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Paul Capon's Soul Sales List - List 'w'

Paul Capon

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My new list is below. Mail me if you would like to receive a nicely

formatted HTML colour version (only 200kb).



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EMAIL: xoversoul@ntlworld.com

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All records are M- or EX unless stated.

Quality trades welcome. I can play anything over the phone.

I now take CREDIT CARDS BUT ONLY VIA PAYPAL (costs 3% charges) Paypal

address is pcsoul@ntlworld.com (BIDPAY also taken)

NEW: Subs inc. 1st class list + sample CD £5 for 3 lists

CDs now available:-

1. FULL VERSIONS of all items marked 'CD1' including all 12 auction items +

13 others = 25 MONSTER TRACKS!! PRICE £4 inc. post

2. SAMPLE CDs £2 inc post - approx 65 tracks per cd



Jones Bros. Good old days ULTRA rare UK release. I believe this is the only

known UK issue - the handful of known copies are all DJ's PYE UK M-Auction A

Bobby Kline Say something nice to me ULTIMATE COLLECTORS PIECEUltra rare

northern. Unlike most other copies, this has the labels round the CORRECT

way.Light marks - Still EX MB VG++Auction A

La'Que This ole heart Ultra rare 80'smodern soul dancer - EX Walking Tall

M-Auction A

Reachers I just want to do my own thing Another superb modern dancer Magic

Disc M-Auction A

Sideshow(feat. Arthur Ponder)*************** Sexy Lady Fantastic mid 80's

dancer. This is NOTHING like lots of other mid 80's stuff that is Took me

ages to find my own copy. I've seen more of their other supposedly rarer

single on TREY that this one!!!TOP CLASS!! Muscadine M-Auction A

Carla Whitney I've been hurt (so many times) TOTAL MONSTER - THEE killer

track form her Canadian only LP. The 45 mix is even better than the LP

version.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Attic(CanadianOnly) M-Auction A

