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The Crown Southampton

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Afternoon soulies.... :thumbsup:

what can i say....FANTASTIC....a big thankyou to all that turned up last night...and a special thanks to djs...looking forward to next one...



Glad it was another fantasic night for you mate. Sorry couldnt make it as we were family tied for early this morning. :huh: Happy easter to you all thumbup.gif

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Had a most enjoyable nite, and heard a few tracks that i didn't know, had a dance [ a rare thing nowadays.] Keep up the good work. P.S it wood be good to see a few of you down the Railway Club Apr 5, it promises to be a top nite.



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What a great night and well done Alfie and Chilly you got a great little night going on there in a fantastic little venue with a very nice wooden dance floor that was great to have a good dance on :huh:

thanks very much for asking me to come down to spin some tunes for you it was a pleasure and an honour lads :thumbsup:

i got plebty of deck time and had the chance to spin plenty of tunes and it was very pleasing indeed to see the floor very busy to a lot of lesser known tunes and a few golden oldies chucked in for good measure and by the look of the crowd they all seemed to be having a great time and up for a very good dance, some top sets by all the djs and what a refreshing change to here tunes from all decades being played and being enjoyed,

will defo be coming back as a punter as not only to support this venue but to meet up with so many good friends and i will defo spread the word about for this cracking little night :D

thanks again everyone and see you all out there somwwhere soon

Bearsy thumbsup.gif

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Was a Great Night!!! Look forward to May!

Hi kellys99.... thumbsup.gif

it was good to see you and your other half sat night...glad you had a top night...

thanx for putting on the photo...i must remember to take a camera next time.... g.gif

see you in may..... yes.gif


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