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"45s""45s" 45s" " 45s" Sale

cheques, cash or paypal, all o.k..p&p £2 or £5 special delivery..all gauranteed

list update.....

tommy hunt..words can never tell it,.dynamo...20..now sold

betti web..i know...mgm...10

sandy waddy...everything is everything...s.o.s..20

carol quinn..i,ll do it for you..mgm..20

helena ferguson..my terms..congress...10

debonaires, hows your new love treating..golden world (gw44)...35..dj

carol jones..problem child..mutt..12.. now sold

george smith..i,ve had it..turntable (dj)..E condition..150

mighty joe young..suffering soul..webcor..25

controllers..i gambled on your love..juanna..10

don hart ..soldier coming home..coolschool..20

ceasars.(lala) i love you...laine...25

jay & americans..got hung up alomg the way...u.a (dj)..35

junita williams..baby boy..golden world (dj)...35

wayne cochran..im in trouble..mercury..15

lovables, you cant dress up a broken heart..toot..vg++..20 ..sold

paul anka..,cant help loving you..r.c.a.( black issue )..99

derek martin..sly girl..tuba..20

jackie lee,..oh, my darling..mirwood...20

z.z hill..dont make promises..kentvg++..13

deedee sharp,.there aint nothing would,nt do..cameo..10

burt jackson..mr everything.jamie..15

leon haywood..you dont have to see me cry..decca..20

benny harper,. dont let it happen.phil.la (dj)..15

joe murphy..so blue..(weakness) vivid dj..35 on hold..

joe moore..i aint..verve ( dj)...35

james coit..black power.phoof (w.d.j)..30

legends..fear not..cur vg++...15

bobby lee,. was born a loser..sue..10

junior parker.why do you make me cry..duke..10

jeanette white..music..a&m..15

reggie garner...hot line..capitol dj..20

moses smith...girl across the street..dion (w/demo)..175..now sold

nono starr.swing your love(pull yuorsef together) .midas..15

jimmy gilford..heartbreaker..solid hit E-...25

herman griffin..are you for me or against..magic touch..10

donnels..it,s better..alpha (label damage,,vinyl o.k)...25

kurtis scott..black child..apache...20

benny gordon..cant turn you loose..rca dj..15

freddie gorman..in a bad way..ric-tic...25

wee willie walker..there goes my used to be...goldwax..25

stateside uk issues

mary wells..i,m learning...15

darrel banks...open the door/our love..20

jimmy radcliffe..lomg after n.o.c...25

re-issues...bob & gene..i can be cool..modo..@ £10 ea..stanley mitchell..get it baby..dynamo @ £15 ea..new/all unplayed.

thanks for looking....

Edited by big chris

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