Bill Brandon The streets got my lady / Tag tag Piedmont M-Auction B

Matt Brown Everyday Monster northern - His first release on the label before

the awesome crossover track 'Thank you baby'.I've only ever seen 3 or 4 of

these up for sale in 20 years. Jar-Val M-Auction B

Family of Eve*************** Please be truthful / I want to be loved by you

TWO FANTASTIC SIDESMint blue vinyl DJ copy Full Sail dj M-Auction B

Flowers*************** We could make it happen The other track by the 'For

Real' people & I think this is BETTER! LAxpressio M-Auction B



Rita Wright Touch me, take me Top notch stepper - UK only later version of

Ester Byrde also on UK only. Jet UK M-Auction B




Christy Allen Walk tall like a man Northern Diamond dj 15

Na Allen I was telling her about you Soulfull mid-tempo Janus iss or dj 15

Jesus Alvarez Please stay don't go / same Great 70's dancer - slightly later

version with a fuller sound Vibration 543 dj 15

Jesus Alvarez Please stay don't go / queen bee Great 70's dancer -

alternative earlier take without vibes. Different label design Vibration 534


Little Anthony Your love Early 80's stepper - inc lyric sheet MCA dj 8

Art & Honey Let's make love now Supberb soul builder - midtemp.RECOMMENDED

Motown dj 25

Clarence Ashe Dancing in a dream world Early beat ballad - original first

label before Chess J & S 8

Ashford & Simpson It seem to hang on 80's classic WB uk 5

Darrell Banks Somebody somewhere needs you Classic northern Revilot 30

The Beck Family I don't know what you're coming to Brill 80's stepper

midtempo - recommended Art 30

Archie Bell & Drells Love will rain on you Soulful group ballad Atlantic 5

Danny Belline Outside the city Outstanding RCA beal ballad. All the usual

great production etc. RCA Victor dj 25

LaBrenda Ben & The Belljeans The Chaperone / Camel walk Classic northen

motown Gordy 55 vg

George Benson LP ' Tell it like it is' inc ' My woman's good to me' A&M USA

or Canadian 25

Gil Bernal Can you love a poor boy BRILLIANT - beat ballad. Crack on run

out - this has another record stuck to it. Plays fine RCA Victor dj 15 cr

Chuck Bernard Got to get a hold of myself 70's mid tempo - recomm Zodiac 15

Doug Billard & Soul Patrol Genuine Jade Early northern Parkway dj 20

Bobby Bland I ain't myself anymore Soulfull downtempo northern Duke 10

Bobby Bland Wouldn't you rather have me Norhern dancer Duke 10

Bobby Bloom Love, don't let me down Uplifting 60s - recommended Kama Sutra


Bongi & Judy Let's get together 70's rare groove sound1 Buddah 12

Jan Bradley Can't get enough of your love 2 step classic Malaco 8

Jimmy Brinson************ So many miles away MODERN MONSTERFantastic record

Brin 75

The Broadways Sweet & heavenly melody/You just don't know two great northern

sides MGM 20

Tom Brock I love you more and more Rare groove feel - sounds like Marvin

Gaye. The Lp is all over the place but hard on a 7". 20th Century 20

Ramona Brooks Skinny Dippin Quality classic stepper Manhattan 20

Brothers By Choice Baby, you really got me going / Take a little more Two

great 70's mid-tempo dancersUNDER-RATED ALA 8

Call me if you have anything to sell - collection or single item

Brothers By Choice She puts the ease back into easy Another under-rated 70's

dancer ALA 10

on CD1

A. J. Brown************ Making love together Mega rare original (NOT the

flaky poor quality Jamaican boot)VG+ copy with light marks.Plays strong with

light crackles in places Maestro Music 150vg+

James Brown LP 'Get up offa that thing' Inc the GREAT soul dancer'You took

my heart'Recommended Polydor 25

Norman Brown Everybody likes it ace modern dancer Sound Town 30

Otis Brown Who's gonna take you home Left field 60's mid-tempo Lujuna 8

Otis Brown You girl Northern danceryellow or orange label EX-pect-MORE 8

Pep Brown Are you leaving me southern feel - same man who did the POLYDOR

xover track Lava 10

Brown Sugar Don't hold back/ lonliness 70's dancer Chelsea 6

Brown Sugar Lonliness (will bring us back together) same both sides Capitol

dj 4

Peabo Bryson Reaching for the sky great mid-tempo stepper - very soulfull

Capitol 15

The Butlers She's gone(It's over now) / Love is good vg plays well ballad

backed with Northern dancer Gamble dj 10 vg

Caro I'm scared / Never too late Hard edged 80's soul. Caro 20

E.J. Chandler I can't stand to loose you Northern SOS 10

The Chants Girl, I've been trying Rare UK only 70's midtempo dancer Chipping

Norton UK 40

The Chi-lites Living in the footsteps of another man Great classic - group

harmonies, strings, the works. Brunswick 6 4vg+

Joel Christie See that girl Mega prduction beat ballad - virtually unknown -

well recomm. Imperial iss or rare DJ 15 dh 15

The Chymes The beginning of my life This is brilliant crossover 60s Down to

Earth 20

on CD1

The Classmen************ Doin' me right Top notch northern Pearce dj 100

Otis Clay Special kind of love GREAT tune - mint minus copy2nd copy light

scuffy marks not affecting play at all. Plays MINT- Glades 35 30

Otis Clay A lasting love Nice soulful 60's One-de-ful 6

Michael Cloud Check your direction ace modern track - on one of the rare

modern soul CDs HoMark 25

Lou Courtney Somebody new is lovin' on you classic groover Epic 15

Lou Courtney I don't need nobody else classic dancer Epic iss or dj 20 15

Courtship It's the same old love This record just builds and builds.Very

obscure Motown release.HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDHas anyone ever seen an issue of

this? Tamla dj 30

Ray Crumley All the way in love with you Top notch 70's dancer Alarm 25

Crystal Motion You're my main squeeze Outstanding uplifting 70's dancer

Sound Gems+ white dj 25 30

Curtis How can I tell her Modern soul indie from 1979. GREAT ON A 7" Charm

City 30

Debra Can you remember / What's it gonna be Femme dancer of the highest

order. Again this is in the Geraldine Hunt / Betty Everette vain. Backed

with a norther dancer. Rare original local release label (before Gree-jack)

Gule 20

The DeVons Someone to treat me (the way you used to) Great 60's girl group

dancerRARE King dj King iss iss dj 55 50vg+ 65

on CD1

Tony Drake************ Suddenly ACE DRIVING BEAT SOULEX copy with small

quarter of inch label tear (on the K' of 'Brunswick') Brunswick 150

Drizabone************ Pressure 90's classic - original first relese in pic

sleeve 4th B'Way 100

Ronnie Dyson Lady in red Uplifting Philly style dancer - hard to find

nowadays especially on an issue Columbia 25

Edee*************** Make it last Found another copy of this moody stepper

from 1977.Top draw tune that appears on one of the 'ESSENTIAL MODERN SOUL'

