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Lift Needed - Blackpool - Stoke Nighter - Mark B

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Help Wanted Please........ Ok so not a good thing when your a DJ not to be able to drive but it's a little late for me to learn in two weeks.........

REALLY BIG FAVOUR WANTED...... Is there any kind soul's out there who are thinking of doing both the BLACKPOOL WINTER GARDENS SOUL NIGHT AND THEN ONTO TTHE NEW STOKE QUEENS HALL ALLNIGHTER On Saturday February 12th as i really need a round trip lift from Manchester to firstly Blackpool and then down to Stoke as i'm DJ'ing at both events, i know it's a lot to ask but if anyone can help me out then it's a FREE night out basically will cover petrol, admissions etc. if you can help me out please contact Mark Bicknell 0161 330 6267 or bicknellmark @aol.com

Regards - Mark Bicknell.

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