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London - Brighton Cycle Ride 19th June

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Received following e-mail from Rob:

Last year I did a charity bike ride from London to Brighton. Its to

raise money for the British heart foundation and it sure keeps your

own heart pumping I can tell you ! I'm thinking of getting up

a "northern soul posse" to do it this year so if anyone fancies it

let me know. Its on Sunday 19th June and you have to pay £20 to

register for the ride. There are 3 of us so far but if you want to

do it you've got to let me know pretty soon as we need to register

before 1st March to get a good start time.

Reply to me a.s.a.p. if you want to enter.


Rob Messer

My mate Simon & I are also up for it - that makes 5 so far.

Drop me a p/message

ps - it will be my birthady on 19 June.......must be friggin mad!

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Col - I've done this one [long time ago]. If I can find a bike suitable, I'd be up for it. Will have to let you know tho. In the meantime, two words of warning:


My leg muscles were literally dancing by the top !! The only salvation was a lengthy rub-down by a kind lady volunteer whistling.gif

Oh, and make sure all your gears work before you set off.

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