CD's. ICA 90

James Epps 12" High on a hill Super soulful indie soul from the lead singer

of the Fantastic Four.(all the copies I've seen of this have a little bit of

noise during the intro - soon clears up). Mint unplayed. Hollywood Bound 12"


The Epsilions The Echo OUTSTANDING GROUP SOUND from the Shrine guys.HARD

STAX release to find!!!! Stax 40

Facts of Life Caught in the act Mega soulful down tempoLooks rough - plays

vg Kayvette 5 vg

Fir-ya Keep on tryin GREAT modern dancer Star Glow 75

The Five Keysfeat Rudy West Stop, what your doing to me Absolutly brilliant

70's midtempo. Landmark 20

Five Special The more I get to know you Another great 70's group dancer

Mercury 12

Five Special The more I get to know you Another great 70's group dancer -

original local label before mercury Teat 20

Four Tees One more chance / I could never love another Group sound Kent dj


Four Tees One more chance / funky duck Group sound Kent dj 20

Fourth Creation I think I would cry fantastic midtempo - very obscureTOTAL


on CD1

Tony Fox************ LP 'The Beginning' RARE tiny label MONSTER soulinc '

Love and be loved' RARE LP Blaster 200

Billy Fraizer Let's face reality What a record. ULTRA soulful mid-tempo.

Capitol 75

P.S. Don't forget - Guarantee your next list and pay some subs. I only ask

for the cost of your stamp! Many thanks,Paul

POSTAGE: First 45=£1.40 then 20P each REC DEL or registered £4 (upto 8 45s)

over 8 = £5First LP/12"=£2.50 then 50p each REC DEL or registered £5 (upto 3

LPs) over 3 = £6.30Foreign: at cost - please ask (eg 1x45 airmail to Europe=

£1.50 1x45 airmail to Japan= £2)

Gloria Gaynor LP 'Park Avenue sound' Inc 'This love affair' GREAT 70s

DANCERSemi known - wants plays NOW Polydor 20

Dave Geddes Wise up girl 70's dancer - another recommendation from me Big

Tree 8

Barbara Green Young boy Tremendous under-rated 60 's track Vivid 5

George Guess Do it to death soulful midtempo Pearl Harbour 12 5 vg

on CD1

Little Hank*************** Try to understand Tremendous tune. Massive of

Soul Sam at the Soul Essence weekender a couple of years back.HIGHLY


Grady Harrell LP 'Mwana' Inc 'Wrong side of love' . Modern dancer from early

80's. One of the favorites played down the "Norfolk Village" in Shoreditch

by Terry Jones years ago. MCA 25

Richie Havens LP 'Mixed bag' Inc 'I can't make it anymore' - lovely version

of Spyder Turner MGM 20

Hearts of Stone If I could give you the world Great semi known crossover

dancer VIP iss Dj 10 12

Walter Heath You know you're wrong don't you brother The outstanding track

off his LP - tough on a 7" Buddah 25

Bobby Hendricks************ Let's get it over mega beat ballad MGM dj 100

Virgil Henry I'll be true His tremendous other release.'X' on label Colossus


Hi Tension There's a reason Great mid tempo plays well Island 4 vg

Marcia Hines LP 'Marcia Shines' INCLUDES THE SUPERB TRACK 'You gotta let go'

which is absolutely great. Wizzard (Australian only release) 40

Hodges James & Smith LP 'Indestructible' Inc 'You take my love for


rare groove sound - Similar to Voices of East Harlem or Tommi Young-Hit n

run lover 20th Century 20

Hodges, James & Smith Take my love for granted Nice on a 45!Great rare

groove sound - Similar to Voices of East Harlem or Tommi Young-Hit n run

lover 20th Century 20

on CD1

Thelma Houston************ LP 'Thelma Houston' FOUND ANOTHER COPYInc the

MONSTER 'Nothing left to give' This track is only on the UK or German

release and NOT on the USA release of this LP. IF YOU DON'T KNOW THIS TRACK


Thelma Houston Saturday night,Sunday morning classic 70's dancerSEALED

Motown 12" 10

Rhetta Hughes I can't stand under this pressure classic finger snapping

dancer Tetragrmatom 20

Bobbi Humphrey LP ' The good life' Inc 'The good life' great midtempo Epic


Tommy Hunt*************** Just a little taste FANTASTIC SLAB OF DEEP SOUL.

