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Mark Res Set Sales / Monday, March 16th...all With Soundclips


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Usual drill - PM me or email me directly on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk if interested in anything here - any questions/queries welcome too. Postage is extra - I'm happy to ship anywhere globally - Cash/Chq/Paypal/IMO/Bank Transfer all accepted. Everything strictly graded - M- means very likely unplayed. If there's something else listed here that you need to get a soundfile for (b side, other EP track etc) just get in touch and I'll sort it for you - ok? Just under 60 items in total - mixture of 60s / 70s and 80s soul and a bit of Disco and Funk too and why not!!?? !!All soundclips taken from advertised records!!


7" Singles (45 and 33 rpm) 42 items:

6) Maxine Brown 'Am I Falling In Love' / 'Promise Me Anything' (ABC-Paramount Ex+) USA -1960s *£50*

( REDUCED FROM £60!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL issue copy of this killer oldie - cleanest copy I've ever had / seen actually - hoping this one goes to a good home..... )


8) Greg Perry 'It Takes Heart' (Alfa M-) USA - 1982 *£60*

( REDUCED FROM £75!! Massive Modern / Northern oldie and one of the first Northern records I ever heard actually - when I went to my first 'do' in 1982 and the DJ was playing it as a new release....always ahead of the game us Brummies, eh? )


13) The Astors 'Candy' / 'I Found Out' (Atlantic/red Ex+) UK - 1965 *£8*

( REDUCED FROM £15!! Late-60s pressing of the rare 1965 original - still sounding like excellent midtempo Northern Soul to me - the original middle is dinked but the wax grades very lose to M- for me...looks barely played....!! )


19) The Exciters 'Weddings Make Me Cry' (Bang Ex+) USA - 1960s *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Lovely copy of this evergreen NYC Northern classic - Herb Rooney is THE MAN............. )


22) Jackie Wilson 'It Only Happens When I Look At You' / 'Just As Soon As The Feeling's Over' (Brunswick M-) UK - 1977 *£75*

( REDUCED FROM £90!! Jackie's rarest UK 7" release? I believe I'm also right in stating that this never got a US release on 7"? Fantastic Sam Dees-penned track on the flip too - nigh-on impossible to find here in the UK, people... )


24) Mill Edwards 'Don't Forget About Me' / 'Use What You Got' (Bunky M-) USA - 1970s *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! I think this also got a UK release - on the Action label maybe? Dunno...still - 2 good sides here.......... )



36) The Bean Brothers 'Without You' / 'Thang Goin On' (Davida M-) USA - 1980 *£20*

( REDUCED FROM £40!! Nice mid-paced Northern on topside which is starting to get a bit of interest and a funky / P-Funk-styled jam on the flip...seen @ £50+ on Funk lists.... )


40) Chocolate + Joy 'Dog It' / 'Groove That Sexy Thing' (Disco Sex M-) USA - 1979 *£45*

( Previously unknown, uptempo Funky-Disco, now in BIG demand after being covered up on an Al Kent 'Disco Demand' comp but nigh-on impossible to find....crazy stuff.......... )


46) Janice 'I Told You So' (Fantasy M-) USA - 1975 *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! Fair price for this lovely girly/femme dancer - written by Reggie Sadler and produced by Wade Marcus...1 COPY LEFT..... )


49) U.S Stamps 'We'll Find A Way' / 'Pull The Wool' (Galiko VG+) *£35*

( REDUCED FROM £45!! Cracking copy of this rare Northern oldie - seen @ £100 a few times - all the way back to the dawn of the Northern Soul scene... )



61) Little Carl Carlton 'Don't You Need A Boy Like Me' (Lando M-) USA -1960s *£30*

( REDUCED FROM £40!! Stone mint copy of this excellent Northern oldie... )



71) Bad News Band 'Rockin On Down' (N.M.I. Ex+) USA - 1981 *£60*

( REDUCED FROM £75!! Rare, rare indie-disco private press joint from 1981 which is currently massive on several scenes - price will rise - this one is a KILLER....rare as rocking horse...clubby Disco/Funk tune which, rumour has it, will soon be featuring on a forthcoming BBE rare disco compilation by one of the "Kings Of Disco". Incredibly hard to find........few light marks on this one so priced down from £100....one copy only, again... )


73) Norman T Washington 'Same Thing All Over' / 'You've Been Cheating' (Pama/blue M-) USA - 1968 *£10*

