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Soul From The New City Of Love

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A Valentine full of soul

After discovering that a local church supposedly held some relics of St. Valentine's Glasgow declared itself The City of Love. As it's our hometown Radiomagnetic has declared itself, RadioLovemetic and I'll be hosting in my capacity of Love DJ (pronounced a la Barry White Luuuurve) will be hosting a reflections on Northern Soul dedicated to love and romance. That's real adult love and romance with a dip into my library of Lying, Cheating and a-mean mistreating songs. This show will pay more attention to the lyrics than normal although still maintaining a mix of mid and up tempo dancers along with a few ballads. Bacharach and David, Holland Dozier and Holland, will feature amongst the songwriters with Gladys Knight, The Originals and Brenda Holloway will up the usual rare Motown content and given the theme of the show there will me some Northern style soul from The Southern States, the home of telling it like it is in the romance stakes. That's actually a taster for next week's show which will be dedicated to Southern Soul.

Anyway if you want a shout out for your loved one (or your wife, Husband, dawg, record collection) e mail me at studio@radiomagnetic.com .

If you are aware of any Valentine related soul activities round your way, e mail at the above address. On Sunday night I will be treating my wife to a meal at a top restaurant and in return (and with added free beer) I will be romancing the diners on Monday with a selection of songs such as You're No Good, Who is she and what is she to you, Kissing her and crying over you, I was checking in She was checking out whilst I was checking in. Some of which may also feature in the show if I can find that Kent Adultery CD that I bought last year and promptly mislaid. Join me for two hours of top Northern Soul on Saturday at 2:30pm (GMT) on www.radiomagnetic.com


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