Never got properly released and remained a promo only item. Why this didn't

get a release is beyond me. Light marks - still EX & Plays EX. 'X' on label

& 'new' in biro Dynamo dj promo only 60

Willie Hutch LP 'Season for love' MINT SEALED copyinc 'let's try it over

again" RCA 25

on CD1

Frederick Hymes III************ Time ain't gonna do me no favor Total

monster 60's dancer. This was a £1000+ record that I dreamed of owining but

thankfully some copies were found last year. Drying up now.(look what

happened to Betty Lloyd's - I'm catching on on BSC - it's back up to £400+

Fab Vegas 160

Call me if you have anything to sell - collection or single item

The Invitations Look on the good side Uplifting 70's - what an intro! Silver

Blue 15

Isley Brothers It's your thing funky soul T Neck 6

Isley Brothers Work to do Great classic soul!!!YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR


Deon Jackson You gotta love / You'll wake up wiser Great double header . A

side Northern - B side Original version of Betty Everette on ATCO Carla iss

or dj 20 20

Jerry Jackson************ I don't play games Fantastic 60's - highly

recommended. Mint unplayed Kapp dj 75

The Jades************ L-O-V-E (I love you) The superb original 60's girl

group version to Jimmy Conwell's version on his ultra rare Guiness LPSUPBERB

60's dancer Imperial 75

L.V. Johnson Don't cha mess with my money, my honey or my woman A side is

MINTlabel damage on B side - factory flaw Volt iss or dj 12 12

Lou Johnson Always something there to remind me / Magic potion two superb

sides - fantastic beat ballad and great 60s vocalmint unplayed copy Bigtop


Serena Johnson All work and no play Great 70's crossover dancer. This is the

outstanding original version of the Vivilore Jordan rarity on Task Big-2 60

Albert Jones**************** You and your love Fantastic crossover

gemCanadian Only release. GREAT ON A 45!!! NICE PRICE ON THIS(LP available

aswell - ASK) Candy Apple 40

Albert Jones Fifteen cent love fantastic record - if you ain't got this then

buy it blind. Kapp 75

Selena Jones************ LP 'Talking 'bout. Inc the awesome version of ' Am

I the same girl' Columbia UK 70

Lew Kirton Heaven in the afternoon Out and out CLASSIC - really nice white

DJ copy Alston dj 50

Gladys Knight & Pips LP 'A little knight music' Inc' No one could love you

more' Soul 20

Gladys Knight & the Pips LP 'Tastiest hits' Contains all the MAXX singles

inc'Stop and get a hold of myself' Bell 30

Denise La Salle LP 'Under the influence' Inc the FABULOUS dancer 'No matter

what they say'.Can't stop playing this one!!!! ABC iss or Promo stamp dj 25

Otis Leavill Nobody but you classic dancer from this very under rated singer

RECOMMENDED !!! Smash 20

Barbara Lewis LP 'The many grooves of.' Awesome LP inc 'The Stars', 'You

made me a woman' & 'Just the way you are today' (punch hole on

cover)BRILLIANT LP Enterprise 45

The Light Drivers Dreams of a shoeshine boy / Operator Jimmy Conwell &

Leonard ' Jewel' Smith penned crossover. Tune!!Jimmy Conwell lead

vocalBacked with great northern Gemini (wol) 30vg+

Liquid blue Aint that what you want / Take it any way you want to Very rare

ISSUE complete with the great B side HDM 25

Candace Love Wonderful night /Oh Oh boy that's a no no I think that this is

the original of the in-demand Ruby Andrews version on Zodiac - almost

identical but a fraction of the price. Aquarius 20 10vg

The Love Foundation Let one hurt do AWESOME deep soul!!!! Spot 12

Love, Peace & Happiness Strip me naked Mega soulful mid-tempo RCA 25

The Lovelites Oh my love / This love is real I think I like EVERYTHING that

the Lovelites have EVER done!Another two great sides! Uni dj 10

Barbara Lynn ************ Movin' on a groove classic 70's dancer Jet Stream


Gloria Lynne LP 'A very gentle sound' Inc. 'Kicking life like a can'Real