( REDUCED FROM £20!! Stunning double-sider and in a perfect Pama custom baggie too - seriously good piece kids - backed by The Mohawks, this is a wickedly funky / soul version of the Otis Redding cut and absolutely wonderful it is too...stone cold Mint and there's a great Alan Hawkshaw 'Mohawks-style' Organ solo on here as well - one copy only tho' so pls be quick if ya want this cos it will fly out.... )



74) Rock Gazers 'Wet Weekend' / 'Bluebird Blue' (Pilgrim M-) USA - 1976 *£30*

( REDUCED FROM £40!! Obscure 1976 Disco / Jazz / Funk instrumental - completely new to me...? Slight edge warp which doesn't affect play.........nice flip again too.... )


83) James Walsh Gypsy Band 'Cuz It's You Girl' (RCA Ex+) UK - 1978 *£95*

( REDUCED FROM £125!! Much rarer big 'A' Demo copy of this wonderful, blue-eyed Northern Soul / 70s oldie - will always be a biggie and SO much harder to find on UK press than on US - few light marks and a coupla crackles on the vinyl - nothing horrendous, grab a bargain...I've also got a USA M/S demo if anybody needs one too.... )


88) Rastafari 'Funky City' / 'In The Garden' (Satril M-) UK - 1973 *£60*

( Definitely UK-only and very difficult to categorise this as it straddles many different areas of music - Reggae / Northern / Funk and owes something to all of those areas - just a very, very good and very, very rare slice of black music is all - very early release on this label too - they never did much black music so that in itself only adds to the mystery - massive!! Rumour is also that Cymande are involved here - makes total sense to me now after looking @ the label / listening to it closely...b side is also pretty amazing - top-end Folk Funk inna pure Terea / Rotary Connection-vein...wikked!! Was making £100 / £125 easily when it first surfaced...grab a bargain - unplayed copy here...GUARANTEED............ )



93) The DT6 'Don't Doubt Me' / 'Open My Eyes' (Starla M) UK - 2009 *£6*

( DON'T MISS THIS........new Funk/Jazz sounds from sunny Glasgow and - believe me - one of THE tuffest new cuts I've heard in a while - killer riddim section and an organ player who sounds like he did his apprenticeship @ Eastbound Records in 1973 under the tutelage of Rusty Bryant - oh boy!! I only got x5 copies and the guys tell me they are only doing 500 of these so buy now or regret next year when they're going for £40 / £50 - interesting and soulful flip too........LAST COPY FROM ME HERE AND THEN THAT'S IT...... )



97) Billy Eckstine 'Wish You Were Here' / 'Slender Thread' (Tamla Motown Ex+) Australia - 1960s *£30*

( REDUCED FROM £40!! Rare Aussie, solid centre press for this early Motown tune - nice midpacer

from Mickey Stevenson which never got a UK press - nice Quincy Jones cut on the flip too - has to be rare...? )


98) Kenny Fickens 'You Got It' / 'Since You Been Gone' (Tarx M-) USA - 1969 *£30*

( REDUCED FROM £50!! Top Northern on a side and brilliant Deep Soul on flip - seems a rarie...? )



111) J.R. Bailey 'Heaven On Earth' / 'After Hours' (Toy M-) USA - 1972 *£5*

( REDUCED FROM £10!! 2 wonderful JR Bailey sides for a fiver? I must be mad.........SOUNDCLIPS IN POST BELOW...1 COPY LEFT AND THEN THAT'S IT )

112) Richard Marks 'Funky Four Corners' / 'Inst' (Tuska M-) USA - 1970s *£30*

( People try telling me this is *common*..well - believe me, it ain't - no record on this obscure Atlanta, GA label is easy to find and this one's no different - sure - it ain't as rare / indemand as 'I'm The Man For You' etc etc but still a tough nut to crack - stone mint copy here......SOUNDCLIPS IN POST BELOW... )












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Just gonna do the kids tea and will then start uploading the clips everybody - they're only getting sugar sandwiches tonite so it won't take too long... :lol::P

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Post updated - all sold items removed...ta...MRez

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List updated again - I've already sold 12 outta the 30-odd 45s I listed yesterday so I must be doing something right - still loadsa nice bits left at fair prices - well worth a look..ta to all who've bought so far...MRez

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