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Function, Malmoe, Nov 17th With Dj Honky And Lynne K

Just like to say thanks to our magnificent guest dj's last Saturday, Richard "Dj Honky" Lewis and Lynne K, who both came all the way to Sweden from New York. Such nice people. Great job filling the dance floors everyone. thumbsup.gif We also held a warm up at a bar on the Friday. I must say it was an extraordinary good weekend. :wicked: Pictures from the night can be found following this link: Function website

Here are some playlists from the Friday and Saturday:

Lynne's Friday's set

Carl Holmes & the Commanders - Crossin' Over (Hit Blackjack)

Guitar Slim - Mini Boogaloo (BoRo)

Jean Wells - Try Me and See (Calla)

Enchanting Enchanters - Boss Action (BenMoKeith)

Gene Allison - Somebody Somewhere (Ref-o-ree)

Lorenzo Holden - The Wig (Cee-Jam)

King Solomon - Louisiana Groove (Cadillac)

Jimmy "Preacher" Ellie - I'm Gonna Do It By Myself (Jewel)

Willie "G" - Meet Me Halfway (RicTic)

Jackie Verdell - Are You Ready For This (Decca)

JJ Barnes - Hold On To It (Revilot)

Bobby Jone's - Talkin' 'Bout Jone's (Expo)

Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long (Seventy 7)

Garnet Mimms - Prove It To Me (United Artists)

Clydie King - Never Like This Before (Lizard)

The Pretenders - I Wanna Be (Carnival)

Lynne's set 00.30-01.00 at Function, Saturday

Towana & the Total Destruction - Help Me Get That Feelin' Back Again


Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody Needs You (Loma)

The Puzzles - My Sweet Baby (Fat Back)

The Barons - I've Got a Feeling (Etah)

Victoria Williams & J.B. Ledbetter - Show Some Sign (Verve)

The Reflections - You Don't Love Me (Went)

The Herbs - There Must Be an Answer (Smoke)

Kenneth & Delroy w/Ben Brown & the MoJo Supreme Ensemble - Let Me Hold

You Close, Pt. 1 (Steel Town)

Viola Wills - I Got Love (Bronco)

Cody Black - Going Going Gone (Ram-Brock)

The Four Pro's - Everybody's Got Some Soul (Carla)

DJ Honky's Friday's set

The Pro-Fascination - Try love again (MOT)

Power of Attorney - Changing man (Brotherhood)

Steel City Connection - Dansation (Jeree)

Lil Major Williams - Girl (you're so sweet, you're so fine)

(Williams III)

Waymond Hall - What will tomorrow bring (Jamal)

Walter Washington - Mary Jane (Power)

Gay Poppa - Mercy baby (Custom Sound)

Bob Meyer - I only get that feeling (Blue Soul)

Tony Northern - Hand down the law (Ariel)

Al Hughes - Take it or leave it (Scope)

Kavetts - I've got a story to tell you (Lendre)

The Cairos - Stop overlooking me (Shrine)

Ted Wilson - I can't take no more (Sierra)

Little Beaver & the F. W. Rocketeers - Do it to me one more time


Ray Pollard - This time (I'm gonna be true) (Shrine)

Diane Lewis - Without your love (Wand)

Iris Bell with the Jive-Ettes - Honky games (High Class)

DJ Honky's Saturday's sets at Function

Crossover / 70s soul set 00.00-00.30

Oaxaca - Stop your crying (Mariposa)

Alfred O - Do what you wanna do (Mo Do)

Chuck Cockerham - Have I got a right (Mala)

Willie Wright - Right on for the darkness (Hotel)

Stovall Brothers - Headed your way (side one) (Three S)

Nobody's Children - Shardarp (Toeholt)

Lisa Warrington - I like the way you do it (Sound Modification)

The C.O.D.'s - Everybody's doing it (Kellmac)

Mellow Madness - Save the youth (Mega Sound Studios)

Margaret Hall - Main man (Aaron)

60s soul set 01.20-01.50

Master Keys - You can't turn me around (Coop)

Little Nicky Soul - I wanted to tell you (Shee)

Mr. Percolator - I can't get enough (Wax-Wel)

The New Wanderers - Let me render my service (Ready)

Pete & Repeat - But I still do (Bethlehem)

Eddie Parker - I'm gone (Awake)

The Idols - Check her out (U.S.A.)

