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Huge List Of Lps For Sale

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I accept Paypal and the fees for using Paypal will be on me. If you wish to use another payment option please let me know as we can probably work it out.

Shipping is from Denmark.

Please see my grading scheme at the end of the list.


-Alice Clark "Same" (Mainstream) nm/vg++ £85 "Don't you care" and "Never did I stop loving you" amongst others. Always in demand and no wonder when it's one of the best albums in it's style.

-Brenda And The Tabulations "Dry Your Eyes" (Dionn) vg++/vg++ £30 Very good soul album and not easy to find with "Hey Boy" and more. Nice condition close to NM.

-Tommy Butler "Same" (Zardaeo) Sealed £30 "It's a Love In, Baby" superb 70s male crossover tune which you should not miss out on. Obscure album on tiny label. Not easy to find.

-Royal Flush "Hot Spot" (GEC) vg++(close to nm)/nm £45 rare boogie.

-Brockingtons "Same" (Today) nm/nm £40 nice version of "I Got to Know". Scarce album.

-Shuggie Otis "Information Inspiration" (Epic) vg++/vg+ £25 "Information Inspiration", "Island Letter". Classic album.

-Minnie Riperton "Come To My Garden" (GRT) nm/vg++ £32 "Les Fleur". Rare 1st pressing with gatefold.

-Cloud One "Funky Disco Tracks of Cloud One" (Queen Constance) nm/nm £60 Rare disco album produced by Patrick Adams with that twisted sound. Nice artwork.

-Anna King "Back to Soul" (Smash) vg++/nm £70 vinyl Appears unplayed but has just a few sleeve marks. One label has "Cook" written.

-Voices of East Harlem "Can You Feel It" (Just Sunshine) nm/nm £30 "Can you feel it" "March across the land" etc. Lovely album produced by Leroy Hutson.

-Leroy Hutson "Hutson" (Curtom) nm/nm £40 "Lucky Fellow", "All Because of You" and more. Great album.

-Maxine Brown "Out of Sight" (Epic) nm/vg++ £60 "Plum Outa Sight", "Just Give Me One Good Reason", "Seems You've Forsaken My Love" superb 60's album arranged and produced by Mike Terry.

-Al Johnson "Peaceful" (Marina) nm/vg++ £30 Great modern soul with the original version of "I've Got My Second Wind" plus more fine 70's tracks.

-Mitty Collier "I Am Love" (Now Sound) nm/vg++(autographed at backcover) £50 very rare modern soul/gospel.

-California Executive "Dancing and Romancing" (Parliament) nm/nm £30 rare modern soul with good tunes as "I Can't Forget You" and "The Same For Me".

-Edna Wright "Oops Here I Go Again" (Rca) vg++/vg++ £40 Rare Greg Perry produced LP. Great two-stepper in the titletrack and there's a good version of Greg Perry's "Come On Down".

-Madeline Bell "This Is One Girl" (Pye) nm/vg+ (two stickers at frontcover) £18 "That's What Friends Are For" superb Brazilian influenced soul track which has been reissued by Jazzman.

-Faith Pillow "Same" (Uncle Tunes) nm/vg+ £30 "Shady Lady" Rare, obscure soul/folk.

-Soul Generation "Beyond Body and Soul" (Ebony Sounds) nm/vg+ £30 rare 70s soul album with plenty of good tracks.

-Father's Children "Same" (Mercury) vg++/vg+ £45 rare LP produced by Wayne Henderson. Includes "Hollywood Dreaming" and "You Get It".

-Beverly & Duane "Same" (Ariola) vg+/vg++ £35 great modern soul album all the way through. A personal favourite of mine.

-Barbara Mason "If You Knew Him Like I Do" (National General) vg++/vg++ £30 "Your Old Flame", "(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me" etc. Rare and excellent album from this great female soul singer.

-The Artistic Sounds "Message to a Nation" (Savoy) nm/vg+ £25 Very nice and rare soul/gospel album.

