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last week was the end of a fortnight of flu for me. the SECOND time i've had flu this year, and both times from relatives' kids! the first time i was on holiday from work as well. at least this time i got two weeks on their time! anyway, last friday was the end of a fortnight of it, and i was still coughing, spluttering, and all that when i arrived.

i went early because of the above, and planned to leave early for the same reason, which i ended up having to - few pints and a couple of dances and i was knackered.

i'd just like to say that this night is simply the best soul night in hull i can ever remember maybe that's a reflection of a healthy scene? i don't know, but people [tempting fate] keep coming back and i see the same faces, local and unknown.

personally i'm pleased there's a quality soul night within walking distance for me - i'm also delighted for the lads who run it, as i've seen 'em struggle with poor attendances in previous years, but this new venue seems to have changed peoples' attitudes, and the last several have been very well attended.

The music policy is quite easy going, with a wide blend for everyone. i wouldn't describe it as anything other than across the board soul. i've heard classic northern and modern, new stuff, a very occasional housey number. i'd say it was predominantly sixties based, but modern is well covered. they are doing it right anyway.

now, this is true.... i was gonna mention me standout track of last friday - the constellations 'i don't know about you' and as it's just come on me i-tunes as i finished that last paragraph i'll mention it! i wnet home not too long after this, about 11-11.30 i guess.

all in all a top night - the ladies on the door do a grand job and are a warm welcome. friendly atmosphere, and a top night :P

get yerselves there if you can, it'd be nice to see some soul sourcers in hull. we don't bite! fri 3rd august is next one...

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