10

54 JACKIE WILSON *** Lonely life (Early Jackie -

been getting plays) Brunswick EX £15

54a BARBARA ACKLIN Am I the same girl Brunswick EX


52 JOHNNY JONES AND KING CASUALS Purple haze (Great club soul

vers of Jimi Hendrix) Brunswick(Demo) M- £15

55 JEAN WELLS With my love & what you've got (Still a 100

club biggie) Calla M- £30

56 BETTY LAVETTE Only your love can save me (Great soulful

mid tempo) Calla M- £20

57 THE ORLONS Crossfire (Good club soul - great pic

sleeve!!) Cameo EX/M £10

57a MAGNIFICENT MEN Forever together Capitol (Demo) M-


58 LOU RAWLS When love goes wrong (Great dancer with

R'n'B feel) Capitol(Demo) M- £12

59 SHADES OF JADE Is it wrong (Brilliant Los Angeles northern

soul dancer) Cenco EX £200

60 CLAUDINE CLARK The telephone game (Ring a ding a ling

oooooh - Class !!) Chancellor EX £35

61 RICKY SHAY *** Everybody do the

Phillie (Superb club sound) Chattahoochie EX £30

62 GENE CHANDLER Such a pretty thing (Classic) Checker EX


63 BETTY JAMES Help me to find my love (Great guitar driven

bluesy soul) Chess EX £25

65 MITTY COLLIER I had a talk with my man (All time great

slowie) Chess EX £10

66 THE GEMS *** Cant you take a hint

(Good girl group dancer) Chess M- £25

67 JACKIE ROSS Selfish one (All time classic) Chess EX


64 BETTY JAMES *** I like the way you

walk (Good Chicago blues shaker) Chess (Demo) EX £25

64a LINDA MACKEY Find my man (Rare local label - femme

R'n'B / Girlie soul flip) Claire EX £75

68 SPICE Reach out (Haunting version of 4 tops) Cle An Thair

EX £15

69 BILLY JOE ROYAL Hearts desire (Classic northern soul oldie)

Columbia EX £15

70 GIGI & CHARMAINES Poor unfortunate me (Great girl

group dancer) Columbia(Demo) VG+ £12

71 BONNIE HERMAN Hush don't cry (Superb mid tempo -

allnighter biggie) Columbia(Demo) EX £200

72 JERRY MOORE *** High hemlines (Excellent

R'n'B dancer - W.O.L.) Columbia(Demo) M- £40

72a ORTHEA BARNES I've never loved nobody Coral VG+ £20

73 JOEY HEATHERTON *** Hullabaloo (Re-write of "The

monkey time" - great !!!!) Coral (Demo) EX £40

74 DELORISE BERRY *** No other girl (Gritty

southern dancer) Cotillion (Demo) M- £30

76 TOMMY NAVARRO I cried my life away (Big Stafford northern

oldie) De Jac EX £75

75 LEON HAYWOOD You don't have to see me cry (Great mid

pacer) Decca (Demo) M- £15

77 JOE TEX Under your powerful love (Classic 70's northern)

Dial EX £12

78 THE LOVELETTS *** Simple song (Horn driven

funky dancer) Doin our thing EX £30

79 GEORGETTA BANKS *** Sweetly and completely

(Gorgeous mid tempo)W.O.L. Dot VG £75

80 JUSTIN Right now (Excellent dancer) Down east (Demo)