-The Ebonys "Same" (Philadelphia Int.) vg++/vg+ £20 rarest lp at this label. Nice sweet soul with plenty of nice tunes.

-Jesse James "Same" (20th Century Fox) vg++/vg++ £32 "Facts of Life '68" great 60's soul album.

-Silk "Smooth As Silk" (Prelude) vg++/vg++ £30 very nice soul album on this famous disco label.

-Faze-O "Riding High" (She) nm/vg++ £20 "Riding High" soul/rare groove track sampled in hip hop.

-Eddie Kendricks "People... Hold On" (Tamla) vg+/nm £25 "Date With the Rain", "If You Let Me" etc. his best and rarest album.

-Leroy Hutson "II" (Curtom) vg++/vg++ £22 Classic album with "Don't It Make You Feel Good", "I Think I'm Falling In Love", "Love To Hold You Close". Nice condition close to NM.

-The Swiss Movement "It's Time For" (RCA) nm/vg++ £25 Brilliant male group with highlights in "Take Me back Again", "The Grass Is Greener" and "Take Some Time"

-The Winstons "Color Him Father" (Metronome) nm/vg+ £25 "Amen, Brother" classic breakbeat and the titletrack is a lovely crossover soul tune.

-The Skyliners "Same" (Tortoise) nm/nm £15 "The Love Bug" modern soul.

-Joe Bourne "It Must Be Love" (K-Tel) nm/vg++ £22 "You Are Magnificent" sublime modern soul track from this Euro only released LP.

-Marvin Gaye "What Going On" (Tamla) vg++/vg+ £15 classic soul album. Good all the way through. 1st pressing.

-West Wing "Same" (20th Century) nm/vg+ £25 "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More" rare Barry White produced soul album.

-Curtis Mayfield "Curtis" (Curtom) vg++/nm £25 Great classic album. Includes "Move On Up".

-Barbara Acklin "Love Makes a Woman" (Brunswick) vg++/nm £15 Good late 60's soul album.

-Leon Ware "Rockin' You Eternally" (Elektra) vg++/vg++ £20 Includes the great titletrack plus more. Highly recommended soul album. Condition is close to nm.

-The Voices of East Harlem "Same" (Just Sunshine) vg+(looks nm but sounds vg+)/vg++(just a lightly bumped corner otherwise really nice cover) £30 Includes "Cashing In" but the album is packed with great tracks and is produced by Leroy Hutson.

-Logg "Same" (Rams Horn) vg++/vg++ £15 Euro press of classic Salsoul title produced by Greg Carmichael and Leroy Burgess. "I Know You Will" very nice boogie LP.

-Dennis Edwards "Coolin' Out" (Gordy) nm/vg++ £6 Nice mellow soul album from '85. "Coolin' Out" is lovely.

-Isley Brothers "Winner takes all" (Tneck) 2LP nm/nm £8 "You're Besides Me" nice soul tune.

-David Ruffin "Everything's Coming Up Love" (Motown) vg+/vg++ £5 "Discover Me", "Everything's Coming Up Love" etc. Nice 70s album produced by Van McCoy.

-Terry Huff "and The Special Delivery "The Lonely One" (Mainstream) sealed £10 nice soul album arranged by Al Johnson especially "Just Not Enough" is great.

-Ace Spectrum "Low Rent Rendezvous" (Atlantic) vg++/nm £8 Good 70s soul album arranged Patrick Adams. "Keep Holding On" is great but there's more nice tunes.

-Mirage "Princes of Love" (Rca) nm/nm £12 70s soul in a sweet style with nice tunes like "There's a Love For Everyone".

-Lifestyle "Same" (Mca) nm/vg++ £6 "Katrina" and more nice 70s soul tunes.

-Eugene Record "Same" (Warner Bros) vg++/vg++ £8 "Overdose of Joy" 70s dancer.

