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Rhyl (that Welsh place in Wales) review of sorts

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Arrived around midnight on Friday, the fog slowed the journey down a bit, but still made pretty good time (approx. 5 hour trip) Original plan was to go on Saturday but on hearing that Andy Dyson had been taken ill (get well soon hun xxx) I decided to text Dave Rimmer and "offer" my services as a spare DJ (this of course was a tongue in cheek offer, but I did have my latest buys with me as I was about to drop them off to their other home for safe keeping) The real reason for wanting to go earlyier than planned was to see my WELSH friend Mike Hughes as he wasn't going to be about on Saturday night. And I hate missing the rare chances I get to see him in Welsh land ;-)

On arrival booked in and within 5 mins was back downstairs sat on a big floppy sofa in the bar/lounge area, listening to some great soul. Quite fancied spinning a few records at this point, but when just going to the bar for drinks resulted in heckling me to "DJ" I chickened out, my excuse was "too sober" which changed to too pi**ed within the hour;-))

Jenny Banks added some lovely "extra" vocals to some of Rogers spins in the lounge, thankfully someone managed to find the off switch to her microphone, although this resulted in some table dancing:-)) We weren't the latest to arrive by any means as MickH arrived around 5am from the CSC. Eventually wandered off to bed around 7.30am promising to meet with Jenny tomorrow for a game of bingo! (I have never played before but was assured that there was a bar)

Up and ready for Bingo at 11.30am, only one win (jenny) for the grand total of £2.50 had been drinking solid since arriving there, and giggled when she screamed "house" was told to "shush" by the caller, this story developed by Saturday evening to "heard you was chucked out of bingo for being too loud" lol. Eventually got back to the afternoon do around 3pm, lots of new arrivals and a "new dance floor" being laid, had me in stitches, but certainly did the job, got a few photos of it talced up and in use.

The main room had a nice sized dance floor (brand new, the place has just been refurbished) and plenty of seating, must say the venue was very comfortable for the use of a soul weekender, and very friendly and helpful staff.

Some excellent records spun over the weekend, too many top spots to list them all, few memorable one's, Derek Pearson double decking with Chalky for an hour Saturday night which filled the floor, everything Keith money played, John Weston for playing The Entertainer for me (yeah my copy lol) funniest spot was Roger Banks at 2am Saturday when the clocks went forward, think he just managed one tune before being told his spot had finished;-)) and Cookie and Nige refusing to follow Chalky (after reminding him to play it) The Entertainer in the lounge area, so let him spin another tune first LOL. All in all a fantastic weekend, was sad to leave yesterday (and not looking forward to the drive home) but eventually made a move around 5pm.

Big thanks to all the DJ's, friends old and new, and of course the promoters for all their efforts, who did a fantastic job



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As Janine said we had a great time, good company, a damn good laugh all weekend and soem great music, what more do you want!!!

Derek Pearson and myself were the warm up act, comedians or djs you decide ;-) (Batman and Robin was the name given to us by Roger Banks) for the fantastic four of Mick H, Keith Money, Cliff Steele and Roger Banks. Was a privilege to share the decks with Derek and really enjoyed the hour, we seemed to go down well with the punters too, by that I mean well received not sinking :-)

Saturday night all-nighter 1-2am double decking with Derek Pearson .....Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin as Roger Banks tagged us ;-)

All records with five stars (*****) belong to Janine.

Kell Osbourne - You Can't Outsmart A Woman - Loma WD*****

Ovations - Won't You Call - Goldwax

Chuck Bernard - Every Hurt Makes You Stronger - Satellite

Just Rita - Best Thing You Ever Had - Barrington

Syl Johnson - Try Me - Twilight

Al Williams - I Am Nothing - Palmer WD*****

Maurice And The Radiants - Baby You've Got It - Chess*****

The Brothers Cain - Sure Is Groovy - Acta*****

Royal Premiers - I Can Make It If I Tried - MBS

Syng McGowan - Just In The Nick Of Time - Hope

Ozz And His Spurlings - Somebody To Love -MIOB

Benny Latimore - Girl I Got News For You - Dade

Eddie And Ernie - Outcast - Eastern

In the lounge Friday 6-7am and Saturday 8-9pm with some of the above thrown in for good measure too!!

Herbert Hunter - Isn't It Wonderful To Dream - Poncello*****

Joe Taylor & Dominoes - You Don't Love Me - HMF

The Conservatives - Who Understands - Ebonic Sound

Carla Thomas - I Can't Stand It - Atlantic

The Ideals - You Lost And I Won - Satellite

Lorraine Rudolph - Keep Coming Back For More - Jet Stream

Kelly Brothers - Sound Of A Crying Man - Excello

Unlimiuted Four - Walk Away Lover - Chanson

Dan Brantley - Please Accept My Love - Sims

Yvonne Daniels - Spread The Word - De-Lite

Admirations - Don't Leave Me - One-Derful

Pauline Shivers You Better Tell Him No - Opex

Pauline Shivers - Won't You Come Back Home - Opex

Lucky Day - Love Line - Renfro

Syl Johnson - Same Kind Of Thing - Twinight

Nick Allen - Hard Way To Go - Walas

Ortheia Barnes - I Never Loved Nobody Like I Love You) - Coral

Spenser Wiggins - Lonely Man - Goldwax

Exits - Under The Street Lamp - Gemini

Danny White - One Little Lie - ABC Para*****

Prophets - Talk Don't Bother Me - Jubilee*****

Poets - I'm Stuck On You - Red Bird*****

Inspirations - I Can Feel It - BennX *****

Composers - Chances Go Round - Complex 3

Jesse Boone & Astros - I Got To Love You - Soul-po-tion

Clarence Ashe - She Said I'd Be A Failure - J&S

Ruby Winters - Middle Of A Heartache - Diamond

The Larks - For The Love Of Money - Arock

The Larks - Another Sleepless Night

Ronny Shannon - Determination - Ston Roc

Tony Clark - The Entertainer - Chess (especially for Janine)*****

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yeah enjoyed double decking with you Chalky here's what I played can't recall the order though...

Delettes "Look at me" Bluerock;

International GTOs "I love my baby" Rojac;

Marvelous Ray "Whirlpool" Abner;

Little Gi Gi "I volunteer" Decca;

Jimmy Delphs "Almost" Carla;

Gambrells "You better move" Carla;

Fred Hughes "Don't let me down" VeeJay;

Irma & Larks "Without you baby" Priority;

George Tindley "Aint gonna worry" Doo Wop;

James Carr "A losing game" Goldwax;

Jimmy Norman "Family tree" Mercury;

Grover Mitchell "Take some time" Josie.

Wish I didnt start drinking pints at 10pm - always set off too quickly....


Will post up some more plays from my sets in the lounge later.

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Just like to thank everyone for making Rhyl another gudun

we have decided to run another on the 12th & 13th november with dj,s booked so far Andy Dyson Mick H Keith Money Roger Banks Cliffe Steele Chris Anderton John Weston Dave Rimmer Chic Keith Williams yourselves are the day dj,s for a booking form go to WWW . SOULFULKINDAMUSIC . NET / WEEKENDER


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