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Rugby Soul Club

Rsg 30th June

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Well Jon Buck has been running venues for more years than I care to remember and last night he proved he still has what it takes.

His laid back attitude comes over in the vibe of the place.

You always feel relaxed and we knew with the line-up that we were in for a treat.

We arrived at just after 6pm to listen to James trouble's impromptued funk set but with his car playing up so that was a no go.

As we had to bring our own drinks it took Denise a few trips to the car to get all hers in the venue, I think maybe a sack barrow would be good next time. :D

By the time James and Molly had come in, done all their hellos, Jon strolled over to them and said "right, are one of you gunna DJ then"?

No DJ times for this man, just get there and get on with it... :P

The venue was ideal, large floor and fire doors we could open as the room got hotter.

I managed to keep dancing till about 1am and boy do my legs know it today.

The place was still banging them out when we left at 2am, and from what I can gather Jon had the keys, so they could still be there... :D

Thanks Jon and Sue the night was the best I've had in a long time, musically and socially... :thumbsup:

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Couldnt agree more. We were'nt going out at all this weekend but when Sian text me at lunchtime about RSG I couldnt resist! Always a warm welcome from Jon and Sue. Fantastic spots from Arthur Fenn, James Trouble and Molly who had the floor sussed. But a great mix of oldies and newies from Jon and all the dj's.

Absolutely great atmosphere in there, felt right at home. Loved the dancefloor. Everyone seemed to be in holiday mood and the crack was indeed had.


comment of the evening goes to sian:

We were bursting for the loo on the way and asked me "how long is this bloody mile gonna last?" :thumbsup:

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