-Hal Frazier "Same" (VMC) nm/nm £8 "Day Break", "Walk On By"

-Facts Of Life "Sometimes" (Kayvette) vg++/vg++ (slight warp/doesn't affect play/hence price) £4 "Uphill Place of Mind" nice soul tune.

-L.T.D. "Devotion" (A&M) vg++/vg++ £5 soul/boogie.

-Candi Staton "Stand By Your Man" (Fame) vg+/vg+ £22 "Too Hurt to Cry" stunning track. Great 60's soul.

-Ben E. King "Supernatural" (Atlantic) nm/vg++ £5 "Supernatural" nice soul/rare groove track.

-Roberta Flack "Killing Me Softly" (Atlantic) vg++/vg++ £4 titletrack sampled/covered by Fugees.

-The Trammps "Slipping Out" (Atlantic) vg++/vg++ £3 slight warp which doesn't affect play.

-Leon Huff "Here To Create Music" (Philadelphia Int.) nm/nm £8 Soul album from 1980.

-Hodges, James & Smith "What Have You Done For Love?" (London) vg++/vg++ £6 Good disco in the titletrack and there's a nice version of "You Can't Hide Love".

-Cado Belle "Same" (Anchor) vg++/vg++ £8 "Got To Love" but there's more good tunes. Great 70s blue-eyed soul.

-Friends of Distinction "Whatever" (Rca) vg++/nm £5

-Joe Tex "From The Roots Came The Rapper" (Atlantic) nm/vg++ £5

-Spargo "Good Time Spirit" (Sonet) vg++/vg++ £8 excellent Dutch boogie. "Head Up to the Sky" and more.

-The Blossoms "Shockwave" (Lion) vg++/vg++ £8 "Grandma's Hands"

-Delegation "Deuces High" (Ariola) vg++/vg++ £10 "What Took You So Long" + "Gonna Bring the House Down". Indemand Boogie album only released in Europe.

-Stephanie Mills "Movin' in the Right Direction" (abc) vg++/vg++ £12 great title track. One of her hardest to find LPs.

-J.O.B. Orchestra "Open the Doors of Your Heart" (Govinda) vg++/vg++ £6 uk press. "Don't Want That Illusion" money-saver as the 7" is expensive. And there's more nice modern soul tunes.

-Sylvia "Same" (Vibration) vg++/vg+ £5 "Sweet Stuff"

-Chaka Khan: "Chaka" (WB) nm/vg++ £4 "Sleep on it" and the hit "I'm every woman" are both good.

-Leon Ware "Inside Is Love" (Fabulous) nm/vg+ £5 "Small Cafe", "Club Sashay" etc. Quality soul album for a cheap price.

-Anita Baker "The Songstress" (Beverly Glenn) nm/nm(small sticker at upper right corner) £6 Great classic 80's soul album. "Angel"

-Zulema "Same" (rca) nm/vg+ £5 "Wanna Be Where You Are" nice soul tune and good funky soul in "Its alright with me".

-Eddie Kendricks "Same" (Tamla) nm/vg++ £5 "Keep On Truckin"

-The Originals "def-i-ni-tions" (Soul) nm/nm £8 "I'm someone who cares", "Lie no. 2", "Come rain or shine" & "Make it with you" all good early 70's soultunes.

-Pratt & Mcclain "Featuring Happy Days" (Reprise) nm/vg++ £6 "Whachersign" blue eyed/modern soul that was comped on Soul Togetherness.

-Gypsy Lane "Predictions" (Drive) vg++(edge warp which it manages to play through without jumps or skips) /vg++ £4 "I Could Use Some Loving" is a nice stepper.

-Keni Burke: "Same" (Dark Horse) nm/vg++ £10 "Keep on Singing" wonderful soul track.

-Brighter Side of Darkness "Love Jones" (20th Century) vg++/nm £12 nice sweet soul album from '73.

-The Originals "California Sunset" (Motown) sealed. £12 great crossover tunes produced by Lamont Dozier like "Don't Turn the Lights Off", "Good Lovin Is Just A Dime Away" and the title track. Solid album.

