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SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am - 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.

If you get this list a long time after it was e-mailed out its probably due to freeserve holding it till a quiet time then posting in the middle of the night.

Welcome to the latest list. April has arrived, spring has sprung. There are more northern events than ever and with TV

and media coverage it looks set to take over the world ! Oh my God !!! Prestatyn weekender was amazing Phil Perry

and Melvin Davis were particularly fabulous. I'm spinning some tunes out in Italy at Easter - 9th / 10th April in Genoa.

That looks like being a full on party weekend. Look out for our "Almost Grown" 10th anniversary some time this year

in Southend. Alsager Civic hall Staffordshire on 23rd April with Mace & Dave Evison is a good night to look out for.

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (10p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 MACK RICE Coal man (Hard no. - gritty mover) Atlantic M- £8

2 THE DRIFTERS *** Chains of love (Superb mid tempo dancer) Atlantic EX £8

3 ARETHA FRANKLIN Chain of fools (Great tune - old mod spin)W.O.L. Atlantic EX £6

4 THE MVP'S Turnin my heartbeat up (Classic 70's northern) Buddah EX £10

5 BILLY STEWART Summertime (Great version - classic 6T's) Chess EX £8

6 JACKIE WILSON Higher and higher / I'm the one to do it (nice on UK) Coral EX £10

7 SAM WILLIAMS Love slipped through my fingers (Monster oldie) Grapevine M- £15

8 MORRIS CHESTNUT Too darn soulful (All time great stomper) Grapevine(demo) M- £15

Below is a great selection of Kent 100 club anniversary 45's - most previously unissued tracks. All were ltd pressings.

