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Derek Pearson

Derek Pearson Bcb Radio Sat 5 Feb

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Phew its back around again, new year brand new studio, BCB really has mooved on in the 10 years I've been involved with it. Sorry I aint had chance to post up details earlier.

Bradford's community radio BCB Radio 96.7FM Saturday 5 February 8-10pm.

2 hour northern session - it can be heard via the internet on obviously you'll need realplayer and all that malarky. So if you're stopping in and you remember try listen in. Played 45 records all off chunky black vinyl, all styles,all era's, all over the place. Name checked loads of friends as well hehehe.


I'll burn 80 minutes onto a CD so Mike Hughes can post it up later if he doesnt get chance to stream it direct. I'll post up my playlist asap.


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Things have gone off the boil a bit recently with my BCB radio show for two reasons.

Firstly since moving into the new studios the (quote) "real audio streaming is temporarily out of service". This means people outside of the reception area can't listen to it on the world wide web if they wanted to. One of the main reasons for playing 2 hours of northern was precisely so that www listeners could access it as there's probably only a few dozen or so people in the Bradford area that would listen to it through their radio.

Secondly the studios not set up yet so I can burn my archived shows onto CD, this is how I can send Mike Hughes an 80 minute show so he can stream it up on Soul Source. It also means I can burn off copies of my show for mates that request them. Things will be sorted out I'm fully confident of that it'll just take time hopefully not months. Its knocked my enthusiasm a bit thats why I aint posted my playlists for February and March even though I've recorded those 2 shows.

Oh well,


It might seem a bit bonkers to post up playlists from previous shows that nobody can listen to I do know many oddball collectors like myself love reading lists so here goes. Because I hadnt typed up my playlists for the last 2 months, I couldnt cross reference what i'd played and I inadvertantly picked up several records that I meant to file away. Hence duplication on the 2 shows oops!


Sat 5 February 2005

Chuck Jackson 'good things come' Wand;

Superlatives 'don't let true love die' Westbound;

Lee Rogers 'how are you fixed for love' Wheelsville;

Hollidays 'Ive lost you' Groove City;

Vanguards 'Gotta have love' Lamp;

Parliaments 'heart trouble' Golden World;

Idle Few 'People that's why' Blue Book;

Malibus 'Gee baby I love you' Sureshot;

Candy & Kisses 'out in the streets' Scepter;

Fred Hughes 'don't let me down' Vee Jay;

Kenny Wells 'aint that a shame' New Voice;

Heartbreakers 'Ive got to face it' Derby City;

Soul Notes 'Don't make me beg' Way Out;

Andrea Henry 'I need you like a baby' MGM;

Reginald Day 'lost love' Midas;

Jimmy Gilford 'heartbreaker' Solid hit;

Darlene Love 'its too late to sorry' Reprise;

Deon Jackson 'when you're love' Carla;

Matt Brown 'thank you' Jarval;

Jimmy Graham 'love cant be modernised' Revue;

Al Wilson 'show and tell' Rocky Road;

Judy Freeman 'hold on' Rca;

Loletta Holloway 'mother of shame' Aware;

Jesse Fisher 'youre not loving a beginner' Way Out;

Lee Williams 'girl from a country town' Rapda;

Primeministers 'I don't know' Rca;

Cliff Nobles 'feeling of loneliness' Roulette;

Geraldine Hunt 'Never leave me' Roulette;

Clarence Reid 'I refuse to give up' Reid;

Kell Osbourne 'Quicksand' Titanic;

Cody Black 'Mr Blue' D-Town;

Chandlers 'Your love makes me' Col Soul;

Moses Dillard 'I'll pay the price' Mark IV;

Vontastics 'I'll never say goodbye' Satellite;

Jimmy Dockett 'Take a chance' Mystic 4;

Kelly Bros 'Crying game is over' Sims;

Big Guys 'Hang my head and cry' Warner Bros;

June Conquest 'All I need' Windy City;

Sensations 'Lonely world' Way Out;

Vivian Copeland 'Chaos' D'Oro;

Four Shades 'My world' Ronn;

Edwin Starr 'Love the lonely peoples' UK TMG;

James Brown 'People wake up' Polydor;

Invitations 'Look on the good side' Silver blue;

Alex Taylor 'Slowly turning to love' Best.

Sat 5 March 2005

Jackie Wilson 'Ive lost you' Brunswick;

Jo Armstead 'I feel an urge' Giant;

Lee Andrews 'Never the less' Crimson;

Tangeers 'Whats the use' Okeh;

Deon Jackson 'That's what you do' Carla;

Johnny Gilliam 'Baby take me back' Modern;

Gambrells 'You better move' Carla;

Masqueraders 'How' LaBeat;

Mr Caldwell 'Mr Caldwell' Scorpio;

Gene Middleton 'You can get it' Soul Town;

Arcades 'Got to be a loser' Triad;

Ike Noble 'Its bad' Alley;

Steelers 'The flame remains' Crash;

Duke Daniels 'This is the end' Eastern;

James Dee 'Jealous over love' Enrica;

George Smith 'This is it' Turntable;

Jimmy Delphs 'Almost' Carla;

Carl Hall 'Mean it baby' Loma;

Classic Sullivans 'Shame shame shame' Master Key;

Edwin Starr 'Running back & forth' Gordy;

Eloise Laws 'Love factory' Music Merchant;

Bobby Womack 'So many sides of you' UK Motown;

Alex Taylor 'Slowly turning to love' Best;

Marshall & Chilites 'Price of love' Dakar;

Winstons 'Aint nothing like' Curtom;

Grover Mitchell 'Take your time' Josie;

Jimmy Clark 'Sweet darling' Soul Hawk;

Emanuel Lasky 'Peace loving man' Thelma;

Doris Troy 'Face up to the truth' Capitol;

Margie Joseph 'One more chance' Volt;

Voltaires 'My my baby' Bacone;

Marvellous Ray 'Whirlpool' Abner;

Roy Wright 'Hook line & sinker' Mica;

Bobby Treetop 'Wait till I get' Tuff;

Deon Jackson 'I cant go on' Carla;

Jay Wiggins 'Tears of a lover' Solid

Patty Livingston 'Ive got my baby' Dimension;

Faye Crawford 'What have I done' RCA;

Kell Osbourne 'Quicksand' Titanic;

Tokays 'Baby baby baby' Brute;

Matt Brown 'I thank you' Jarval;

Cody Black 'Mr Blue' D Town;

Joseph Moore 'Im lost without you' Marvlus;

Tommy Turner 'I'll be gone' El Bam;

Bobby Reed 'If I didn't love you' Bell;

Glen Miller 'Where is the love' UK Doctor Bird.

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