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What an outstanding night, an absolutely perfect venue & the tuneage was nothing less than you would expect from Soul Sam, always receives a warm welcome on the South Coast & tonite was no different, a 2 hour set that encompassed the 'Whole of Soul'. There were people who attended this last night who I havnt seen together in the same room since Cagney's/Abshott/Colony Club day's............needless to say, busy dancefloor, lots of happy smiling faces singing along..........oh & BTW we had an awesome night...........hats of to Gerard who put this together & charged nothing, watch this space for the next installment which is a 'Sunday Soul' special.........cant bloody wait, best dooooooo I have been to locally since I landed !!!!!!. Shout outs to Andy Mann & Carol, Jason & Liz, Pete Wid, Clive Porteous, Tee, Shay & Jackie, Colin & Sue, Sharon & Roy, Nik Mak, Dave Abbott, the SOS guy's (hope you enjoyed it), all the travellers, who to my shame I never really got to know as I was so busy dancing !!!!!!.

Please Gerard more of the same mate.

ATB Russ

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Guest Mike Lefkon

Really enjoyed this. Sam played a blinder.

Thanks to Gerard and Hazel for putting this on at their own expense.

Looking forward to Shaun Robbins (Solar Radio) on 9th May.

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