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Soul Deep Bbc2 Sat 7 May 9pm New Tv Series

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Message was originally posted in this thread https://www.soul-source.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=6236

thanks to topdraweruk

Posted again as worthy of a repost under its own title

Just to let you know that the Beeb will be transmitting Soul Deep from Saturday 7th May on BBC2 at 9pm. There are six programmes in the series, roughly broken down as:-

Prog 1: Rhythm & Blues

Prog 2: Gospel to Soul

Prog 3: Detroit and Chicago (largely Motown and Chess soul but with some Curtis)

Prog 4: Southern Soul

Prog 5: Funk

Prog 6: Contemporary R&B

We helped out on the Southern one and I have seen a rough copy of the show and it is good with interviews, contemporary footage including unseen film of James Carr singing Love Attack which we put them on to and some re-enactments of the last hours of Otis Redding and the life of James Carr.

The producer and crew are the same people behind the gospel and country series already shown on BBC2 so it is excellent quality.

Best wishes


Keeping Soul Alive Limited

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