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Paul McKay

Soul In The City

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Another encouraging attendance, as numbers rose for the 3rd month running despite the absence fo several regulars due to the approaching Prestatyn weekender and the inclement weather in the south east. A cold snowy night saw quite a few new faces make their way to Vivo as well as our regulars. Mention must go to our furthest travellers from Sweden - en route to Prestatyn. The last time that Niklas & Peter Wiman came to SITC was the last night we were at the dancefloorless Old Blue Last up towards Shoreditch when Arthur Fenn and Maria guested for us (and announced their engagement). Mac unfortunately forgot our headphones and so was forced back to the office to retrieve a pair. I took over his early set until he returned an played:

Ambassadors - Good love gone bad - Atlantic

Yvonne Baker & Sensations - Mend the broken pieces - Junior

Ascots - A few feet from the gutter - American Playboy DJ

Ambassadors - (I've got to find) Happiness - Atlantic (Flip of the above for those that don't know it - a fantastic double sider for £20 or less).

Mac then reappeared and took over. I wasn't back on again until 8.45 which gave me some time to have a mingle before moving to door duties. A pair of couples from Merseyside arrived and were well up for the dance floor, which as a result kicked off much earlier than normal.

1st set 8.45 - 9.30

Sonny Craver - I'm no fool - Musette

Ernestine Eady - The chamge - Junior DJ

Jo Ann Garrett - A whole new plan - Chess

Martha Star - No part time love for me - Thelma

Profiles - Take a giant step - Goldie (Written by Carl Spencer - is that the "Cover girl" man?)

Jerry Cook - I hurt on the other side - Capitol

Johnny Sayles - I can't get enough (of your love) - St Lawrence

Vontastics - I'll never say goodbye - Satellite DJ

O'Jays - I'll never forget you - Imperial DJ

Ideals - The mighty lover - Boo-ga-loo

Andrea Hnery - I need you like a baby - MGM DJ

Deon Jackson - Ooh baby - Carla

Sapphires - Gotta have your love - ABC Paramount DJ

Larry Atkins - Lighten up - Highland

Billy Storm - Educated fool - Infinity DJ

Steinways - My heart's not in it anymore - Oliver DJ

Spencer - Searchin' for love - Midtown

Shep - Fool to fool - TNT

Barbara West - Congratulations baby - Ronn

Great sets followed form Dave G and Martin T, who I am sure will post their playlists later. I was back on at 11.00 and played the following( not sure these are in play order actually):

Oxford Nights - I'm such a lonely one - Delphi

Frank beverly & Butlers - If that's what you wanted - Gamble

Larry Allen - Can we talk it over - Green Dolphin

Willie Kendrick - Change your ways - RCA

Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody needs you - Loma DJ

Majestics - (I love her so much) It hurts me - Linda DJ

Frankie & Johnny - I'll hold you - Hickory DJ

John Bowie - You're gonna miss a good thing - Merben

Kurt Harris - Emperor of my baby's heart - Diamond

Volcanos - (It's against) The rules of love - Arctic DJ

Sam & Kitty - I've got something good - Four Brothers

Rubin - You've been away - Kapp DJ

Vibrations - 'Cause you're mine - Epic

Cashmeres - Show stopper - Hem

Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala DJ

Soul Communicaters - Those lonely nights - Fee Bee

Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over - Tollie DJ

Timi Yuro - It'll never be over for me - UK Liberty

Johnny Maestro & Crests - I'm stepping out of the picture - Scepter DJ

Unique Blend - Yes I'm in love - Eastbound DJ

Spyder Turner - I can't make it any more - MGM DJ

Seven Souls - I still love you - Okeh DJ

Patrice Holloway - Stolen hours - Capitol

Pat & Blenders - Just because - Fast Eddie

Choice of Colour - Your love - APT

Bull - Bygones - Bell DJ

Actually some of those last few might have been in my first set, but Prestatyn has erased all memory of details! Mac then finished off the night in style. A great way to start the weekends festivities, even if I do say so myself!



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