VG £12

81 BOBBY BLAND Call on me (Rare demo on this great R'n'B

tune) Duke (Demo) EX £15

82 BOBBY BLAND Gotta get to know you (Another rare Duke

demo) Duke (Demo) M- £15

83 JUNIOR PARKER Why do you make me cry (Brilliant R'n'B

mover) Duke (Demo) M- £20

84 VIVIAN REED I feel the earth move (Superb soulful

version of Carol King) Epic (Demo) M- £15

85 THE AUBREY TWINS *** Poor boy (Rare pic sleeve

copy - pounding dancer) Epic (Demo) EX/M £30

86 TOMMY DUNCAN Dance dance dance (Smooth 60's soul mid

pacer) Falew VG+_ £15

87 MARY DAVIS *** Get up and dance

(Uptempo club sound) Fat Back M- £20

88 CHRISTINE KITTRELL Call his name (Good soulful R'n'B

shaker) Federal (Demo) VG+ £30

89 OSCAR BROWN JR Brother where are you (Atmospheric

mid tempo) Fontana M- £20


90 BILL PINKNEY Don't call me / I do the jerk (2 great sides)

Fontana EX £15

91 THE VICTONES *** My baby changes (Late 60's

group soul gem - label stain) Front page EX £25

92 THE CONTOURS Just a liitle misunderstanding (One of

Motown's finest) Gordy M- £10

93 THE CONTOURS You get ugly (Hard number to get) Gordy

M- £15

94 THE TEMPTATIONS Way you do the things you do (Classic) Gordy

M- £10

95 MIKE & THE CENSATIONS Don't mess with me (Great West coast

pounder) Highland M £20

95a SONNY ALLEN Your love was so wonderful (Rare Detroit mid

pacer) Hit pack EX £250

96 LOAD OF MISCHIEF I'm a lover (Obscure and great organ

backed groover) Holiday Inn M £30

96a VOLUMES You've got it baby Inferno EX £10

97 MIGHTY JOE YOUNG Guitar star (good Chicago R'n' cool.gif

Jacklyn M £10

98 BOBBY PATTERSON Soul is our music (dancer) Jetstar M-


100 BOBBY PATTERSON Whats your problem baby (Great dancer)

Jetstar M- £20

99 BOBBY PATTERSON Don't be so mean (100 mph dancer - yellow

vinyl) Jetstar (demo) M £15

101 JOHNNY & ExpressionS Where is the party (Falsetto group

harmonies) Josie (Demo) EX £10

102 THE CLOVERS For days (Rare group soul dancer)St.O.L.

Josie (Demo) EX £40

103 BEVERLY ANN GIBSON *** A three dollar bill (Old 100

club biggie - hard issue copy) Jubilee VG+ £65

104 ST GEORGE & TANA Without your heart (Superb duet -

good dancer) Kapp (Demo) VG+ £15

105 LEE WELLS The good things (Good crossover unknown)

Kashe EX £30

106 JOHNNY WILLIAMS You've got it (Rare horn

driven dancer) Kent VG £20

114 BOB MARSHALL *** Never seen a girl like you

(Excellent organ led dancer) L Rev EX £35

107 CHARLES MANN Hey little girl (Brilliant underplayed

northern) Lanor EX £20

108 TIMI YURO Count everything (As good as anything she

done) Liberty M £15

109 TIMI YURO I aint gonna cry no more (Great club sound)

