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Heacham, Norfolk All Dayer

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What an absolutely wondeful evening was had in North Norfolk last nite.

Nice venue, well attended and a great selection of music genres from Oldies, X-over, Modern & R&B. So refreshing to here different sounds being spun instead of the usual same old same old.

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done to he promoter(S) & the Dj's of course!!!

Alamo (Norwich)

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totally agree Alamo, it was a good event. we arrived at approx 2.40pm, so not too many in at that time, although it did get approx 25 or so in by tea time.

the venue is very good, with a nice wooden floor, which needs very little talc, although many covered it with the stuff.

we came down from Corby & Kettering, & others travelled from Bournemouth, Rushden, St. Ives, Peterborough etc.

after going next door for something to eat, we returned to see the place starting to fill up, as most people were coming to the evening do.

all in all, a good day, with some nice tunes being spun, although i would say, too many d'js, as most of them had to double up on their spots, which i.m.h.o., broke up the flow, with one style after another being played and not much mic action from the earlier d'js.

best spots of the night for me were John Hall & Smudge Smith, both had the floor busy. Also enjoyed the later spot from Kevin (Such) & Perry, who were paired up at the last minute. ( yes you heard it right Mrs Patterson....Kevin & Perry)

left at approx 01.30am, with Roy St.Clair in full flow, keeping those who were left, suitably entertained, and a big thank you to the guy, as he travelled six & half hours to get there.

the event organiser's Penny & Mellors are leaving soon for pastures new, but i believe that the venue will continue under the stewardship of one of the dj's from yesterday, although some details are still to be finalised.

So if you see another do there advertised, go along & support it !!


john mc.

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Have to agree totally John.

Me and Karen had a great time.

Like you said the hall was quite empty when we arrived but filled up nicely early evening. Good mix of DJ's i thought, with most soul genre's being catered for. I did also feel that there were too many DJ's for an Alldayer, i think there was 18 in total. So we did have to double up, and invariably with someone you dont know. When i was told to say about Mrs Patterson over the mike i didnt quite get the joke. But now that i have read your comment, i get it now. Bit slow i know.

True that Mellers and Penny are going to warmer climes, but i spoke to Mellers on Sunday morning and i think he is intending to continue to run and promote the event.

I think the venue is perfect with a nice big stage with room to move around on when you've got 10 or so people on it, large well kept floor,( the talc was a bit overpowering), and food available next door.

Do you think Mellers is the only topless DJ on the scene? He always strips off once he gets on stage.

Did think that Roy should have been put on a bit earlier as he travelled up from Bournemouth, but there were still a fair few in when we left and he was keeping them happy.

Will post photo's i took soon.

Regards to Dot mate.


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