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Timings For Rocket Nighter And Warm Up This Sunday

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info from website

Timings for Rocket Nighter and warm up this Sunday

New Century Soul Barcosa warm up

7.00 till 7.45 Leona Murphy

7.45 till 8.30 Andy BB

8.30 till 9 Mick H

9.00 till 10 Guy Hennigan

10.00 till 11 Paul McKay

11.00 till 12 Andy F

New Century Soul at The Rocket

12.00 till 1 Jo Wallace

1.00 till 2 Mick H

2.00 till 3 Guy Hennigan

3.00 till 4 Roger Banks

4.00 till 5 Neil Rushton

5.00 till 6 Ady Lupton


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