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I am reading a book right now which I'm finding quite interesting - so I've just jotted down 10 quotes from the book - 10 questions to be filled in. Of course if you've read the book you'll recognise them and know know the answers! Some quite straightforward, some less so, mostly big name artists, and some with 'northern' leanings.Will reveal the book shortly if necessary.

**** found and worked its viable niche by the maneuverings of Ralph Peer, who was in charge of the company's profitable line of 'race' recordings. (Name the label?)

The star of this occasion was Aretha Franklin, then at the zenith of her reign as the 'Quen of Soul'. Her coronation was held four years later, in this city, when she stood on stage at the Regal theater smiling bashfully as pervis Spann placed a crown on her head, while * ****** ***** was becoming the first to publicly proclaim the title that would soon confer to the cover of Time magazine. (Name the DJ and Northern Soul name)

Applying implements they had learned to use in church to material patterned after styles indigenous there, ****** ******* and ****** ***** - who sprang from Philadelphia's Norfolk Four and Evening Stars - made hit records of songs about carnal sin and redemption, into which each inserted twenty seconds or so of secularized sermonettes.

****** ******** was doggedly entrepreneurial. He launched two different labels in 1966, and though both made records people liked and bought, both were aborted the next year, casualties of the intractible problems that small companiesusually had in getting records distributed and collecting money owed when they tried to survive unprotected by alliances with larger ones.

She stepped of on to John R Street. Like Dorothy awakening in the Land of Oz. She was fascinated and repelled by what she saw there. 'No wonder poor ***** felt out of his league. These cats were .....stalking up and down John R in their big tall hats and silk suits. And their Cadillacs. ***** ..was just a short, little knock kneed fellow in raggedy clothes'

What a sight: his perfect 'do' and his shimmering shirt unbuttoned to his navel. Diamond Rings and gold chains. Major flash and personality. ****** never went anywhere without make up. His was thick pancake foundation with eye liner and rouge, maybe a touch of lipstick.

At the top of the class was Joe robinson of All Platinum Records who broke the leg of ******* ******* when the reigning king of black radio took money for a record he neglected to play.

In partial exchange for his services, Baylor's one horse stable. ****** ******, was given the well paid job of opening Isaac Hayes's show. This exposure so heightened demand for ******'s records that Baylor was induced onto the road in the prospect of breaking his only act. (in a section about 'gangsterish' Johnny Baylor )

****** and Gordy were acquainted though not from back home, having moved in different circles of black Detroit. The Motown 'family' was unchurched and thus outside ********'s sphere.

Perhaps the most gifted of male vocalists in the Motown stable, ****** was no doubt the churchiest - having sojourned in Memphis as a dixie Nightingale - and the hardest scraped. As a motherless boy run away from his Mississippi home, he was picked up in New Orleans and taken on the road by a Faginesque character named Father Eddie Bush. This itinerant country scamster put his young ward to work singing for his keep in backwater barrooms and revivalist tents. By the age of 14, ****** had been 8 years in the business of entertaining.

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