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Southern Soul Movement

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Popped down to Abshott Sat 5.2.05

Really enjoyed it. Great venue - country club in the middle of nowhere.

DJs on nite were Steve C, Molly Tim Brown, Paul MacKay.

Played a really good mix of northern, rare soul, crossover, modern, a little rnb.

Recommend it.

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Another great night on the South Coast. Marvellous music, a great dancefloor, a sound system that works, and soul people - what more could you ask for! Many thanks to Steve C for inviting me to play some sounds. Helen & I had a great time. Here's what I played:

1st set 9.45 - 10.30

Clyde McPhatter - Lonely people can't afford to cry - Amy

Parliaments - Heart trouble - Golden World

Johnny Bartel & Soul Masters - If this isn't love - Solid State DJ

Arabians - (Please) Take a chance on me - Le Mans DJ

Earnestine Eady - The change - Junior DJ

Billy Storm - Educated fool - Infinity DJ

Tommy Navarro - I cried my life away - De Jac

Freddie Houston - Soft walkin' - Toto

Shep - Fool to fool - TNT

Four Exceptions - A sad goodbye - Parkway DJ

Cleveland Robinson - Boy - Nosnibor DJ

Hal Frazier - After closing time - Reprise DJ

Spencer - Searching for love - Midtown

Edward Hamilton & Arabians - I'm gonna love you - Mary Jane

Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody needs you - Loma DJ (surprising how many people come up & ask what this is)

Steinways - My heart's not in it anymore - Oliver DJ

Choice of Colour - Your love - APT

David Ruffin - You can come right back to me - Motown DJ

Archie Bell & Drells - A thousand wonders - Spanish Atlantic

2nd set 11.15- 12.15

Charades - The key to my happiness - MGM DJ

Flirtations - Stringer than her love - Festival DJ

Frank Beverly & Butlers - If that's what you wanted - Gamble

Epitome of Sound - You don't love me - Sandbag

Pat & Blenders - Just because - Fast Eddie

Majestics - (I love her so much) It hurts me - Linda DJ

Seven Souls - I still love you - Okeh DJ

Volcanos - (It's against) The rules of love - Arctic DJ

Younghearts - A little togethereness - Canterbury

Willie Kendrick - Change your ways - RCA

Patrice Holloway - Stolen hours - Capitol

Cashmeres - Show stopper - Hem

Ideals - The mighty lover - Boo-ga-loo

Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over - Tollie DJ

Jessie Davis - There's room for me - Revere

Big Don's Rebellion - It was true - Ethon

Bull - Bygones - Bell DJ

Sam Dees - Lonely for you baby - SSS Int.

Goerge Smith - I've had it - Turntable DJ

Danny Moore - Somebody new - Allrite

Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala DJ

Len Jewell - Bettin' on love - Fontana DJ

O'Jays - I'll never forget you - Imperial DJ

Temptations - The girl's alright with me - Gordy DJ

and finally a request as Tim was getting ready

Voices of East Harlem - Cashing in - Just Sunshine

Once again a cracking night, get yourself down there at the first available opportunity.


PS Col could you PM me Moldies contact details - Cheers mate

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Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody needs you - Loma DJ (surprising how many people come up & ask what this is)


Definately the best version IMHO. :wicked:

I have it on cheapie British Warner Brothers. How much does it go for on Loma?



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