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Go Go Children 3 Bristol

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a big thanx to all those who turned out in the once again almost artic conditions on good friday.

Although numbers were down on last month,we still had 40+ soulies through the door on a night when most of bristol seemed deserted,i could even park opposite the club ! thats a first.

The night started off a bit slow and for the first hour or so all 3 djs played more underplayed and semi known tunes,while i kept to northern john mixed it up with some beat including some wicked covers of soul tunes keeping me on the floor,sometimes alone ! ,seans set was full of very rare stuff,mainly on the 60s beat side of things,i think the only two i knew was the very soulful maxine browns "oh no not my baby" which had people singing and the larks "jerk",the last 10 mins of seans set being more uptempo northern and getting the dancefloor busy for my last set.

No ska or rocksteady this month,by now the crowd had spent enough time at the incredably cheap bar and were ready to dance so i stuck to dancefloor fillers and requests from the last two nights.

The manager was away this month and the stand in had already told me rather agressivly that i must finish the music at 1 or he would and true to his word half way through the last song he pulled the plug leaving a whole dancefloor full of people staring at me !!...i was abit p***** off especially as ,with the mic now being off too , i couldnt thank people or plug the next go go children and getting together soul nights properly.

So thanx goes to all the jolly boys from the bristol scooter club,ian,rocker and mike shaw from getting together soul night,clare and tracy from the friday club,regular bristol soulies steve and gary,bernie from weston,martin from wales and the lad from london doing the kicks,spins and backdrops who sadly will be back in the big city before the next night,which for those of you who wernt there to get a flyer is the 18th april,and thanx to anyone else i didnt know who helped make it another fun night


UNDERPLAYED (in bristol anyway !)

gimme some of your lovin-arthur addams

gotta find me a lover-erma franklin

dont get your signals crossed-bobby mcclure

and get away-esquires

tired of being lonely-sharpees

whispers-jackie wilson

hand it over-chuck jackson

magic potion-lou johnson

but i couldnt-willie harper

rnb time-rodney jones

how can you tell me-flirtations

got my heart set on you-toys

shes a heartbreaker-gene pitney

loves after me-charlie rich

when love goes wrong-lou rawls


what kind of lady-dee dee sharp

our love will grow-showmen

all the way home-dee edwards

i feel good-betty lavette

better use your head-robin wilson

hey operator-kittens

i cant rest-fontella bass

baby what i mean-drifters

7 day fool-etta james

little darlin-marvin gaye

one way street-willie tee

pain gets a little deeper-darrow fletcher

ive lost you-jackie wilson

i dont love you no more-exsaveyons

bring him back-sissie houston

one in a million-rhetta hughs

dont be sore at me-parliaments

youve been gone too long-anne sexton

ill be loving you-soul bros 6

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Maxine Brown smile.gif

Really peeved off I couldn't make it again, looks like I won't be able too until I've sorted my A' levels out.

Surprised there hasn't been any requests for Frank Wilson.. not seen him mentioned at all on this forum to be honest.

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i take it you mean franks "do i love you"...a top tune but most on here would say its been overplayed,often requested at scooter rallies rather than soul nights nowadays

all work and no plays no good mate.. :huh: i think you need a break on the 18th april !! :ohmy:

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Dean & Co - this was a top night, great to have a few local nights now in Bristol to choose from, and guarantee you'll hear some proper sounds.

Will be fighting over the babysitting duties for the next one i'm sure! Surely it can't be my turn again? :ohmy:

Really liked the venue too, had a good atmosphere - definately recommend to anyone wondering if it's worth the jaunt into Bristol :huh:


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cheers clare...cheque in the post !! :thumbsup:

hope to see you in bridgewater saturday

...........Cash only please Dean!

See you later....... :lol:

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