9 SHARON SCOTT Putting my heart under lock and key (Killer !!!!) Kent 6T12 M £25

10 LORRAINE CHANDLER You only live twice (In demand 100 club freebie) Kent 6T13 M £25

11 SAN FRANCISCO TKO'S Make up your mind(Brill crossover - Peggy Gaines on flip) Kent 6T14 M £30

12 JUDY CLAY Since you came along (Great prev unissued dancer) Kent 6T15 M £15

13 JUNIOR McCANTS Try me for your new love (Fabulous northern dancer) Kent 6T16 M £20

14 MILL EVANS *** Aint you glad (How did this get shelved - superb dancer) Kent 6T17 M £25

15 THE CHARMAINES I idolize you (Raucous girl group mover - prev unissued) Kent 6T18 M £20

16 DEBRA JOHNSON *** To get love you've got to bring love (Another winner !!) Kent 6T19 M £20

17 THE COASTERS Love potion number 9 (Mod club monster) Parlophone EX £20

18 RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Bring your love to me (Beat ballad) Pye Int EX £8

19 CHUCK JACKSON Chains of love (All time great northern stomper)X.O.L. Pye Int VG+ £30

20 TOMMY TUCKER High heel sneakers (Superb R'n'B classic)sm.W.O.L. Pye Int EX £10

21 ROY HAMILTON Tore up over you (Rockin' R'n'B dancer) RCA (Demo) EX £12

22 HAROLD MELVIN Prayin' (Class 70's northern oldie) Source M- £8

23 MARY WELLS Use your head (Wonderful mid tempo dancer) Stateside M- £12

24 CREATION I got the fever (Classic northern dancer) Stateside EX £10

25 THE FASCINATIONS Girls are out to get you (Rarer 1st label - Chicago gem)T.O.L. Stateside VG+ £30

26 DARRELL BANKS Open the door to your heart (Classic Detroit 2 sider) Stateside EX £15

27 MARY LOVE Lay this burden down (All time classic oldie) Stateside M- £75

28 BOBBY BLAND Good time Charlie (Cracking R'n'B dancer) Vocalion M- £15

29 LITTLE STEVIE WONDER Fingertips EP (Incl the brilliant "Contract on love") Barclay EX/EX £35

30 FOUR TOPS Four Tops EP (Incl "Ask the lonely" - great pic !!!) Tamla Motown EX/EX £15

31 FRANK WILSON Do I love you (Evergreen oldie) Tamla Motown EX £40

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

32 JACKIE MONTRE EL Doomed by jealousy (Soulful slowie) ABC M- £8

33 THE IMPRESSIONS I need you (Beautiful mid tempo) ABC EX £8

34 THE IMPRESSIONS You've been cheating (All time fave northern oldie) ABC M- £20

35 THE IMPRESSIONS You ought to be in heaven (Old 100 club spin - superb) ABC M- £20

36 JACKIE LEE Darkest days (Classic northern oldie) ABC M- £100

37 LEZLI VALENTINE *** I wont do anything (Nice crossover floater) All Platinum(demo) M- £25

38 BETTY WRIGHT If you love me like you say you love me(Good 70's dancer) Alston M- £10

39 DRAKE AND ENSOLIDS *** Fight for love (What a brilliant tune should b played more) Alteen M £75

40 BOBBIE SMITH Walk on into my heart (Classic mid tempo gem) A. Arts (Demo) EX £70

41 THE DIPLOMATS Cards on the table (Massive nighter spin - minor lbl stain) Arock (Demo) M- £225

42 AL HUDSON & SOUL PARTNERS When you're gone (Great 70's modern soul) Atco M £75

43 CROSSROADS Coming home to you baby(Dancer with rich soulful vocals) Atco (demo) M £30

44 BARBARA LEWIS Some day we're gonna love again (Classic 6T's)W.O.L. Atlantic(demo) M- £15

45 HANK SOUL MAN MULLEN *** He upset your dreams (Thumping horn driven dancer) Audel M- £35

46 ELLIOTT SMALL *** Girls are made for lovin(Sweet harmonies -lovely mid pacer) Bang (Demo) M- £15

47 THE VIPS *** Don't pass me by (Nice group soul mid tempo) Big top (Demo) M- £20

48 THE INSPIRATIONS Touch me hold me kiss me (Classic northern soul) Black pearl M- £10

49 THE BOUQUETS Welcome to my heart (Lovely girl group dancer) Blue cat M- £25

50 SAM HAWKINS I know its all right (Mid tempo shuffler) Blue cat M- £8

51 TONY DIAMOND Don't turn away (Stafford winner - awesome mid tempo) Blue Rock (Demo) EX £125

52 BERTHA TILLMAN *** Lovin' time (Organ led R'n'B flavoured screamer) Brent EX £50

53 THE LOVELLS *** Here come the heartaches (Great girl group shaker) Brent (Demo) VG+ £20

54 JACKIE WILSON Soul galore (Superb) Brunswick M- £10

55 JACKIE WILSON Just be sincere (One of his best) Brunswick EX £10

56 GENE CHANDLER There was a time (Great late 60's funky dancer) Brunswick(Demo) M- £15

57 JEAN WELLS What have I got to lose (Great uplifting soul) Calla M- £15

58 JEAN WELLS The best thing for you baby (Great dancer) Calla EX £15

59 JOHNNY MOFFETT I found joy (Pounding dancer) W.O.L. Canterbury(Demo) EX £20

60 BUNNY SHIVEL Top twenty (Stafford spin - great dancer) Capitol EX £20

61 PATTI DREW Workin on a groovy thing (Great dancer) Capitol (Demo) EX £10

62 H B BARNUM The record (Awesome beat ballad) Capitol EX £20

63 THE THRILLS What can go wrong (Old style northern stomper) Capitol M- £20

64 LEON & METRONOMES *** I'll catch you on the rebound(Obscure N.Y. dancer)W.O.L. Carnival (Demo) M- £40

65 PANDA BERRY One of these days (Poppy bouncy dancer) Challenge(Demo) EX £8

Somebody asked me for "Goodbye baby" by Bob Brady & Concords on Chariot. Its in but I forgot who !!

