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Citizen P

Easter Special

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It looks like allnighters are gonna be a bit thin on ground this Easter in this ere neck of the woods, with only Andy's do at Sheridans that I know of.

May I therefore humbly suggest that anyone heading thataway come and get warmed up at The Vic in Heywood.

Half dayer 5 til 12.30

£2 otd

Great Room

Wooden dance Floor

Quality Music from our confirmed guests

Rick Warburton

Paul Harris(soul45s)

Sandra Green,

plus Me & Ste Andrew and if last month is owt to go by another few guests that we don.t know about yet :thumbsup:

Hope to see ya there.

If this one is half as good as the last one

Then the last will be twice as good as this :yes:

Thanks for looking


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