punchy slightly funky feel with Gloria's mega vocals Mercuryin shrink wrap


Magic Night If you and I had never met Blackpool Mecca classic Roulette dj


The Magic Tones Together, we shall overcome /It's better to love double

header Detroit Mah's 8

Main Ingredient Everything man Superb version of Daybreak at a fraction of

the cost. No US release of this track. Power Exchange Jamaican 30

Main Ingredient 12" Everything man Superb version of Daybreak Power Exchange

12" 10 vg+

The Manhattans That new girl great group sound Carnival 10

Donny Mann Treat me like a stranger One of the best deep soul records you

will ever hear!!! Avalance 30

Bobbi Martin For the love of him VERY STRONG - big production newie 60's

dancer.semi - known.Check out tape T4 UA 15

Bobby Martin For the love of him Big production beat balladVery weird

Australian reissue Flamingo 5

David Martin & Rare Essence You're mighty right Great 70's dancer - havn't

had one of these for a couple of years. Rare local Chicago label release

before REKORD label Jay Pee 50

The Marvalettes LP 'Return of the Marvalettes' SEALED COPY Tamla 305 sealed

20 m-25

The Marvalettes LP 'Sophisticated soul' Inc 'Don't make hurting me a habit'

& 'Here I am baby' Tamla 286 25

The Marvalettes LP 'The Marvalettes' 2nd copy has writing on label Tamla 274


The Masqueraders Please take me back Spine tingling ballad - I'm not really

a big ballad fan but this one does me in! EX copy Bell dj 10

Masters of soul Do you really love me Top male group x-over sound, great

harmonies - RECOMMENDED Ovide 20

Holly Maxwell Never love again / Winter go away Two great 60s sides - mega

vocals & big production Smit-Whit iss or dj 15

Billy McGregor Mr Shy Another superb beat ballad.Just waiting for a few

plays then watch this one go Flash 12

SAMPLE CDs £2 inc post - approx 65 tracks per cdNEW: Subs inc. 1st class

list + sample CD £5 for 3 lists

Barbara McNair LP 'The real..' Monster Motown LP including the fantastic LP

only track "It happens every time" and other greats like 'Just one teardrop'

& 'When I'm gone" Motown 70

Landy McNeal Counting on you baby / same Classic northern dancer Columbia dj


Clyde McPhatter LP 'Welcome home' Inc the AWESOME 'Please give me one more

chance' & 'Anyone can tell we're in love' Highly recommended Decca 65

Mellaa************ Free TOP NOTCH modern soul. This just doesn't turn up.

First copy I've seen in years Larc 125

Barbara Mercer Call on me / So real Two cracking Detroit soul sides.

Produced by Mike Terry.Original label before Capitol Sidra 30vg+

Barbara Mercer Call on me / So real Two cracking Detroit soul sides.

Produced by Mike Terry.Original label before Capitolall play great. Sidra 30

ex 20 vg+15 g

Buddy Miles LP 'All the faces of.' Inc the GREAT dancer 'I'm just a kiss

away' Inc 'I'm just a kiss away' & pull yourself together.ALSO Dutch release

CBS DutchColumbia US 35 35 30vg+

Garnet Mimms It was easier to hurt her Beat ballad of highest order.This has

all the RCA style production. UA issdj 25

The Miracles LP ' From the beginning' Classic Motown LP - DOUBLE LP Tamla

254 20 m-15 vg+

The Mirettes Ain't you trying to crossover girl group crossover Uni 10

The Modulations I'm hopelessly in love superb 70's dancer. Getting really

hard on a 45 nowadaysHIGHLY RECOMMENDEDLight marks - still ex Buddah 50 ex

Harolyn Montgomery Gonna make a change Big production beat ballad Ronn 15

Jackie Moore Somebody loves you great 70's dancer Kayvette 25

Johnny Moore Thank you baby soulful mid-tempo Mercury iss or dj 15

Betty Moorer Speed up Great uptempo dancer with funk B side. Two light

marks. Still EX Wand 65

J. E. Morgan LP ' same' Rare promo LP inc. 'By my side'.(NB LP wasn't made

with a picture cover - plain white sleeve Theoda 25

Dorothy Morrison I can't go without you Great 70's crossover RECOMMENDED

Brown Door 80

Moses If you don't mean it highly recommended modern/rare groove tune.

