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Guest davidg

Bumpshop @ Apt March 12th Special Guest \\egon///

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Guest davidg


:David Griffiths' Top Ten:

Bob & Gene "Your Name" (Mo Do)

Lee Bonds "I'll Find A True Love" (Unidad)

Dynamic Tints "Be My Lady" (Twinight)

Chuck And The Tremblers "Dianna" (Del-Nita)

Glenn Arnold & The Grand Prees "Come To The Party" (Columbus)

Black Lightning "Trouble" (MCA)

Out Of Sights "I Can't take It" (SARU)

Starborn "The Funky Piper" (New Bag)

Pat & Pam "I Love You Yes I Do" (Our Own)

Hifidelics "Hifidelics Groove" (QUIP)

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Guest davidg

Get all duded up for the show & roll in! then go to Master Donut tomorrow night. :thumbsup:

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