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Sharon Tandy - Live in London

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Somewhere in my mum's attic is a poster advertising Sharon Tandy & Fleur de Lys at the 100 Club, February 29th 1968.

35 years later she's returning to play the 100 Club.

If you're interested in going, ...

Date: Thursday February 19th

Doors open: 8pm-12am

Tickets: Avaiable on the door only - £10.00 (members & non-members)


If you're thinking "who the hell is... "

The "Tandy" of "Tony and Tandy" is Sharon Tandy, a South African singer who was backed by the Fluer de Lys on several records.

Prior to being with a few labels and with a few different line-ups, when Fleur de Lys switched to Atlantic the line-up was finally Keith Guster, Bryn Haworth, Tago Byers and Tony Head.

Under the same line-up they backed Sharon Tandy on the Tony and Tandy collaboration, Two Can Make It Together (Atlantic 584 262) in 1969. If you look, The Fleur de Lys are credited on its 'B' side, The Bitter And The Sweet. The 'Tony' in question here is Fleur de Lys' Tony Head.

She's also known for "Now that you've gone" on ABC (Pye UK) Anyway... i'm rambling now. There's more info on her here at:

Les fluer de lys

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She certainly did play the 100 Club and, though there were some signs of nder-rehearsal (lack of proper endings to some numbers), it was incredible that Sharon had not sung in public for some 20 years.

She and the Fleur de Lys (including original members Keith Guster and Gordon Haskell) did all the songs you'd expect: Toe Hold, Stay With Me Baby, Daughter Of The Sun, etc, the only notable omission being 'Hold On'. She has lost none of her stagecraft and remains a diminutive dynamo of a singer. A crowd of some 400 gave her a rousing reception.

I spoke to Sharon about three weeks before the gig and learned that if this one was successful she hoped to do some more. Well, successful it most definitely was!

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