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ibiza 2004 will it happen?


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Most active in this topic

If the anonymous Guest has any doubts about whether or not Ibzgogo will happen in 2004 then I suggest that that Guest should perhaps contact the Organisers and ask the question directly. Then there would be no need for speculation or planting seeds of doubt.

I assume that "Guest" is the name you would like to appear on your flight tickets huh?

Chris Jolley

Co-ordinator of Ibzgogo 2002 & 2003

but 2004 well best ask the Guest ;-)

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Not sure what this thread is about, but in the orignal post the poster put

"contact soul source"

noticed that phase when it was orignally posted, puzzled about why the poster used it for 5 secs and moved on

Cause of later posts and to avoid any confusion

Will just say that post has nought to do with site (or meself)

thats all

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ooops did it come across that harsh ? not a problem really ....... just getting to grips with the political side of the scene .......... phew !!! any tips please ? ...... as for the event ......... time will tell ..... we have been asked to organise another .......... & all previous clients will of course be contacted A.S.A.P

Great site ......... RoDz....... internetless type nowadays ....

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Rodz, not so much your post, but the follow on post by Chris j just read like he was casting all sorts of accusations,

of course as with all 99% of internet all things can be read many ways, and as was in a anti mood, perhaps my last reply was over the top.


Not really in postion to give out tips but as asked :)

Well one tip is avoid use of term " politics", have found the only people who use that phase

are people who use it to try and justify for their own dirty and often illegal tricks,

Oh and of course often used by ostrich soul fans" as in not into politics" so will ignore all the facts about all the robbing, lying bootlegging, damage by certain people

bit of a mouthfull and not meant as serious as it reads :)

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