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James Trouble

Hot new modern soul discovery "Cania"

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I was told by Baby T that they have had a total of "8ish", but they told another person a few months ago that they had 12 copies, and they are the only copies.

I was told that Keb was given a copy for free by a famous Hip Hop DJ/collector which set the Dante alarm bells ringing. I ask you, do you think a famous DJ/collector would give away a record for nothing if he hadn't seen a box of them and didn't feel it was worth very little?

Baby T, on prodding, conceded that the records had come from Dante and Dante had told them that he had a handfull, which then turned out to be 30 ish, and then that turned out on to be "30-40ish"

Baby T said they believed Dante to be honest. (go to www.deepfunk.org and read the open fax to the scene from Luther Davis about Dante and make your own mind up)

The copy on ebay we suspect was being sold by the same aforementioned very famous hip hop DJ (and close friend of Dante) disguising himself as an ebay punter who told us it was the only copy he had seen, (despite giving a copy away for free and probably keeping a copy for himself as he is an avid collector of records). And what was the deal with the listing? Talking about it being massive on the London scene etc and it only ever a promo release!!!! how did he know that if it was the only copy he'd seen and not spoken to the band/producer/distributer etc. It all stinks of fake hype and taking us all for fools.

So if "8ish" = 12, "40ish" could mean 60. Add on the 2(probably 3) copies that the famous hip hop DJ had) and we have 54, possibly up to 75 minty mint stock copies.

Ask any northern soul dealer if they have ever heard of there being 54-75 stock copies of a record turning up and I think they'll have a chuckle and give it a wide birth.

Do the math, I don't think it adds up to £300 a copy (which is what Baby T are selling them for).

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James, surely even if 60 of them turned up then thats a small amount available for a very large number of collectors - the soul scene isn't like the funk scene - the number of collectors run into double figures :) so £300 now will become £450 shortly and then possibly £600++++ providing the record is good enough to push it up. (personally I dont rate it, great vocal but mediocre backing) And i'd go on record to state that Baby T are among the most honest and trustworthy dealers out there, I know you're not slating them but still your post implies they are dubious.

Dealers/diggers have been giving 45's to top jocks for years james to do exactly what appears to have happened here - make the record in demand prior to selling it. It's nothing revolutionary or to be shocked about?

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Baby T are not dishonest dealers, far from it. Highly trustworthy.

However if their source in America (Dante, who is known to have used deception and confidence tricks to take records from artists for nothing in the past) has a big box of Cania's and is using the web to spread misinformation about it being "massive on the london scene" etc to maximise his profit at the expense of sweaty palmed collectors, then why shouldn't 'we' as a scene use the web to spread true information regarding it's credentials as a rare and desirable soul record?

If I was about to spend £300 on a record I would like to know how many copies there are, and where they are coming from. Now people know they can make their own mind up.

I'm with you on the quality of the track as well Martin. A 'nice' record, but certainly not great.

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"If I was about to spend £300 on a record I would like to know how many copies there are, and where they are coming from."

I dream of possessing this knowledge everytime I part with my hard earned cash, lately it seems EVERYTHING is turning up

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