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Wrong Choice?if Only


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went to morecombe pier as a young lad,looking for "big maybelle" quittin time,this bloke at the record stall said i aint got big maybelle but ive got the kansas city playboys version ,you can have it for a quid!!i didnt know the other version at the time and thought it might be a dodgy white cover,surely no decent black soul artist comes from fuckin kansas,well i fecked off and found a rojac demo and paid 8 quid for it (i was on 25 pounds a week then!!!),and was quite happy for a few years,till i heard the other version out one nite and how popular it became and how i prefered it over big maybelle,enede up paying 60 quid at bolton town hall for it a few years later,if only id fekin listened to that bloke at morecombe he said it was a good version, any other tales of intense record woes out there?????????? :thumbsup::boxing:sad.gif:D:lol:

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in 1987 i paid £7 for a red london demo of queen of fools. a week later i was rooting on barnsley market and found a uk black hickory issue. four pronged center, anti skate, the lot. nice condition

too. I thought "i should buy it" . but seeing as i`d just got the london copy and money was

tight i talked myself out of it. I went home and it was praying on my mind all week. so i went

back to see if it was there. it wasnt. One of many i`ve dropped over the years. latest one is

the soul shakers on teri de. have you seen what its currently fetching on ebay :thumbsup: ............

im distraught


(one of south yorkshires best kept secrets)

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