66 BILLY WATKINS *** I'm tired (Uptempo R'n'B mover) Chartmaker EX £40

67 MARY & DESIRABLES Hurting hurts (Nice Chicago girlie floater) Checker M- £12

68 THE KNIGHT BROS Temptation bout to get me (Heartwrenching soul pleader) Checker EX £8

69 JOY LOVEJOY In orbit (Evergreen oldie) Checker EX £20

70 JIMMY VICK / VICTORS *** Take a trip (Raucous R'n'B shouter) Cherry EX £20

71 JAN BRADLEY *** Trust me (Nice mid tempo Chicago soul) St.O.L. Chess (DJ) EX £8

72 ANDREA DAVIS *** You gave me soul (Great obscure dancer) Chess EX £45

73 KENNY SMITH Keep on walkin baby (Guitar driven oddball R'n' cool.gif Chess (Demo) EX £40

74 TONY CLARKE The entertainer (All time great ender) Chess EX £8

75 RADIANTS Aint no big thing (Awesome mid tempo - X.O.L.) Chess (Demo) EX £20

76 SISSIE HOUSTON *** Bring him back (Great stomping oldie) Congress (Demo) M- £50

77 HOLLY MAXWELL Only when your lonely (Wonderful mid tempo) Constellation M £150

78 DEE CLARK That's my girl (Massive mod / northern oldie) Constellation M- £30

79 ELMORE MORRIS Before I turned my back on you (Popcorn style dancer) Crackerjack EX £15

80 OTIS CLAY You hurt me for the last time (Powerful soulful mid pacer) Dakar M £80

81 THE CRAMPTON SISTERS I didn't know what time it was (Popular mid tempo) DCP M- £15

82 THE IMPACTS *** Pigtails (Great group soul mid tempo) DCP (Demo) EX £45

83 CONNIE QUESTELL *** Give up girl (Great Wigan oldie - flip now getting attention) Decca VG+ £75

84 EARL GRANT Hide nor hair (All time classic) Decca M £30

85 QUEENIE LYONS Drown in my own tears (Stomps along !!!!) Deluxe (Demo) M- £20

86 M C WILLIAMS Watch my smoke (Gritty southern soul mover) Dig M- £10

87 THE DIAMONETTES Rules are made to be broken (Emotive mid tempo) Dig M- £15

88 TILLIE WOW I wanna tell you a thing or two (Obscure girlie mover) Donnie EX £25

89 SMOKY & FABULOUS BLADES Jerk baby jerk (Very rare on original - I've not seen it B4) Dore EX £70

90 FORBIDDEN CIRCLE *** Love comes in all colours (Ex- c/u bongo driven mover) Down home EX £50

Always buying collections or single items - let me know what you have.

91 CASINOS How long has it been (Wonderful mid tempo)X.O.L. Fraternity(Demo) M- £25

92 GAIL ANDERSON I cant stop it (Good femme screamer) Galaxy EX £25

93 CRUISERS *** Mink and sable Mable (Funky crossover tune) Gamble (Demo) EX £20

94 THE TEQUES Don't push my love cup (Ultra soulful crossover)T.O.L. Gary VG+ £60

95 FRED LOWERY *** I'm sorry (Driving Texas soul obscurity) Gay Shel VG+ £40

96 JOHNNY ZAMOT I've got the feeling (Latin tinged soul pounder) Gema EX £40

97 THE EXITS Under the street lamp / You got to have money (2 killers) Gemini M- £50

98 KING SOLOMANS ADVISERS The tight rope (Funky dancer) Ghetto EX £20

99 THE TOM, EMMANUEL & RON EXPERIENCE *** Why (the knower) Forgotten Stafford spin Golden three VG+ £150

100 THE HOLIDAYS Makin up time (Rare demo of this classic Detroit inst) Golden world(W/D) EX £10

101 DOROTHY WILLIAMS The wells gone dry (Big allnighter sound) Goldwax M- £125

102 THE CHANNELS Anything you do(Uptempo northern dancer - great flip)W.O.L. Groove (Demo) EX £30

103 CURTIS KNIGHT *** Voodoo woman (Early soul / R'n'B / popcorn mover) Gulf M- £150

104 THE PRELUDES *** Deeper than that (Superb Philly group soul dancer) Harthon EX £20

105 JOE ANDERSON So glad (Excellent New York soul chugger) Heidi M- £25

106 THE O'JAYS Oh how you hurt me (Lovely group soul) Imperial (Demo) M- £15

107 THE O'JAYS Lipstick traces (All time great 6T's mid pacer) Imperial EX £12

108 THE SKYLINERS Don't hurt me baby (Great catchy group soul dancer) Jubilee VG+ £30

109 JIMMY HOLIDAY *** Shield all around (Ed Townsend produced fingersnapper) K T M- £30

110 THE CAPITOLS We got a thing that's in the groove(Cookin Detroit mover) Karen M- £10

111 SCIENTISTS OF SOUL *** Be's that way sometimes (Absolute magic cheap 45) Kashe EX £10

112 REGGIE LaMONT I cant get along without you (Great Detroit mid tempo) Mamie's VG+ £80

113 CLASSIC SULLIVANS *** Shame shame shame (Class 70's crossover tune) Master key M £200

114 YOUNG HEARTS I've got love for my baby (Superb group harmonies) Minit M- £12

115 EDDIE HOLLAND What about me (2 great sides) Motown (Demo) M- £25

116 THE SPINNERS Sweet thing (Great Motown dancer) Motown M- £20

117 EDDIE HOLLAND Candy to me (Classic 60's dancer) Motown M- £12

118 DUFF THURMOND *** Now that you left me (R'n'B style mover - grt organ break) New voice EX £50

119 MAJOR LANCE You don't want me no more (Still so in demand) Okeh M- £300

120 TED TAYLOR Somebody's always trying (Great dancer) Okeh (Demo) EX £100

Rare Purple vinyl promo of this in demand 100 club oldie that still fills the floor countrywide