Liberty VG+ £15

110 TIMI YURO Insult to injury (Classic mid tempo)

Liberty M- £20

111 HENRIETTA & THE HAIRDOOZ You've got a lot to learn

(Early girl group mid pacer) Liberty EX £40

112 BIG ELLA It takes a lot of loving (Driving rhythm 'n

soul) Lo Lo VG+ £12

113 THE DOLLS The reason why (Great bouncy girlie dancer)

Loma (demo) M- £20

113a HAROLD SMITH If I ever lose your love (Really good R'n'B

dancer - lists at £300 !!) Lu Mar M £225

115 THE FALCONS Has it happened to you yet (Classic & rare

Detroit northern) Lupine (Demo) M £150

123 BOBBY NEWTON *** Do the whip (Excellent club

soul dancer - in grt pic sleeve) Mercury (Demo) EX/M- £25

120 THE TYMES Street talk (Quality group soul mid pacer)

MGM EX £12

121 THE SHAM ETTES You're welcome back (Good girl group sound)

MGM EX £25

122 THE SOLITAIRES Fool that I am (Ex Stafford sound - big prod

mid tempo) MGM EX £15

119 JIMMY LEWIS Turn your damper down (Gritty southern soul

plodder) Minit (Demo) M £10

118 THE DARLETTES Lost (Lovely mid tempo) Mira VG £25

117 THE OLYMPICS I'll do a little bit more (Thumping northern

soul 2 sider) Mirwood VG £10

116 THE IKETTES Don't feel sorry for me (Good club soul

dancer) Modern EX £12

128 CL & THE PICTURES *** Talking about my baby

(Punchy piano driven dancer) Monument M £35

126 THE SUPREMES When the lovelight starts shining through

his eyes Motown EX £10

127 TAMMI TERRELL This old heart of mine (Absolutely superb

version !!!) Motown M- £12

127a LEONTINE DUPREE I'm guilty (Uptempo Chicago crossover winner)

Nation M £75

125 MICKEY BUCKINS *** Silly girl (Ultra rare small

Alabama label - great dancer) Norala VG £300

124 DOC & THE INTERNS Baby I know (Big spin up north

recently - great dancer) Now VG+ £15

129 JAMES PHELPS Check yourself (Good horn led southern

soul / deep flip) Paramount(Demo) M- £20

130 RODDIE JOY I want you back (Great soul shaker - W.O.L.)

Parkway (Demo) EX £20

131 BOBBY WALLS AND COMPANY Baby doll (Nice crossover mid tempo)

Paula (Demo) M- £20

132 NAT WRIGHT *** Run Sonny run

(Superb early R'n'B dancer) Petal M- £100

134 GINNY SATIN Hey lover (Lovely mid tempo dancer - great

horns!!) Philips (Demo) VG+ £30

133 NEIL BRIAN *** Tough guy (Rare

Philly soul mid tempo - plays fine) Philtown (Demo) G+ £30

133a JOHNNY NEWBAG Little Samson (Good uptempo northern -

W.O.L.) Port EX £70

135 CURTIS BLANDON Mr Imagination (Great harmonica led R'n' cool.gif

Port (Demo) M- £50

136 ADONIS *** I laugh to keep from

crying(Grt beat ballad This is Paul Sindab) Powertree (Demo)

M- £100

136a LYNN AUGUST One way ticket (Good funky crossover)