-Lamont Dozier "Out Here On My Own" (Abc) vg++/vg+ £5 "Breaking Out All Over" wonderful 70's soul bomb.

-The Tymes "Turning Point" (Rca) sealed £6 "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Love" and "Love's Illusion" good 70's soul.

-The Brothers "Don't Stop Now" (Rca) vg++/vg+ £8 "Under the Skin" monster disco tune.

-Flair "Stop, Look & Listen" (Metronome) vg++/vg+ £12 "If You Really Love Me" good cover of Stevie Wonder tune with female vocals. Danish title recorded in the UK with Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett etc.

-One Way "Shine On Me" (Mca) nm/vg++ £6 "Didn't You Know It" fine 80's soul track.

-L.J. Reynolds "Same" (Capitol) vg+/vg++ £15 "Key to the worlds", "I love doing what makes you happy" and "Tell me" great soul tunes.

-Smoke Sugar "Same" (20th Century) nm/vg++ £8 "I'm a Winner" the egde of the vinyl is pressed thinner on one half. Just a blemish with no affect on play or sound.

-The Dramatics "10½" (Mca) nm/nm £4 soul album produced by Don Davis and R.J. Reynolds."Running From My Love".

-Impact "Same" (Atco) nm/vg+ £6 "Happy Man" 70s dancer. Other interesting tunes as well.

-Ruby Winters "I Will" (Polydor) nm/vg++ £4 "Come to Me" nice stepper. German press.

-First Choice "So Let Us Entertain You" (Warner Bros) nm/nm £5 "I'll stay right here" and "Are you ready for me" nice soulful disco.

-Denise La Salle "Here I Am Again" (Westbound) nm/vg+ £8 nice 70's soul in the titletrack and there's more good tracks.

-Goody Goody "Same" (Atlantic) vg++/vg++ £8 "It Looks Like Love" good disco produced by Vicent Montana.

-One Way Featuring Al Hudson "Same" (Mca) vg++/vg+ £6 "You Can Do It"

-Brother to Brother: "Shades in Creation" (Turbo) sealed. £6 Nice soul/disco album.

-Isaac Hayes "Groove-A-Thon" (abc) sealed. £4

-Gladys Knight & The Pips "Claudine" (Buddah) vg++/vg++ £6 OST produced by Curtis Mayfield. "The Makings of You" "Make Your's a Happy Home". Nice album.

-K.C. & The Sunshine Band "Same" (T.K.) nm/nm £5 "I Get Lifted"

-Patti Labelle "Same" (Epic) vg++/nm £5 "Joy To Have You Love" soulful disco.

-Street Corner Symphony "Little Funk Machine" (abc) nm/nm £5

-Joe Simon "Today" (Spring) vg++/vg++ £4

-Goodie "I Wanna Be Your man" (Total Expirience) vg++/vg++ £4

-The Soul Train Gang "Same" (Rca) nm/vg+ (stickers on cover) £5 "Ooh Cha", "Country Girl" nice 70's dancers.

-Love Unlimited Orchestra "In Heat" (20th Century) vg++/vg+ £5 "Move Me No Mountain".

-Marcus Miller "Suddenly" (WB) nm/nm £6 modern soul.

-Betty Wright "Traveling In the Circle" (Alston) nm/nm £5

-Mel and Tim "Starting All Over again" (Stax) vg+/vg++ £5 "I'm Your Puppet" is nice.

-The 21th Century "Ahead of Out Time" (Rca) vg++/vg+ £4 nice 70's soul.

-Richard Dimples Fields "Dimples" (Boardwalk) vg++/vg++ £4 "Let Me Take You In My Arms Tonight" is nice.

-Rose Banks "Rose" (Motown) nm/vg+ £5

-Norman Connors "Romantic Journey" (Buddah) nm/vg++ £6 "Once I've Been There" good jazzy soul.

