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Bournemouth Belvedere Hotel 3 Jan 09

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THANK YOU to all of you (85 plus) that attended the 17th Year, INCROWD SOUL SOCIETY's first 2009 NORTHERN SOUL event at the PARIS SUITE, BELVEDERE HOTEL.

The event was complimented by Maxine Woon, Ian Spittle and Wigan Brian playing a good selection of across the board soul music.

A big thank you to Chilli (Modrapheniacs Scooter Club), who quick response to the midnight system failure equalled that of a paramedic emergency call out. The appreciative crowd remained and continued dancing through to 1.30 a.m.

Steve & Charmain Lyons

Paris Suite, Belvedere Hotel, 01202 293336, http://www.belvedere-hotel.co.uk

Parking, Accommodation (special rates). Close to Pier, Beach, Shops

Next Events: Saturday 7 February, 4 April, 2 May, 6 June, 1 August, 5 September, 7 November

Bournemouth Pier, Saturday 31 January. http://www.soundofthesuburbs

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Guest RussianJo

:thumbup: We had a great night!....top music and great company. Looking forward to February.

Cheers RussianJo x

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:( We had a great night!....top music and great company. Looking forward to February.

Cheers RussianJo x

Me too, Just what we expected, and on our door step too.. Cheers Steve, see you in feb..

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Bit late in posting, but must say how great this night was - a great crowd of friendly faces and superb sounds from all the DJs. Loved hearing Gwen Davis "My Man Dont Think I Know" (from Maxine, I think) and Frankie & Johnny "I'll Hold You" played by Brian. Classy spin of the night for me was Maxine's Michael Wycoff "Looking Up To You" - this record builds and builds and is just fabulous - great to hear it out. Ian Spittle's sets were, as always, thoroughly enjoyable - what a shame the sound system mishap cut short Ian's second spot.

But clouds and silver linings and all that - the short lull in the music meant a chance to chat, and it was great to catch up with folks from the soul nights at Cagney's.

Big, big thanks to Steve and Charmain for promoting and hosting this do, and also of course to Chilli for getting a sound system up and running so quickly!

Looking forward to Feb... thumbsup.gif

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