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The Dynamites And Northern Soul Scene Legend, Charles Walker, Make U.k. Debut At Jazz Cafe

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Hello Soulsourcers,

I already posted something about this show but I'm not sure I gave you an interesting enough read so here's the Dynamites press release. I hope it tickles your fancy and we see some of you at the event.

Miss G

The long-awaited arrival of The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker to the U.K. finally comes to pass on Thursday, the 13th of November in London. In the middle of what is to be their fourth European tour in twelve months, they will make a stop at the world famous Jazz Caf in Camden, bringing with them their explosive bag of authentic funk and soul from the U.S.'s deep south, as well as their first full-length record, "Kaboom!," for U.K. release.Charles Walker, a fixture of the 60's Northern Soul Scene as the frontman of Little Charles and The Sidewinders; and a veteran recording artist since 1961 for a number of esteemed American soul labels, including Chess, Decca, Kent, and Champion Records; will make his first Jazz Caf appearance ever.In conjunction with this appearance will be The Dynamites' official U.K. release of "Kaboom!," through Ter a Terre Records. The album has received extraordinary reviews since being released in the U.S. and many European territories, and has propelled The Dynamites and Charles into the top bracket of authentic soul music.Promoted by funky soul source, G-Spot Events, the show will also include London's own super-soul diva, Corrina Greyson, and the pioneer superstar DJ of the ever-growing genre that is "Deep Funk," the man that brought us The New Mastersounds and countless nights of funk and soul these shores had not experienced since the Northern Soul Scene, Keb Darge.

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