121 THE MONTCLAIRS Hung up on your love (Fabulous 70's northern)W.O.L. Paula M- £20

122 CHARLES WRIGHT Keep saying (Great uptempo northern dancer) Philips M- £20

123 LONZINE CANNON Quit while I'm ahead (Great oldie you don't hear much) Philips M- £150

124 THE SINCERES *** Girl I love you (Brill west coast group soul dancer) Pzazz M £75

125 THE FLAIRS You got to steal it (Classy Chicago soul group sound) Rap M £20

126 GALE GARNETT I'll cry alone (Atmospheric early soul dancer) RCA EX £40

127 DELLA REESE A clock that's got no hands (Big spin a while back) RCA M- £60

128 THE INSIDERS I'm just a man (Superb group soul - Horace Ott prod) RCA (Demo) VG+ £20

129 PAUL ANKA When we get there (Great Wigan oldie) RCA (Demo) M- £20

130 FANTASTIC FOUR Can't stop looking for my baby (Their hard one - mint !!) Ric tic M- £150

131 BIG DEE IRWIN *** Follow my heart (Great beat ballad builder) Rotate (Demo) VG £40

132 BETTY HARRIS 12 Red roses (Excellent club soul mover) Sansu (Demo) M- £15

133 JACK MONTGOMERY Dearly beloved (2 monster nighter sounds) Scepter EX £180

134 SINNER STRONG *** Don't knock it (Great R'n'B dancer - Dome spin) Serock M £30

135 RONNIE & ROBYN Sidras theme (Thumping Detroit northern inst) Sidra (Demo) M £85

136 LUTHER INGRAM I spy for the FBI (tough demo of this great version) Smash EX £15

137 LESLIE UGGAMS Love is a good foundation (Classic Wigan oldie) **or demo £20** Sonday EX £20

138 JIMMY SOUL CLARK Sweet darlin (All time northern soul great) Soulhawk EX £40

139 VINNIE ZEN & THE ROGUES Bricks broken bottles and sticks (Good vers. of Dean P.) SSS Int (Demo) VG+ £20

140 JOHNNY SAYLES I can't get enough (Classic Chicago) St Lawrence M- £25

141 THE ASTORS Candy (Superb 60's club soul) Stax VG+ £8

142 IKE & TINA TURNER Can't chance a break up (Their tough one - stomper !!!) Sue (Demo) EX £40

143 BUSTER JONES *** Baby boy (Old 100 club spin - good mid tempo) Sure shot(Demo) M- £20

144 THE SHOWMEN Take it baby (Great dancer) Swan EX £15

145 THE POETS She blew a good thing (One of the finest tunes under £10) Symbol EX £8

146 THE ENTERTAINERS Love in my heart (Excellent Net York group soul dancer) Symbol EX £25

147 THE VONTASTICS Let me down easy (Gritty Chicago soul mover) Toddlin town M £10

148 EDDIE WILSON Toast to the lady (Brilliant mid tempo - Stafford spin) Tollie (Demo) EX £100

149 HARVEY Any way you wanna (Mega mod / northern inst- rare demo) Tri Phi (Demo) EX £70

150 THE NEWCOMERS The whole world is a picture show (Great 70's) Truth EX £20

151 JIVE FIVE I'm a happy man (Early transitional group sound) United Artists M- £10

152 JAY & THE AMERICANS Livin above your head (Classic Torch oldie) United Artists M- £15

153 GARNET MIMMS Prove it to me (Classic mod / northern dancer) United Artists M- £20

154 THE SELECTIVES *** 1581 Rhythm street (Great soulful mover) Uptown M £25

155 TONY TALENT *** Gotta tell somebody (Highly underrated Van Mcoy gem) Vando (Demo) M £20

156 CINDY SCOTT Time can change a love (Great northern dancer) Veep (Demo) EX £30

157 GWEN OWENS I lost a good thing (Detroit stormer) Velgo EX £70

158 ROSCO ROBINSON That's enough (Classic oldie) Wand EX £10

159 MAXINE BROWN Little girl lost (Great dancer) Wand M- £15

160 MAXINE BROWN One in a million (All time classic) Wand EX £15

161 THE PRECISIONS What would you do (Cracking group soul groover) Wild M- £30

162 THE INTRIGUES I'm gonna love you (Superb crossover) Yew (Demo) M £20

SECTION 3 - General soul collectors labels

163 LILY FIELDS Help me make it through the night Spectrum M £5

164 LILY FIELDS Pleasure me Spectrum M £5

165 JOHNNIE MAE MATHEWS Itty bitty heart Spokane VG £5

166 KENNY SPRINGS & SCAT CATS Nobody else but you Spot M- £10

167 ANDRE WILLIAMS Pearl time Sport M- £8

168 FOUR SONICS It takes two Sport EX £8