Preview M £100

137 THE CONTACTS You gonna pay (Super rare original of this

northern oldie) Quadrant EX £300

139 THE BOBETTES Having fun (Rare issue of this great dancer)

RCA EX £55

142 SAM COOKE Sugar dumpling (Good 60's soul dancer) RCA

M £20

138 THE PARTNERSHIP Searchin forty floors (Great group soul

dancer) RCA (Demo) M- £25

140 BOBBY BELL Don't come back to me (2 great uptempo

dancers) RCA (Demo) EX £30

141 NINA SIMONE It be's that way sometimes (Atmospheric

dancer) RCA (Demo) M- £20

143 FREDDIE PARIS *** There she goes

(Gorgeous beat ballad) RCA (Demo) M- £30

144 THE AMBASSADORS I wonder why (Good early 60's soul double

sider) Reel M- £40

145 BARBARA GREENE Young boy (Beautiful girlie floater) Renee

M- £15

146 BIG MAYBELLE I can't wait any longer (In demand 60's soul

dancer) Rojac M- £30

147 THE ROCKMASTERS Raining teardrops (Rare and great mid tempo

winner) Romulus M- £250

148 BARBARA WEST Congratulations baby (In demand late 60's

dancer) Ronn M £50

149 BARBARA WEST I'm a fool for you baby (Great R'n'B

flavoured mover) Ronn (Demo) EX £35

150 DINAH WASHINGTON Soulville (Wonderful club soul

dancer - old mod spin) Roulette M- £8

151 PATIENCE VALENTINE Unlucky girl (Great early soul

dancer) Sar M £20

152 THE SHIRELLES Last minute miracle (100 club northern soul

classic) Scepter VG+ £15

153 THE RUSTICS *** Something special

(Obscure Kentucky label - great but worn) Scitsur G £30

154 KELLY BROTHERS How can true love be this way (Gritty

southern mover) Sims M- £12

155 KELLY BROTHERS *** Ouch oh baby (Excellent

uptempo dancer) Sims M- £20

156 JR WALKER Shake and fingerpop (Top notch club sound)

Soul EX £8

157 JR WALKER Pucker up buttercup (Another great Motown

dancer) Soul EX £8

158 EARL VAN DYKE 6 by 6 (Classic northern soul inst) Soul

VG+ £10

158a THE GLOWS We're drifting apart (Early tinkling male

group popcorn) Soul EX £175

159 WILLIE HUTCH Can't fight the power (Uptempo 60's soul

dancer) Soul city M £20

160 THE EBONYS Can't get enough (Down home soul groover)

Soul Clock M £15

161 TYRONE THOMAS Fly away love bird (Smooth 70's soul gem)

Soul International EX £15


162 LITTLE HANK *** Try to understand

(Rare and fabulous mid tempo) Sound Stage 7 M- £150

163 MILTON HOWARD I'm from Missouri (Bad title but

thumping 45 - grt funky flip) Sound Stage 7 EX £25

163a PARAMOUNT FOUR You don't know Southern city M- £40

164 LEONARD ADAIR That smile upon your face (Rare

crossover mid pacer) Stage Production M- £200

165 GETTO KITTY Stand up and be counted (Great uptempo

dancer from '72) Stroud M £40

166 BUSTER JONES Baby boy (Great mid tempo - old 100 club

spin) Sure shot EX £30

167 KURTIS SCOTT No no baby (Punchy Texas soul mover) Sure

shot M £20

168 THE MIRACLES I gotta dance to keep from crying (Motown

classic) Tamla M- £10

170 MARVIN GAYE Take this heart of mine (Classic 60's soul)

Tamla EX £10

171 MARVIN GAYE You're a wonderful one (Classic 60's soul)

Tamla EX £10

169 ISLEY BROTHERS Just aint enough love (Class tune from the

motor city) Tamla (Demo) M £20

169a FRANK JAMES Sea of faces (Big voiced mid tempo rarity)