Everything in the right places!!! Piedmont 30

Moses Sweet love Great midtempto Pure Silk 6

Joe Murphy So blue (without you) / It's a weakness Two superb northern soul

sides, one up-tempo dancer and one superb mid-tempo finger snapper. Backing

vocals by the Dells. This 45 is sheer class Vivid dj 30 20 vg

Johnny Nash LP 'Tears on my pillow' Forget the title track - you've gotta

hear 'Why did you do it' - Terry Jones used to play this one all the time in

the "Norfolk Village" in London CBS 10

Natural Four LP 'Good vibes' Inc' I thought you were mine' Vinyl mint -

sleeve has water damage ABC 80

Natural Four LP 'Nightchaser' inc 'Get it over with' Curtom 8

C C Neal All I want from you 70's crossover dancer Soul Craft 20

Frances Nero Footsteps following me Classic motor city - nice on a 7" (pic

sleeve) Debut 5

The New Concepts Give me another chance Outstanding crossover group Phillips


Newby & Johnson I want to give you my everything Great 70's dancer - same as

Bitter & the Sweet Mercury iss or white dj 25 25

Newsounds LP ' same' Inc 'Having you around' Jap exact reissue of this ULTRA

RARE US Turbo LP P-Vine 50

No No Starr Pull yourself together Midtempo classic - we are all lucky that

there are a few of these about. Midas 20

The Originals LP 'Portrait of.. INC 'Don't stop now' ACE DANCER.Corner cut

or groove cut on sleeve.2nd copy is rare white label audition copy which has

the following printed on label 'RARE FIRST EDITION COLLECTORS ISSUE' SOUL

SOUL dj 30 50

Chuck Overton Is it possible / I'm so thankful Two uptempo crossover

dancers.Choker Cambell produced. Kapp 25

Freddie Paris LP 'Lovin mood' RARE RCA LP inc 'There she goes' and 'One more

hill to climb' RCA m-sealed 35 45

Call me if you have anything to sell - collection or single item

Winfield Parker I wanna be with you GREAT MODERN SOUL - recommended.GREAT


Doug Parkinson LP 'I'll be around' Inc 'I'll be around' & 'Now you're on

your own' . Australian only LP Southern Star (aus) 60

The Partnership Searching forty floors Northern classic RCA dj 15

Patches Gonna make this world a better place Quality 80's dancer from '82

Phax 15

Freda Payne We've gotta find a way back to love / Two wrongs don't make

right These are the outstanding tracks from her 'Reaching Out' LP.VERY

underrated this one! Invictus ISSRARE DJ 20 20 10 vg+

Freda Payne Unhooked generation / Deeper & deeper Another to classic sides

Invictus 20

Percy & The Image Band Catch a falling star Ignore the title - this is a

superb 70's mid tempo - a recommend Count 40

Perfect Touch Merry go round Great modern soul Morning Glory 8

The Persuaders What is the definition of love Classy midtempo group 70's -

Win or Lose 10

Kris Peterson Lullaby of the city/I believe in you Two 60's newey dancers -

great Pelikan 10

Esther Phillips LP 'Good black is hard to crack' inc 'Changin' Mercury 25

Wilson Pickett Let me be your boy Classic northern dancer. Nice blue mint

minus issue. Nashville matrix. Verve 30

Bettye Jean Plummer Baby I want you back semi-known mid-tempoA great fivers

worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Salem 5

on CD1

Pratt & McClain Whachersign Great funky soul with a Leroy Hudson feel.

Recommended!!!! Reprise 75

The Precisions Never let you go / A place Yet another Bridges/Knight/Eaton

production. Great group dancer Drew 10

on CD1 (both sides)

Bobby Reed*************** The time is right for love / If I don't love you

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ONES IN MY ALL TIME TOP 3 - One of the best double

headers EVER.. Bell dj 400

Neil Reed Not as beautiful as you This label keeps on turning great tunes

up. Very highly recommended. Music Now 20

on CD1

Jimmie Reed Jr.*************** I ain't going nowhere AWESOME CROSSOVER

TUNE - I've NEVER had one of these for sale before Mercury(drill hole) 250

Martha Reeves LP 'Black Magic' inc 'no one there'one or two small marks

Tamla Mowtown UK 20

L.J. Reynolds Key to the world Classic - lovely on a 7" Capitol 25

Henry Richardson Dancing Girl Great vocal ,great production.This was covered

up as Jackie Wilson - 'Pretty dancing girl' ages ago. QUALITY!!! Elois 40

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles LP 'Make it happen' Classic Motown LP Tamla

276 20

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles LP 'Special Occasion' Classic Motown LP Tamla

290 20

Ron & Embracers You came into my heart Potential monster here. Great 60's

dancer Spectrum 70

Round Robin Monopoly***************** LP 'Alpha' Inc the SUPERB 'People do

change' & 'I'd rather loan you out'HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDvinyl M- Cover

worn/taped Truth 80

Willie Roundtree Another world BLOODY HELL - what a tune. Ultra soulful.

