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July 27th - The Orwell - Fantastic Event

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We're still having a beer and playing a few tunes with memories of a fantastic night at The Orwell

in Wigan ringing in our ears! Me and Dolly made our debut down at Wigan Pier Complex main room last night and what a buzz it was!!!

This was always going to be a night of great music and we were not disappointed from walking through the door at 9:15, right thru to the last tune at something past 2am this morning.

I say that while reserving judgement on my own performance between 12:30 and 1:15 however!!!! Where do I start? Mis-cue a record here. Play a wrong side there. Have a record stick (Belita Woods) and be blissfully unaware for 20 seconds or so as I had the 'phones on cue-ing my next 45. Not my most dextrous of performances and its probably fair to say that the world is a safer and happier plac e for my NOT being an eye surgeon or such like!!!

That said, it was a real treat to have the chance to play some 70's and X-Over from the boxes along with Dolly who, I have to say, was the essence of calm when I got myself in a tangle and just kept pulling out the tunes and generally keeping her head. Its just a bloo*y good job that there was at least one cool head behind the decks!

Back to the night itself, its difficult to avoid using such an over-used phrase but the cross-section of music last night really was Across The Board in the truest sense of the word and it was so good to hear so many top quality records of all genres in one room on the one night. Added to this, the fact that it was about Quality Soul rather than the rarest records anyone could find opened things right up for some really nice surprises and not a few reminders of some of the great records I have stashed away that need another airing.

Every DJ (listed below) delivered well thought out, well balanced sets and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the evening.

Thanks so much to Steve P, Steve C, Flanny, Baz M and John for giving us the chance to play a set in the hallowed walls of the Orwell. Hope we can do it again soon fellas. Only next time I'll make sure I take my oven gloves off before opening the play box!!!

And so, to .... Derek Smith ,Jim Elliott, Adam + Lofty & Tomo - The Boro Boys, Paul Havakin & Tony Jackson - The Greatstone, Pete Haigh & Andy Lett The Spirit of Blackpool Mecca, Pete Best - The Three Greyhounds..... I raise my hat and thank you for a night of such great great music.

Here's what me and Dolly played......

Superlatives - Don't Let True Love Die - Dynamics (Dolly)

De Vonns - Groovin With Your Baby - Mr G (Dolly)

L'il Major Williams - Girl You're So Sweet - Palladium (Neil)

Ernie Johnson - Big Man Cry - Steph & Lee (Dolly)

Universal Love - Its You Girl - Glades (Dolly)

Finishing Touch - Secod Best - Philly Groove (Neil)

Brothers Of Soul - I'd Be Greatful - Boo (Dolly)

Little Beaver - Listen To My Heartbeat - CAT (Neil)

Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly City (Neil)

Willie Fisher - Put Your Lovin On Me - Jama (Dolly)

Belita Woods - Magic Corner - Moira (Neil)

The Dells - Closer - Cadet (Neil)

Ebony Essence - Let Me In - Goodie Train (Dolly)

L'il Major Williams - Girl Don't Leave Me - Palladium (eventually!!!!) (Neil)

Richard Caiton - I See Love Girl In Your Eyes - Caiburt (Dolly)

Wilson Williams - Faith Will Bring It Home - ABC (Neil & Dolly)

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Posted twice in error. Closing this one.

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