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Genuine Sc In Stockholm March 20th

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Hi all!

The second night of Genuine Soul Club at brilliant new venue Mosebacke in Stockholm, Sweden, features top dj Mark 'Butch' Dobson!

Butch will be spinning 60's, 70's and 80's northern and modern soul with a bit of deep funk thrown in, together with resident dj's Jens Chreisti and Joakim Holmquist.

First night (february 2nd) we had Fryer and Jazzman Gerald over, who packed the floor with crossover, real R&B etc. A great night!

Next date is april 17th with guest Soul-Sami (SoulSides, Finland)!

Check out the website for more info:


Cheers! //Jens C.


Top fives


4 perfections-my lack of direction

original matadors-seaching for love

total warmth-Im in love with you baby

band masters-dance

trends-dont dance so close together

Jens C:

Barbara King -What I Did in the Street -Alwa

Sonny Harris -The Vibration -San-El

Herman Griffin & Boys in the Band -Are You For Me...Magic Touch

Trinikas -Black is Beautiful -Pearce

Unique -Here We Go Again -Col-A-Soul


Genuine Soul Club thursday march 20th



Mosebacke Etablissement, Mosebacke torg

Stockholm, Sweden

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Yes, realise that its is a bit late for most of you. Haven't gotten around to post until now but thought i'd do it anyway.

But 17th of april is not too late! And then we will be back with more dates and new great guest spinners.


ummmm a bit late telling us about this ain't it?

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See my other post in events - This is the event I was looking for. Jens, what time does it start/end and where is the club in Stockhom

Cheers S

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