169 THE WILD ONES I've been crying S.P.Q.R. (D.J.) M- £10

170 CLARENCE MURRAY Don't talk like that SSS International EX £7

171 JOHNNY ADAMS Something worth leaving for SSS International M- £3

172 PEGGY SCOTT & JO JO BENSON - Soulshake SSS International M- £3

173 DANNY WHITE Natural soul brother SSS International M- £6

174 GEORGIE BOY The pleasure of my woman SSS International M £5

175 MICKIE MURRAY Flat foot Sam SSS International EX £5

176 MICKIE MURRAY Shout bamalama **Demo** SSS International EX £5

177 MICKIE & CLARENCE MURRAY How do you think I can live with somebody SSS International M- £4

178 THE VERSATILES Cry like a baby Staff M £20

179 JEAN KNIGHT Anyone can love him Staff (DJ) M- £8

180 RAL DONNER Don't let it slip away Star Fire M- £5

181 SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES I care about Detroit Standard Groove VG+ £100

182 JOHNNY LOVE Chills and fever Starville EX £125

183 THE TEQUES Why must it be Star-vue M- £4

184 CLEO RANDLE You got everything / Big city lights Sta-set M- £15

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

185 TOM AND JERRIO Great goo ga moo ga (Great mod club dancer) ABC EX £10

186 RAY CHARLES Sidewinder (Great jazz tune - good version Lee Morgan) ABC EX £8

187 TRAVIS WAMMACK Scratchy (Excellent inst) Ara M- £8

188 CLARENCE CARTER Looking for a fox (Mod club fave) Atlantic (Demo) EX £10

189 DANNY WHITE Keep my woman home (Great club soul - mod fave) Atlas EX £25

190 YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED Give it up (Great old mod spin) Brunswick M- £10

191 LITTLE MILTON Aint no big deal on you (Solid Chicago R'n' cool.gif Checker EX £10

192 BUDDY GUY I dig your wig (Ever popular mod spin) Chess M- £20

193 TNT BAND *** That's life (Superb Latin soul) Cotique (Demo) EX £20

194 TNT BAND The meditation (Cooking Latin soul dancer) label stain Cotique EX £15

195 SINGING SAM & HIS SPARKS Messin' (Good bluesy sax led inst) Dee dee VG+ £15

196 BOBBY BLAND Blue moon (Old mod club biggie) Duke EX £10

197 BOBBY BLAND Turn on your lovelight (R'n'B classic) Duke M- £10

198 ANDREW BROWN Can't let you go (Great driving R'n' cool.gif 4 Brothers EX £12

199 LEE DORSEY Ya ya (Classic New Orleans R'n' cool.gif Fury EX £8

200 RODGER COLLINS She's looking good (Great mod oldie) Galaxy EX £8

201 LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR Looking at the future (Good R'n'B club sound) Galaxy EX £12

202 JAMES CARR Coming back to me baby (Solid club soul dancer) Goldwax EX £15

203 BILL BLACKS COMBO Little queenie (Torch classic - great inst) Hi M- £10

204 THE SHOWMEN It will stand (Early soul classic - old 6T's spin) Imperial VG+ £8

205 SOUNDS INC On the brink (Superb Hammond organ vers. Mike Vickers) Liberty (Demo) EX £15

206 QUINCY JONES Mohair Sam (Punchy inst version of this classic tune) Mercury (Demo) M- £10

207 THE SHOWMEN It will stand (Early soul classic - old 6T's spin)1st label Minit EX £10

208 ERVIN RUCKER *** She's alright (Rare west coast R'n'B mover) Musette M- £30

209 GENE AMMONS Jungle strut (Brilliant funky jazz inst) Prestige EX £15

210 EDDIE BO Every dog got his day (Great New Orleans R'n' cool.gif RIC M- £20

211 BIG MAYBELLE 96 tears (Excellent version ? & Mysterians tune) Rojac EX £12

212 BENNY POOLE Pearl baby pearl (Killer Latin soul inst) Solid hit EX £25

213 HANK JACOBS So far away (Classic mod inst) Sue EX £10

214 BOBBY JONES A certain feeling (Super R'n'B mover) Vee Jay M- £15

215 J J JACKSON Ain't too proud to beg (Excellent Hammond organ version) Warner bros EX £8

216 THE DYNAMICS *** Bingo (Cookin' Detroit dancer - old Drummonds spin) Wingate EX £10

Always buying collections or single items - let me know what you have.

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