-Instant Funk "Looks So Fine" (Salsoul) sealed. £8 "Give It to You Baby"

-Walter Jackson "Feeling Good" (UA) nm/nm £5 produced by Carl Davis.

-Eddie Kendricks "Vintage 78" (Tamla) nm/vg++ £6 "How's Your Love Life Baby"

-Bobby Nunn "Second to Nunn" (Motown) vg++/vg++ £6 "She's Just a Groupie" nice synth boogie. "Get it While Yoy Can" is nice too.

-The Isley Brothers "Harvest For the World" (T-Neck) vg++/vg+ £6 Nice titletrack.

-The Isley Brothers "Go All The Way" (T-Neck) nm/vg++ £5

-Finished Touch "Need to Know You Better" (Motown) vg++/vg++ £4

-Tyrone Davis "Without You In My Life" (Dakar) nm/vg++ £5

-William DeVaughn "Be Thankful For What You Got" (Roxbury) nm/vg++ £10 Classic titletrack.

-Smoke "Same" (Chocolate City) sealed £6 nice blend of 70s soul and funky tracks. Includes "What Goes Around Comes Around".

-First Choice "Armed And Extremely Dangerous" (Philly Groove) nm/nm £10 "Newsy Neighbours" nice 70's soul.

-Oliver Cheatham "Saturday Night" (Mca) vg++/vg++ £10 German press. Title track & "Something About You" are nice.

-Dramatics "A Dramatic Experience" (Volt) nm/vg++ £8 "The Devil Is Dope"

-High Energy "Same" (Gordy) vg++/nm £6 "Goin Thru the Motions" modern soul.

-David Ruffin "So Soon We Change" (WB) vg++/vg++ £8 "I Get Excited".

-Kay Robinson "We Need Time" (King) nm/nm £15 pretty scarce soul/gospel produced by James Brown.

-The Friends of Distinction "Love Can Make It Easier" (Rca) vg++/vg++ £5 "Ain't No Woman" nice soul track.

-Sister Sledge "Circle of Love" (Atco) vg++/vg++ £6 "Love Don't Go Through No Changes On Me"

-Leroy Hutson "Feel The spirit" (Curtom) vg++/vg+ £6 "Lovers Holiday" "Never know what you can do" good soul as always from this legend.

-Faith Hope and Charity "Same" (Rca) nm/vg++ £5 70's soul produced by Van McCoy.

-Ron Banks And The Dramatics "The Dramatic Jackpot" (abc) sealed. £6 Small cut corner. "A Thousand Shades of Blue"

-Marilyn McCoo And Billy Davis, Jr. "I Hope We Get to Love In Time" (abc) nm/vg++ £5 nice soul tune in "You Don't Have to Be a Star"

-Brenda Russell "Same" (Horizon) vg+/vg++ £8 "In the Thick of It" good modern soul.

-Valerie Simpson "Same" (Tamla) nm/vg+ £6 "Silly Wasn't I" beautiful mellow soul track.

-The Persuaders "Same" (Atco) nm/nm £10 "Trying Girls Out" nice track which was sampled by Jay-Z. Also a nice version of "I Want to Make It With You"

-The Younghearts "Do You Have the Time" (20th Century) Sealed. £10 Great sweet soul in the title track and "Wild Fire" is a nice rare groove track.

-Margie Joseph: "Hear the Words, Feel the Feeling" (Cotillion) £5 "Prophecy" album produced by Lamont Dozier.

-Dick Smith "Initial rust" (WB) nm/nm £6

-Minnie Riperton "Adventures in Paradise" (Epic) vg++/vg++ £12 "Inside My Love", "Simple Things" etc..

-Blue Magic "Mystic Dragons" (Atco) vg++/vg+ £5 "Summer Snow" nice mellow soul.

-Tata Vega "Totally Vega" (Tamla) vg++/vg++ £4 "Mr. Troublemaker"

-New York City: "I'm Doin' Fine Now" (Chealsea) sealed. £8

O.C. Smith: "Love Is Forever" (Shady Brook) nm/vg++ £6 "Living Without Your Love" 70's tune.