SEVERELY RECOMMENDED deep soul Chelsea 50

David Ruffin LP 'David Ruffin' in shrink wrap cut out sleeve Motown 12 12

Sai-What She's my woman Quality 80's dancer Stash 12

Larry Santos Can't get you off my mind 70's dancer - great 'big' production

with all strings etc Casablanca 15

IMPORTANT: I use 1st class post to send lists to people that pay subs or buy

something. EVERYONE ELSE WILL REMAIN ON 2ND CLASS. SUBS = £1.50 for 5 lists

please. Foreign £3 for 6 lists.NEW: Subs inc. 1st class list + sample CD £5

for 3 lists

Freddie Scott Girl, I love you Great builder -mega vocals ABC Probe djiss 20

iss 20 dj 10 vg

Garrett Scott Working on a groovy thing crossover dancer Mercury dj 15

Gloria Scott Just as long as we're together not on the LP Casablanca 5

Ann Sexton You've been gone too long GREAT dancer - original yellow label 77

Records 50 vg+

on CD1

The Shan-dells************ I've got to love her Top notch rare northern

dancer Bridge Society 200

Marlena Shaw Looking through the eyes of love Tremendous tune that builds

and builds. RARE picture sleeve (photo of Marlena) from this CADET label

Cadet (pic) 20

Shep I'm sitting in / Fool to fool Great double header. This is actually DON

GARDNER!!!! TNT issdj 35 35

Little Sherman & Mod Swingers The price of love crossover mid-tempo ABC 15

Little Sherman & Mods The price of love crossover mid-tempo- local label

before ABC Sagport 20

Pauline Shivers Won't you come back home Great midtempo girl femme dancer in

the Betty Everette / Geraldine Hunt mode. A great £10 record O-Pex 10

Elloit Small Girls are made for loving Midtempo from early 70's Bang 12

Marvin Smith*************** Who will do your running now Great Curtis

Mayfield produced dancer on his own label Mayfield 125

Marvin Smith Have more time Northern dance classic Brunswick 15

O. C. Smith*************** On easy street two small marks no affecting play

otherwise vinyl looks MintRARE RED ISSUE(B side label has a 1¼ inch tear)

ColumbiaRED ISSUE 175

Solaris You & me 70's dancer - single sided promo Dana dj 4

Soul Purpose Ticket for tomorrow northern Smash dj 15

Special Delivery This kind of love great 70's dancer. Covered by Galaxy in

the 80's Shild 20

Spread Love************ LP 'Spread Love' Another big rarity - inc the superb

dancer 'Here I Go (through those changes again)' Sunstar 200

Tyrone St. Germain In a world so cold classic 70's MorningDore 15

Edwin Starr There you go Classic rare groove sound from Edwin Soul 15 10 vg+

Billy Stewart Love me Superb track by Billy - unknown to me until recently.