E.J. Rush - Hole in your soul (Cooking)

Tommy Dent - Soul thing (Cobblestone)

Dwight Cliffs & the Waves - Keep my woman home

Winter "Longneck" Fields - Ain't too proud to beg

The Executive Four with Jesse Powell Orchestra - I gotta good thing

going and I ain't gonna blow it (Lu-Mar)

Funk set 02.10-02.40

The Royal Revue featuring the Fascinators - Crazy about my baby


Mr. Gee and the Fifth Generation - We got a funky feeling (part 1)

(C.A.M. Association)

Tommy Dent - Hair (Cobblestone)

Rickey Andrews and the Chances Are Band - Chances are your dance is

mine (Mars La Tour)

Inner soul - Little Jack Horner (Cherrie)

Fox and the Ghetto Band - Dance to the beat (Pamela)

The Soul Authority Unlimited - Get up off it baby (BET it's a hit)

Eddie Jackson - Memories of a dream (Brewtown)

The Undertakers - I fell in love (for the very first time) (black


Some very nice stuff on there...

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Very nice sets indeed .. thumbsup.gif

Edited by Simon M

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I would also like to thank our guest DJs Honky and Lynne, superb sets from you both and it was a real pleasure to meet you.

Here is what I played during saturday night:

23:20-23:40 : BIG ROOM

Rhonda Davis - Can You Remember - DUKE

Barbara & Gwen - Right On - NEW CHICAGO SOUND

African Music Machine - Black Water Gold - SOUL POWER

Brenda George - I Can't Stand It (I Can't Take It No More) - KENT

Soul Partners - Walk On Judge - HOLIDAY

Big Ella - The Queen - RUSH

Ray Barretto - Right On - FANIA

23:50-00:15 : SMALL ROOM

Vance And Sussanne - I Can't Get Along Without You - VANTON (12")

Keni Burke - Let Somebody Love You - RCA

Lorraine Johnson - The More I Get, The More I Want - PRELUDE

Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Color Blind - GREGAR

Bob Williams - I'm Alright - NAD-LYN

Tony Morgan - Why Build A Mountain - BEACON

01:00-01:20 : BIG ROOM

Della Reese - I Got The Blues - ABC (LP)

New World - We're Gonna Make It - POLYDOR

Funky Nassau - Bahama Soul Stew - DRIVE

Equals - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys - PRESIDENT

Angela Davis - My Love (Is So Strong) - FLAMING ARROW

Pages - Heartaches & Pain - SUNSTRUCK

The Exception - Get Down - VINCENT

Ray Barretto - Together - FANIA

And at Gustav's pre-pre-warm-up on thursday(! wacko.gif ) I played this:

SET 1:

Isley Brothers - If You Were There - EPIC UK

Betty Wright - Babysitter - ALSTON

Universal Minds - A Chance At Love - CHARLES

Sugarhill - Slow Down - WASHINGTON

Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine - GAMBLE

Soul Partners - Spead - BELL

SET 2:

Billy Sha-Rae - I'm Gone - SPECTRUM

Greg Perry - Love Control - CHESS

John Lee Hooker - Think Twice Before You Go - BLUESWAY

James Ray - I've Got My Mind Set On You - DYNAMIC

James Brown - Shhhhhhhh (For A Little While) - KING

Funky Nassau (featuring Carlos) - Look What You Can Get - DRIVE

Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within - TWINIGHT

Vicki Anderson - No More Heartaches, No More Pain - KING

Little Milton - Grits Ain't Groceries - CHECKER

SET 3:

Lillian Hale - Don't Boom Boom - FRETONE

Smokey Johnson - I Can't Help It - NOLA

Betty James - I'm A Little Mixed Up - CHESS

Vernon Garrett - Long Lonely Nights - KAPP

Darrow Fletcher - What Is This - UNI

Sly & The Family Stone - Underdog - EPIC

Bobby Wells - Let's Copp A Groove - ROMUR

Creative Funk - Funk Power - CREATIVE FUNK

SET 4:

Curley Moore - Soul Train - NOLA

Major Lance - Too Hot To Hold - OKEH

Jean Wells - With My Love And What You've Got - CALLA

Volcanos - A Lady's Man - ARCTIC

Otis Bush And The Crusaders - Sock 'Em With A Good Foot - CHA CHA

Maurice Long - I Don't Love You Anymore - CYCLONE

They sure were 3 very soulful days here in Malmoe, Sweden! :ohmy:

Only 2 weeks until the next Function date now... and next time Ralph Tee will be guest-DJing with us. :lol:

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That Vance & Sussanne is a mighty fine tune Seb...too bad I don't collect 12"s. :D

And here's some more playlists:

Resident Jonte's sets

Main Room 23.40-00.00

Wayne Carter-Peter In Or Out (Mootreys Studios)

Frederick Hymes-Time Ain't Gonna Do Me No Favor (Fab Vegas)

The Embers-Where Did I Go Wrong (Atlantic)

The Volcanos-Your Number One (Arctic)

Pookie Hudson-This Gets To Me (Jamie)

Natural Four-Hanging On To A Lie (Boola-Boola)

Ascots-Just A Few Feet From The Gutter (Playboy)

Houston Outlaws-Ain't No Telling (Westbound)

Small Room 01.15-01.45

Ronnie Loveman Stokes-Touch You Again (Philly City)

Las Vegas Connection - Dancing With My Love Bones [Hep´me]

Glenn Dorsey & The Big J - Movin' On [Good]

Flame N King - Ho Happy Day [N.Y.C.S]

Nicky Newarkers - Woman [Mercury]

Patterson Twins - Gonna Find A True Love [Commercial]

Ujima-I'm Not Ready (Epic)

Percy Stone - Chained [Ram]

Bill Brandon-The Streets Got My Lady (Piedmont)

Nightchill-Hop Skip And Jump (Tra-Sand)

Main Room 02.40-03.00

Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See (Sound Of Soul)

Continental Showstoppers - Not To Young (Seventy Seven)

Billy Hambric-She Said Goodbye (Drum)

Pentagons-Gonna Wait For You (Sutter)

Freddie Scott - I'll Be Gone (Shout)

Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Working (Excello)

Gene Burks-You Got It (Calla)

And my spins for the evening:

Helena's sets

Main Room 23-23.20

Lee Fields - Tyra's song - Angle 3

Charles Brimmer - Black is beautiful - Broadmoor

Otis Brown - The willie bop - Exspectmore

Soul-Jers - Better as we go along - Stepping Stone

Winners - Losing you - Dice

Profiles - I still love you - Bamboo

John Tucker & The Mighty Invaders - I like to party - Golden Circle

Felix Harris - Walkin' (In the night) - Counterpart

Harmonics - Be your man - 77

Small Room 23.30-23.50

Lee Alfred - Rockin-poppin full tilting - Cancer

Logg - I know you will - Salsoul

Wreckin Crew - You don't care - Starville

Miami - Party freaks - Drive

B.T. Express - Energy to burn - Columbia

P.J. City - Straight forward - Rise

Main Room 01.50-02.10

Natural Resources - Nothing lasts forever - Dee Dee

Sugar Hill - Slow down - Washington

Rising Sun - Good loving - Kingston

Lee Fields - She's a love maker - Norfolk Sound

Dorothy Berry - Shindig city - Planetary

Willie Makkit - All my love - Paradox

Stone Luv - Get up and move - Sting

Ike Noble - Everybody disco - Connowil

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Just wanted to say a big "thank you" to Helena, Sebastian, Jonte, and Joppe for putting on such an amazing night - Function has become my favorite night anywhere to hear (and play) all kinds of soul music, whether it be 60s, 70s, crossover, or funk. The Function residents were very generous to invite me back for a second guest spot this year, and Lynne and I had an absolutely wonderful time DJ'ing and dancing to everyones' great sets all night.

All their hard work building this night up and promoting it so well has really paid off - I think the final tally was something like 520-540 through the doors last Saturday, leaving the dancefloors in both rooms well packed. Already looking forward to my next trip to Malm¶!

Many thanks again to the residents for all their generosity over the course of the weekend - personally, I think a traditional feast of black soup and goose should precede any DJ night!

- honky

ps - So nice to hear Willie Makkit properly loud out in a club! Nice one, Helena! smile.gif

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I think a traditional feast of black soup and goose should precede any DJ night!

Wise words! That's proper Viking style you know. The more food feasts the merrier. :rolleyes:

We're also already looking forward to your next visit!

I've posted some new mixes for download from me and Sebastian here:


including a lot of the tunes in our playlists.

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