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Guest Les F

Terry Callier @ The Jazz Cafe Friday

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Guest Les F

Went to see Terry Callier for the dozenth (is that a word Les?) time on Friday at The Jazz Cafe in Camden, and I just have to say that, although he's looking old now, the voice is as fresh and powerful as ever. Shame some of the twats in the audience wouldn't shut up. Remember the first time he played the UK 100 years ago at the 100 club. Could have heard a pin drop. And why do people insist on calling him Tezza or Tel, as if their best mates? He's a musical genius from Chicago, not a barra boy from the East End! Listen, applaud, shout your appreciation, but other than that, please, shut the f**k up!! He's playing again on Thursday if anyones interested. Terry Callier, no "Ordinary Joe"!!

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