-Four Tops "Cat Fish" (abc) vg++/vg+ £4 "Strung Out For Your Love"

-Blue Magic "Thirteen Blue Magic Lane" (Atco) nm/vg+ £5 "Chasing Rainbows"

-Angelo Bond "Bondage" (abc) vg++/vg+ £6 pretty good 70's soul set "I Love You For What You Are" etc.

-Starpoint "It's So Delicious" (Broadwalk) nm/nm £4 nice soul/boogie album in their usual style. "I Got the Love" is a nice stepper and there's also the good boogie tune "I'm So Crazy 'Bout You".

-Minnie Riperton "Perfect Angel" (Epic) nm/vg+(still in shrink but one corner is slightly worn) £12 "Take a Little Trip", "Lovin' You" etc. Great album.

-Larry Santos: "You Are Everything I Need" (Casablanca) vg++/vg++ £5 "Can't Get You Off My Mind" good 70s blue-eyed dancer. Also a nice mellow tune in "We Can't Hide It Anymore".

-New Birth: "Behold the Mighty Army" (Warner Bros.) nm/vg++ £4 with the indemand "Deeper"

-The Staples "Pass it On" (Warner Bros.) nm/vg++ £4 "Making Love"+"Take This Love of Mine" nice 70s soul produced by Curtis Mayfield.

-Al Wilson "I've Got A Feeling" (Playboy) sealed. £6 cut corner. "You Did It For Me", "Stay With Me" nice selection of 70's dancers.

-Street People "Same" (Vigor) nm/vg(top seam split almost all the way through) £4 "You're My Weakness Girl" and more nice 70's.

-Tavares "Sky High!" (Capitol) vg++/vg++ £4 "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" great 70's soul tune.

-Brenda & the Tabulations "I Keep Coming Back for More" (Chocolate City) nm/vg++ £8 "Let's Go All the Way"

-Linda Lewis: "Not A Little Girl Anymore" (Arista) nm/vg+ £5 "I Do My Best To Impress"

-The Floaters "same" (abc) nm/vg+ £5 "Float On" and a nice 70s dancer in "Take One Step At a Time".

-King Floyd "Think About It" (Atco) nm/vg++ £8 funky soul album with several nice tracks."It's not what you say", "Hard to handle", "Everybody needs somebody" and "Do your feeling".

-Ojeda Penn "All Is One" (Ife) vg+/vg+ £15 "South Africa" nice boogie tune with rapping.

-Nolan "No Apologies" (Lizard) nm/vg+ £6 some nice soul7funk tunes. "Fe Fi Fo Fum"

Grades are vinyl/cover.

Please ask for pictures if you want to check the condition of the cover. Covers may have die-cuts (cut corners, saw cuts, punch holes etc) even if not stated. Please ask if you want to be sure.

NM : Vinyl is in beautiful shape and has not been played more than just a couple of times. It may have one or two very light faint marks from innersleeve.

NM : Cover is well kept and may only show a minimal sign of wear when inspected very closely.

VG++ : Vinyl has a few surface marks that can be lightly audible in parts but the overall sound picture will be excellent.

VG++ : Cover is still very nice but may have some light wear around the edges/corners or light wear at front/back cover.

VG+ : Vinyl has some light surface marks that are audible in spots but still an overall nice sound. Record will definitely be listenable; mainly with background noise in some parts only.

VG+ : Cover has some wear. May have light ringwear, split seams, or small writing but will still look nice.

VG : Vinyl has lots of surface marks which will be audible in many parts.

VG : Cover has much wear. Cover may have strong ringwear, heavy splits or large writting.

VG- : Vinyl will look bad with many marks which will be audible throughout more or less.

VG- : Cover has lots of wear and looks really bad. It will have heavy splits, large writing and much overall cover wear.

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