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Brian Ellis


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Just a quick reminder that Broughton's March soul nite is the 27 March NOT 20 March (which would be the normal 3rd Saturday) as there is a St Patrick's Day event that night. So please don't turn up on the 20th, unless of course you just want to get aled up on Guinness!!

See you on the 27th - Tot Johnson and Chico main guests.


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You asked about the record that started 'Knock, knock' - well this is Sam's latest 'best record I've had in the last 10 years' (!!) - it's by Joseph Webster on the Crow label and entitled 'My love is so strong'.

The one he played on Saturday night was in fact on loan from Arthur Fenn, but today Sam has acquired his own copy by prising it from the hands of Ted Massey - cost?, 1 mint copy of Andy Fisher's ' Hearts are Beating Stronger' on Fat Fish.

Watch this go absolutely stellar over the coming months, what with Sam's enthusiasm for it and guaranteed plays at every venue regardless of initial dancefloor reaction - you have to admire the man for his beliefs - this is bound to attract much attention. As you say hen's teeth, but who knows what ebay might throw up!

Seeing Broughton post reminded me to dig out above details from an earlier post (above)

Cause heard Tim Brown play it at Prestatyn and couldn't come up with name, theory being if post it up again then only have to hear it once more and it will be remembered

Plus thought may be of interest after your post:)

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