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Charity London-brighton Any Soul Cycling Types?


Last year I did a charity bike ride from London to Brighton. Its to

raise money for the British heart foundation and it sure keeps your

own heart pumping I can tell you ! I'm thinking of getting up

a "northern soul posse" to do it this year so if anyone fancies it

let me know. Its on Sunday 19th June and you have to pay £20 to

register for the ride. There are 3 of us so far but if you want to

do it you've got to let me know pretty soon as we need to register

before 1st March to get a good start time.

Reply to me a.s.a.p. if you want to enter.


Rob Messer


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The team is up to 6 now.

Prestatyn worked well as we met up for our first tactical team talk.

We now have a team name & have resolved to get some T shirts printed.

The Ts will of course be much better than those worn by the SSDCT whistling.gif

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ooh get you .... a quote from Rob Messer this weekend 'so how do you join this darts team then?'

You could never have anything better than us because we are very special people (yes 'people' not needs whistling.gif ) But as we are also very lovely clique the SSCDT will sponser your team efforts

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