Tru sound EX £250

172 LITTLE ANTHONY & IMPERIALS Gonna fix you good (60's

soul gem) Veep EX £15

173 CHUCK CORBY & CHANCES Happy go lucky (Bouncy Philly

northern soul dancer) Veep (Demo) M- £40

174 THE CHANTELS Indian giver (Superb girl group soul - Going

big !!!) Verve (Demo) EX £100

175 JEANNE & THE DARLINGS Soul girl (Answer to Sam &

Dave's "Soul man" - excellent !) Volt EX £20

176 MAXINE BROWN Oh no not my baby (All time great ender)

Wand EX £8

177 DIPLOMATS I've got a feeling (Nice group soul dancer -

great harmonies) Wand VG+ £12

178 ROSCOE ROBINSON What you're doing to me (Driving rhythm 'n

soul belter) Wand M £15

178a JOHNNY ANGEL Stone out of your mind (Nice early 70's soul

spin) Watch EX £65

178b SUNNY RIDDELL Come into my world (Superb R'n'B tinged soul

dancer) White Cliffs M- £125

179 EUGENE CHURCH Dollar bill (Thumping northern dancer)b-side

label missing World pacific(Demo) M £20

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

180 TOM & JERRIO Great goo ga moo ga (Great mod club sound)

ABC EX £12

181 OLIVER SAIN Scratch my back (Great horn / organ led

vers Slim Harpo) Abet EX £6

182 TRAVIS WAMMACK Scratchy (Great guitar led inst - mod club

fave) Ara M £10

183 JOHNNY NASH Love aint nothing (Massive mod spin years

back) Argo EX £20

184 GIL SCOTT HERON Racetrack in France (Brilliant jazz funk

dancer) Arista M- £10

185 SOLOMAN BURKE Keep looking (Solid club soul dancer)

Atlantic M- £10

186 ARCHIE BELL & DRELLS I cant stop dancing (Try and stop

your feet moving !!!!) Atlantic EX £8

187 BROTHER JACK McDUFF Do it now (Wicked hammond organ

groover) Atlantic M £12

188 HECTOR RIVERA Playing it cool (Great Latin soul dancer)

Barry EX £15

189 COBRA KINGS Big limas (Superb jazzy inst - pounding beat)

Black gold M £20

190 LOU DONALDSON Hot dog (Superb club jazz workout) Blue

note M- £12

191 LONNIE SMITH Think (Killer jazz version of Aretha's

classic) Blue note M- £12

192 B B KING Think it over (Great R'n'B dancer)

Bluesway EX £10

193 JACKIE WILSON & LINDA HOPKINS Say I do (Old mod spin -

great R'n' cool.gif Brunswick EX £15

194 SKIP & ERNEST Pickin' & chippin' (Chicago Funk cut) Bunky

M £10

195 ETTA JAMES / S.P. DeSANTO Do I make myself clear (All

time classic mod tune) Cadet EX £10

196 PANIC BUTTONS Hitch it to the mule (Hard funk inst -

W.O.L.) Chalom EX £12

197 MONA LISA They don't know (Great R'n'B club sound)

Dade VG+ £35

198 JOHNNY ZAMOT Boogaloo baby (Cooking Latin soul inst with

chants) Decca (Demo) EX £25

199 JUNIOR PARKER I'm gonna stop (Solid R'n'B dancer) Duke

EX £10

200 SLIM HARPO Mohair Sam (Laidback R'n'B dancer - totally

mod !!!) Excello EX £10

201 LAZY LESTER You better listen (Driving R'n'B dancer

Excello EX £10

202 BUSTER BENTON I'm going but I'll be back (Good R'n'B

dancer) Fire EX £10

203 LOUISIANA RED I'm too poor to die / Sugar hips (Bluesy

dancer - inst flip) Glover EX £8

204 THE PAZANT BROTHERS Juicy lucy (Great jazzy inst)

W.O.L. - looks like its autographed GWP EX £15

205 VERNON & JEWEL You're gonna be paid (Cookin' R'n'B

duet) Imperial (Demo) VG+ £25

206 B B KING Long gone baby (Cracking R'n' cool.gif Kent EX


207 JAMES BROWN Signed sealed and delivered (Great 60's club

sound) King M- £10

208 JAMES BROWN Money wont change you (Good club sound) King

EX £10

209 REX GARVIN & MIGHTY CRAVERS Sock it to 'em J.B. (Or

Colonel Sanders !!!!) Like M- £10

210 QUINCY JONES Soul bosa nova (Groovy 60's inst - Austin

Powers !!!) Mercury (Demo) M £25

220 BIG T & THE PEACE MAKERS Tighten up tighter (Superb

take on Archie Bell classic) Nasco M £20

219 HARMONICA FATS Funky drop (Good harmonica led funky R'n' cool.gif

Nomar M- £20

221 BUDDY RICH Uptight (Great Jazzy version Stevie Wonder)

Pacific jazz M- £10

211 CHUBBY CHECKER Hey you little boogaloo (Great mod spin in

the 80's) Parkway (Demo) EX £15

212 VALENTINOS Its all over now (Orig of Stones of course -

club classic) Sar EX £10

213 CHARLES LATTIMORE Do the thing (Hot funky dancer)

Shout (Demo) M £10

214 BIG JAY McNEELEY Back...shack...track (Great R'n'B

dancer - was on UK Sue) Swingin' EX £12

215 BILLY EMERSON When it rain it pours (Good bluesy Chicago

dancer) USA EX £12

216 BOBBY PARKER Watch you step (One of the best R'n'B tunes

ever !!) V Tone EX £12

217 DADDY GOODLOE Jamil (Old Drummonds spin - jazzy mod inst)

Vee Jay VG+ £12

218 JIMMY SMITH Got my mojo working (Ultimate hammond organ

dancer) Verve EX £8

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