If you like mr Stewart you will LOVE this. Chess 20

Tommy Stewart************ LP ' Tommy Stewart' Inc classic groover 'Bump &

hustle music'. MINT UNPLAYED COPYWhite DJ copy too. Abraxas(punch hole in

cover) 100

Sugar & Spice Dreams mid-tempo 60's Kapp 8

Sunny & Sunliners I'm no stranger left field 70's dancer London 25

T & T************ Something on my mind Really nice 70 dancer. Obscurity

penned by Ashford & Simpson Cobra 150

Bobby Taylor LP 'Taylor made soul' Inc 'Don't be afraid' - MEGA LP USA+

STONE MINT CANADIAN copy Gordy USAGordy (Can) 55 55

P.S. Don't forget - Guarantee your next list and pay some subs. I only ask

for the cost of your stamp! Many thanks,Paul

Third Dimention If my heart was an open book Crossover dancer. Sl abel

damage Bump Shop 70 45vg+

Roscoe Thomas American girl Virtually unknown - great crossover dancer

Thomas 60

Three Ounces of Love LP 'same' Inc ' In the middle of a feeling'great

crossover - semi knownRECOMMENDED!!!! Motown LP 20 25 dj

Tierra Together Another nice group pice from 1980 Boardwalk 8

Toulouse What would your mama say Classic mid-tempo tune2nd copy canadian

release Image djMagique iss 20

True Image It's only a matter of time Highly recommended 70's - TK

production Juana 40

Big Joe Turner Two loves have I Obscure French 7" with Picture cover

Phillips 50

The Tymes Here she comes Classic northern from the Torch era Parkway 25

Umoja*************** Universal love BRILLIANT soulful stepper.A huge

favorite of mineHIGHLY RECOMMENDED Counterpoint 100

Undisputed Truth Girl, you're alright Great 70's group midtempo stepper

Gordy 8

Universal Love************ You girl Found another copy of this superb

mid-tempo SHEER CLASS - so hard to find nowadays. Glades 100

Universal Love 12" You girl name written in biro in label TK 12" 100

Vanguards I can't use you girl / Somebody Please uptempo A side BUT WOW what

a builder on the B.Another fav. Whizz 10 5 vg

Shirley Wahls Why am I crying northern classic King 60

Dee Dee Warwick LP 'I want to be with you' Inc the monster northern dancer

'Worth every tear I cry' & also 'Do it with all your heart' etc. Mercury 50

Baby Washington Run my heart classic 60's Sue 20 10 vg+

on CD1

Freddie Waters You promised me Superb mid-tempo from 1983. A really tough

item to find on this nice indie label. First copy I've seen up for grabs in

YEARS!!! T-Jaye 120

Anthony Watson I can't stop this feeling / Solid love affair Very nice 80's

tune - recommended.B side is great too SRO 25

Johnny Watson It's better to cry / I will MONSTER - previously unreleased

version of The Appreciations on SPORT. This is an awesome record - highly

recommended. Valise 35

Johnny Watson It's better to cry / I will MONSTER - previously unreleased

version of The Appreciations on SPORT. This is an awesome record - highly

recommended. Valise 35

Tony Wells*************** Try it all over again / Get well soon top tune -

VERY rare. Havn't seen a copy for years, then two turn up! Last one now.

Decade 125

Anthony White LP 'Could it be magic' TOP NOTCH LP - packed with class Inc

the GREAT 70's dancer ' Stop and think it over' & other GREATS like 'Never

let you get away from me' & 'Yes you need love'.LOVELY WHITE DJ COPY. PIR

wdj(timing strip on cover) 60

Michele White LP 'Sweet innocent' Yet another label out of the TK camp and

it shows in the production. Includes some great tracks - 'Closer' is a great

dancer & 'It's you my baby' a superb mid-tempo. Sunshine Sound 40

John Gary Williams LP ' same' Inc the wonderful ' I believe the whole damn

world is going crazy' Stax 30

Lee Williams & Cymbals Lost love Great northern dancer Carnival 30

Al Wilson I've got a feeling / same Great midtempo - super soulful Playboy

dj 12

Nancy Wilson Are we losing touch RECOMMENDED mid-tempo Capitoldj 20 25

Spanky Wilson LP' Speciality of the house' 20th Cent 20

Windy City Hey it's over FANTASTIC punchy soultough local label

releaseRECOMMENDED InnerVisionII 75

Windy City Hey it's over FANTASTIC punchy soul Warner Bros 60

Ruby Winters Sweetheart things Diamond 5

Betty Wright Life What a tune - 70's dancer Alston 10 7 vg+

The Younghearts Countdown classic northern Minit 6

Timi Yuro LP ' Something bad on my mind' Inc 'It'll never be over for me'2nd

US copy has a couple of light marks Liberty US 50 50 ex

Timi Yuro LP ' Something bad on my mind' Copy identical to US but has

'Licensed by Chiang Huat Ltd' which is a SINGAPORE company!! Says USA on

label but the release number is missing from Liberty label listings Liberty

(Singapore?) 50

POSTAGE: First 45=£1.40 then 20P each REC DEL or registered £4 (upto 8 45s)

over 8 = £5First LP/12"=£2.50 then 50p each REC DEL or registered £5 (upto 3

LPs) over 3 = £6.30Foreign: at cost - please ask (eg 1x45 airmail to Europe=

£1.50 1x45 airmail to Japan= £2)

NEXT LIST - SOON !!!!!!!!!!!! **** later, Paul



336, Old Street. LONDON EC1V 9DR

I will be DJing along with Brian Baker, Angelo Acanfora & Nicky Golding on

NOW ON MARCH 13th 6PM until late @ The Reliance Bar

336, Old Street London EC1V 9DR

FREE ADMISSION - Come along and put a face to a name!

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Hi Paul,interesting to see that you have the jones bros "good old days" as the only UK ISSUE out there,interesting because I have an issue and I'm pretty certain derek pearson has one as well,interesting that both copies came from the same source about ten years ago,for the princely sum of £6

cheers Mick

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