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Paul McKay

Sleepless Nights

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Well an interesting if bloody cold weekend in Dublin. Arrived Friday lunchtime and visited Temple Bar for some good food and a couple of liveners having checked into our hotel off Parnell Square. A quick shower and change of clothes and off in a cab, playbox in hand to find the current Sleepless Nights venue the Ginger Man. Met up with Danny Duggan at 8pm and proceeded to apply myself to the black stuff whilst Helen got stuck into the Vodka and Danny set up the equipment. We found ourselves some comfy seats near the bar and a radiator and proceeded to hold court as the basement venue began to fill up. Met up with John Dunne and Paul Davis who I'd previously met at Cleethorpes and partaken of their Monday morning chalet party frolics. A very friendly crowd and several people took the time to come and introduce themselves to us and have a good chat. Wendy, who I'd met at last months NCS came along too, and a good time was had by all. Some good music from both the 60s and 70s was played and the crowd seemed open to both eras with perhaps the emphasis on the 60s sounds. I followed John at 12.15 and played the following, pretty much in order to an appreciative packed floor:

Charades - Key to my happiness - MGM DJ

Velvelettes - Lonely, lonely girl am I - UK Tamla Motown DJ

Pat & Blenders - Just because - Fast Eddie

Frank Beverly & Butlers - If that's what you wanted - Gamble

O'Jays - I'll never forget you - Imperial DJ

Majestics - (I love her so much) It hurts me - Linda DJ

Ideals - The mighty lover - Boo-ga-loo

Bobby Paris - I walked away - Capitol DJ

Patrice Holloway - Stolen hours - Capitol

Cashmeres - Show stopper - Hem

Sam & Kitty - I've got something good - Four Brothers

Impressions - You've been cheatin' - UK HMV

Willie Kendrick - Change your ways - RCA

Spyder Turner - I can't make it anymore - MGM DJ

Deon Jackson - Oooh baby - Carla

Gladys - Love - O-Gee

Volcanos - (It's against ) The rules of love - Arctic DJ

Younghearts - A little togetherness - Canterbury

Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala DJ

Unique Blend - Yes I'm in lobve - Eastbound DJ

Marvin Gaye - Come get to this - Tamla DJ

Phillip Mitchell - I'm so happy - Atlantic

Voices of East Harlem - Cashing in- Just Sunshine

Timi Yuro - It'll never be over for me - UK Liberty

Seven Souls - I still love you - Okeh DJ

Johnny Maestro & Crests - I'm steppin' out of the picture - Scepter DJ

Danny finished the night off in style and I hit the dance floor until the managemnet had to turn off the power to the equipment to get us to leave. A quick cab ride saw us back to Wendy & Lee's house for more wonderful music and a few more drinks, thanks to her and Lee for their hospitality and Pip, Keira and Phil for their company.

A great night out thanks to Danny for the invite to play, and with Ryanairs cheap flights there's no excuse not to make the effort and sample the delights of Northern Soul in Ireland, you could do worse than visit for their All Dayer on 23rd April. :thumb:



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Top set Paul much appreciated by all in SN, great to meet with you and the lovely Helen.

Your set in Carnival saturday afternoon wasnt too bad either, :D

Hope the head's wernt too sore going home sunday.

Take care

Lads will post up their sets.

Andy i'll send a pm with pips info to you

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Paul, it was good to see you again & to meet the lovely Helen. Apologies we were all in such a state on Friday night. We'll see you at Cleethorpes when we'll all be infinitely more coherent & charming whistling.gif

Pip wouldnt shut up yesterday about what a great set you played in Carnival on Saturday, sorry but I was too poorly to go. you certainly rocked the house at Sleepless, hope to see you again soon




Ps Andy - I pm'd you Pip's mobile number

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I'll echo what Wendy said..........great to meet you (Again) and Helen.

Top spot and one of the best nights we've had.

You'll be welcome back anytime



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