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The Groove Junkies- A Modern Soul Night For Kent

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I would like to thank everyone involved in the first Groove Junkie event, those of you in front and behind the scenes. The amazing support from all of you- from the local soulies and those that travelled as far and wide as London exceeded our expectations. The night was truly rocking, the atmosphere was great as was the wide spectrum of music played by all the Groove Junkie D.J's. I must give a special mention to Moldie who played a blinding midnight set, whipping the hungry modern soulies into a frenzy. Thanks to the dancers who filled the floor and every single person that attended. Musically the night was outstanding- I hope all hungry souls were fed and taste buds were tantalised for our next event. We enjoyed meeting everybody- a fantastic group of people, who we will hopefully become better acquainted with at future events. If you weren't a Groove Junkie at the start of the night, you definitely were by the end! It was a night to remember, and I think it is now official; there is a thriving modern soul scene in Kent. We Hope to see you all again at our next one on the 14th June. Thanks again to everyone for supporting The Groove Junkies. I hope you enjoyed your fix of all things soulful.

Looking forward to the next one,

Johnny H AKA- "The Groove Junkie" & Diane....

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