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For Dancers Only - Colchester

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This weekend is the last weekend all you smokers can puff away at the edge of the dancefloor, filling the air with that familiar smell of clubs and pubs and nights out. Im a non smoker but in a year or so Im sure us non smokers will be reminiscing about how great it was not to be able to smell sweat and cheap cologne - not that you would smell cheap cologne at this night because although it may lay in the deepest recesses of essex its CLASSY :lol:


Get yourselves down For Dancers Only on Friday night in one of the most unique venues in the country - a wonderful old converted church set in the grounds of a cemetary for Northern soul anthems, rare soul and a little bit of what we fancy thrown in (latin, RnB, funk, modern (bleaghh)).

£5 on the door plus a free feel up from a bouncer

No hats allowed inside (strangely)

Church Lane



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